Vermont GOP poised to add three House seats; little change in Senate

As of midnight, Republican Sally Achey held a narrow lead over Progressive incumbent Robin Chesnut-Tangerman in the Rutland-Bennington House seat.

By Guy Page

As of 12:20 a.m., with 252 of 275 districts reporting, several House districts appear to have “flipped” to a different party, according to the Vermont Secretary of State website. The net impact of these preliminary results is a gain of three seats for the GOP.

In statewide races, incumbent Gov. Phil Scott, Democratic lieutenant general nominee Molly Gray, and incumbent treasurer Beth Pearce have won. In the House, Republicans need to pick up eight more votes to have a decisive 51 votes to sustain vetos by Scott. Here are returns for House seats that have, or appear to be, “flipping” to another party:

  • Essex Junction (Chittenden 8-1) Prog/Dem Tanya Vyhovsky won the seat vacated by retiring Republican Linda Myers. Democrat Mary Beth Redmond won re-election.
  • Democrat challenger Allysa Black appears to have defeated R incumbent Robert Bancroft in Westford.
  • Rep. Lisa Hango and challenger Paul Martin, both Republicans, appear to have won both seats in the two-seat Franklin 5 district. Democrat incumbent Charen Fegard appears to have been defeated.
  • In Grand Isle, Republicans Leland Morgan and Michael Morgan lead House Speaker Mitzi Johnson (D) and Dem. Andy Julow. The latter Morgan has only an 18 vote lead over Johnson. Even if these are the final tallies, a recount seems likely.
  • In the Orange-Caledonia seat now held by retiring Democrat Chip Conquest, Republican Joe Parsons holds an eight point lead over Kelsey Root-Winchester, with one town still unreported.
  • Republican Sally Achey holds a one-point lead over Progressive incumbent Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, with all five towns reporting.
  • Republican incumbent Tom Burditt and Republican challenger Art Peterson lead in the two-seat Rutland 2 district. Incumbent Dave Potter is 45 votes behind Peterson.

With 246 of 275 electoral districts reporting, there are no upsets yet in Vermont Senate races:

  • Essex-Orleans Republican Russ Ingalls appears to win seat held by incumbent John Rodgers, who missed filing deadline and ran as independent. Essex-Orleans R/Dem Bobby Starr holds onto his seat.
  • In Rutland, Josh Terenzini (R) wins the seat vacated by Jim McNeil (R). Incumbents Brian Collamore (R) and Cheryl Hooker (D) also win.
  • In Chittenden County, conservative Dem Tom Chittenden is top vote-getter, which once again is a Dem/Prog sweep.

Bennington, Caledonia, Windham, Windsor, Orange, Franklin, Lamoille, Grand Isle, Washington county senators all have been re-elected.

In county High Bailiff races, “social justice” and pro-legal marijuana advocates Dave Silberman (Addison), Robert Sand (Windsor), and Asa Skinder (Washington) all won. Candidates with similar platforms lost in Franklin and Lamoille counties.

President Donald Trump received 30% of the vote, the same number he received in 2016. Phil Scott defeated David Zuckerman 67%-27%. Gray defeated Scott Milne 49%-42%.

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6 thoughts on “Vermont GOP poised to add three House seats; little change in Senate

  1. These extra days of “ballot transportation” supposedly by the postal service, are just more time for the crooks to funnell in more un verified votes. They have tried everything under the sun since the 2018 election to ditch Trump, and they have been caught at every turn. So when is the rubber really going to meet the road by sending these thugs to the hoosecow?
    That scenario is a bit in question right now but it should not be.

  2. Could the incredible crushing defeat of David Zuckerman and the apparent losses suffered by Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Rep. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman have something to do with their roles in the pushing for the Global Warming Solution Act?

    Every time Zuckerman spoke, the words fight climate change rolled off of his tongue. As Speaker, Johnson allowed the GWSA to move through the House and ultimately survive the Governor’s veto while Chestnut-Tangerman has been pushing to cover Vermont with industrial solar developments for years while promoting the TCI and GWSA.

    It looks as if these three Pols, who will be sent home by the voters had at least one thing in common…….The controversial GWSA……The same voters’ voices that the Council of 23 may want to heed when converting the GWSA to an actual plan. A plan that will cost billions, empty Vermonters’ pocket books, lead to California style blackouts while making no measurable difference in mitigating climate change.

  3. N’Hampsha news:
    Chris Sununu took the Democrat candidate to the woodshed with a huge win.
    Jeanne Shaheen, CD-1s Chris Pappas, and CD-2 Annie Kuster all held their seats..(sadly).
    HOWEVER.. there was a Red Wave.
    We flipped the executive council to Red and we took the Senate and the House.. so we did very well overall we think..

    • How did Trump lose so badly in your state? More so if there was a red wave?

      I’m curious as to how in our most leftist state in the union by % vote this year, Trump got the exact same percentage as lat year. Last I checked 30.3, down to the tenth.

      Yet well known people in the Democratic Party who ran as independent got pummeled, Rodgers and Browning, so clealy there had to be straight ticket voting for the “newbies” and others. Yet Zuckerman was pummeled too.

      Our pesky constitution is totally ignored again, I’m seeing that it states a candidate must reside for 4 years to run for lt gov and governor, in Vt digger no less. Reside and citizen are two different things. Lawyer that she is, isn’t afraid to parse words, nor is the Borg in protection of their own. Our founders knew the difference and it was done for a reason, they wanted a person committed and in touch with Vermont along with being a citizen.

      Since so many believe we are a democracy and not a constitutional republic, which is a state ruled by law, administered fairly to all its citizens regardless of wealth, status, sex, affiliation, this will quickly be brushed under the rug. Just like article 16, 18, eB-5, the PAC’s funding political parties, corporations becoming people, people of small size and age not being considered a person, and the money machine that keeps people in poverty while stealing from the tax payer all in the name of “affordable housing”.

      Nothing to see hear, just go about your merry, gfeared filled ways). Just ignore these new PAC’s that are disguised as non-profit journalists……carry on, carry on.

      • Hey, perhaps with this rather interesting interpretation of reside and citizenship, perhaps all these second home owners we are bilking we can get them too the right to vote! I suspect they would be more vigilant on casting their votes than Miss Gray!

        See this is where many who don’t have an affinity for rino’s would back and defend them as it is the law, to be applied fairly and justly to all. Can one see how wonderful using the principle of constitutional republic beats out “democracy” every day and why our founders justly abhorred the practice?

        More education, less indoctrination please.

        That term reside was used specifically to avoid people leaving,being influenced by outside forces and coming back with alligencies to outside interests.

        Yes Virginia, we are a constitutional republic, NOT a democracy.

        • Thinking about it, second home owners file tv property tax, if they rnt, income and rooms and meals, also don’t forget the welcome to Vermont transfer tax that equals my real estate commission, plus all the sales taxes and yet more rooms and meals taxes when they go out to eat!

          Perhaps the legal interpretation Miss gray is using will pave the way out of state “citizens” a right to vote in Vermont.

          they pay way more tax and have invested way more than our candidate Gray.

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