Vermont GOP addresses election insecurities caused by universal mail-in ballots

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VOTE BY MAIL: Voters were told in 2020 that mail-in ballots were necessary to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Now they are universal in every general election in Vermont.

The Vermont GOP announced this week that Republicans would be taking initial steps to expose mistakes or abuse of mail-in ballots in the Green Mountain State.

GOP Chair Paul Dame says he’s been alerted at least twice about early mishaps on Vermont’s vote-by-mail system this fall, and has received an extra ballot at his own residence.

“I personally have received an additional ballot that belongs to someone who has not lived in my home in the four years since I bought it,” Dame wrote in a recent GOP newsletter. “During the last two radio appearances, a listener has called in to share their experiences as well, that they have received an excess ballot that did not belong at their residence.”

Dame said some politicians don’t seem overly concerned about the potential for fraudulent voting, so the GOP is creating an “Excess Ballot” reporting system.

“While Democrats ignored Republican input on this very issue during the debate, we still have an opportunity to make a positive impact and help clean up the voter checklist,” he wrote. “And the VTGOP is taking steps to do that using the processes outlined in our state laws.”

On YouTube, Dame explains how voters can take advantage of the new initiative to enhance election security in the state. The form to report misdirected ballots can be found on the GOP website.

Vermont’s voter checklist is years out of date.

“The Vermont Voter registration list is very well known to have a number of old names, people have moved, people have left the state, people have got married, changed their names, a number of different reasons that people are on the voter registration list check list but they haven’t voted and aren’t at that address anymore,” Dame said in the video.

In one voter integrity lawsuit in 2018, the Vermont Superior Court ruled to remove 13 percent of Victory’s voters from the town’s voter checklist.

Dame said there’s a negative economic impact to mail-in voting as well.

“Unfortunately now that we have mandatory mail-out ballots for everyone, that means the state of Vermont has spent a lot of money mailing ballots to addresses that people don’t live at anymore,” he said.

Some of Vermont’s own town clerks have claimed that universal ballots could invite election fraud. However, the Legislature and governor embraced the policy, and made it permanent after advertising it as an emergency COVID-19 mitigation measure.

A national telephone and online survey conducted by Rassmussen over the summer found that 77% of likely U.S. voters who watched the film “2000 Mules” say the movie strengthened their belief that systematic and widespread election fraud occurred in the 2020 election. A Rasmussen poll from 2021 revealed that “fifty-one percent of all voters agreed it was either ‘very or somewhat likely’ that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

Vermont’s outgoing Secretary of State Jim Condos has repeatedly made claims that most nationwide court cases concerning election fraud in the 2020 presidential election were dismissed. However, the Epoch Times reports that former President Donald Trump won two-thirds of his 2020-election related lawsuits when the merits of the case were considered rather than dismissed without a trial.

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9 thoughts on “Vermont GOP addresses election insecurities caused by universal mail-in ballots

  1. This is so George Orwellian……..I received a mail “forwarded” ballot after via email from wolcott TC saying “no forwarding on ballots” and that she “had contacted sec of state” for information (have my doubts on that, as this in response to my saying I would contact)
    This is a HUGE recipe for voter fraud. its happening folks. and indeed Melissa Casey, this has trickled right down to the local level (I have been saying this for years…corruption is what trickles down, if its ok for next level up, must be ok for me…scenario)
    this is scary

  2. Why do VT mail in ballots not provide for anonymously casting your vote? The envelope containing my ballot has my name and anyone who opens it can see my choices (and possibly record them for future references). Why is there not another blank envelope inside that that makes my vote secret?
    I will vote in person thank you.

  3. Appears raising this issue now is like closing the barn door and the horse has all ready run five counties away. 2000 mules elected a jackass and a barnyard full of treasonous criminals. Likely, decades of fraud and violations of civil and constitutional rights without anyone noticing while others were paid to cover it all up. The day of reckoning and judgement is near – “she wasn’t suppose to lose.” Everything since then has shown pure desperation and lawlessness to cover it all up. Looking foward to all being revealed. Durham’s case against Igor Danchenko is shining a bright light on their corrupted operations. First the Feds, next the States, then the locals. The days to repent and come clean are dwindling for the guilty.

  4. DFon’t fprget another huge way to vote fraud in Vermont….the Motor Voter Law…..Shumlin put in in in 2015? It is a genius “two-step” voter fraud by (and for) Democrats….First, you enact Motor Voter law to automatically register ANYONE to vote from them having a drivers license. Step two? A state enacts a law that allows illegal aliens – to get drivers licenses! VERMONT DID THIS!. So an illegal person, NON CITIZEN – can get a VT drivers license and with that . NO ID check, they are registered to vote in VT automatically. Read yourself:

    “Under Vermont’s law, eligible citizens will be registered to vote when they visit DMV offices, unless they opt out. The DMV transfers the person’s information to the secretary of state’s office. If the person is eligible but unregistered, election officials register them to vote — simple as that.”

    “This month, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) announced that many out-of-state aliens have been fraudulently applying for driver’s licenses in Vermont. (Watchdog, Jan. 22, 2015) The Vermont DMV made this announcement after it uncovered that at least 130 applications at just one of its DMV offices last month were filled out using false address information. (Id.) When applicants later arrived in person to take the driving portion of the test, investigators learned that many of these applicants were illegal aliens who had paid $2,000 to individuals in New York for help to obtain Vermont driver’s licenses. ”

    THIS IS WHY BIDEN HAS ALLOWED A WIDE OPEN MEXICO BORDER….4.9 MILLION illegals have flooded USA BY HIS POLICY IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS !!…. and very soon they will seek illegal alien drivers licenses and then BE ABLE TO VOTE AS USA CITIZENS! And guess who they vote for? Democrats who let them in and then give “free stuff”

    • “Vermont
      S 38
      This law allows those Vermont residents unable to establish lawful presence in the United States to be eligible for a motor vehicle operator’s card or alternate identification card.
      Jan. 1, 2014

    • Recall that the Democratic Party founded the KKK.
      They were interested in harvesting cotton with low cost labor (ie slaves).
      Today we see the same Democratic Party harvesting low cost votes.
      A few hundred years and nothing has changed.

  5. Followup: I have observed in my town over the last 30 years that when you are handed a ballot at the polling station the polling staff would check off you name as having voted (BOTH when you are given your ballot and again when you give them back your filled out ballot. Double checking. You can’t do that with mail in ballots unless the person who is mailing the ballot back identifies themselves somehow either on the envelope or the ballot itself.

    So how do polling officials screen for duplicate ballots ? I have no idea. Does anyone know ? We have extra ballots being sent out to who knows where and no means to verify that mailed-in ballots are actually sent by a voter only once. Oh sure, they have a way of verifying via bar-code if a real registered voter votes twice, but how do they verify that someone votes twice using both their ballot and another person’s ballot that was incorrectly mailed to the voter’s residence ?

  6. Secretary Condos and many of his colleagues across the country have been in la-la land regarding this. It really is very simple. Put a ballot in the hands of a 3rd party and you instantly lose the secure chain of custody. It cannot be argued that ballot security is better with the mail-in system. Why now is this needed ? What has changed to require this ? The impact of the pandemic has faded. Now we have activists “collecting” ballots so an any individual can easily vote without leaving the house. What could go wrong ?

    I have been isolated in my house for over 2 years now, yet I found the means to hand my ballot to an official at the voting location. This process has worked for over 200 years. Why do we need to go backwards ?

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