Vermont GOP creates Election Integrity subcommittee

By Guy Page

The Vermont Republican State Committee on Saturday, April 22, voted almost unanimously to create an election subcommittee to investigate Vermont “election operations, procedures and integrity.”

Members will be selected by county committee appointment. The subcommittee’s initial and final reports are due next year.

The resolution adopted by a virtually unanimous voice vote of all voting members that a special Committee on Election Operations, Procedures, and Integrity, shall render an interim report in accordance with this Resolution not later than December 31, 2023, and a final report not later than December, 2024, at which time the committee shall cease to exist.

The resolution says the committee may consider all aspects of election law and procedures, including:

a) The effectiveness and accuracy of current processes for purging voter rolls at state and municipal levels;

b) The impact of universal mail-in ballots in recent elections, including the impact on municipal clerk operations;

c) Chain of custody issues concerns related to blank ballots as well as voted ballots;

d) Impact of Post Office operations upon voting procedures in this state;

e) The impact of drop boxes, ballot harvesting, lack of voter ID processes, and handling of voter affidavits; and

f) The effectiveness of the existing “Excess Ballot” program and ways to improve the program.

Each county committee shall appoint a member, and an alternate, the state committee decided.

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

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4 thoughts on “Vermont GOP creates Election Integrity subcommittee

  1. Too little too late Republicans. You’ve already been had and now you’re just starting to realize it?

  2. Joe Biden recently signed something, I don’t recall what this official piece of paper was called, but it’s declared that “The Pandemic” is officially over.

    Everything now should be returned to what went on prior to the pandemic.
    Remember, a whole lot of what went on was not even legal, things just magically changed instantly following no proper procedures because it was viewed as being needed in an emergency.
    This is all over with now.
    Things should all be completely restored to pre-pandemic procedures.

  3. And why would the Progressive Communists ruling Vermont want to purge the voter rolls, ever get rid of universal mail in ballots, secure the chain of custody, get rid of drop boxes and make sure excess ballots are not given out. This is only paying lip service to the issues being brought up by conservatives in hopes it will placate our fears while the same old same old goes on. Does anybody think that this legislature would pass any kind of meaningful voter reform that would be a determent to their holding power? C’mon man.

    “We know no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it”. – George Orwell

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