Vermont gives veto-proof majority to Dems, supports unrestricted full-term abortions

While much of the nation shifted slightly to the political right in the 2022 general election on Tuesday, Vermont’s state and federal representatives shifted to the left — and Republicans in the Statehouse lost all hope of blocking left-wing legislation by sustaining the governor’s vetoes.

Early counts of unofficial election results in the Green Mountain State suggest that the Vermont GOP will have around 38 representatives in the Vermont House of Representatives in 2023. That’s far fewer than the 50 votes required to sustain a governor’s veto.

“I am so excited to share the news that we have a veto-proof majority,” House Speaker Jill Krowinski, D-Burlington, said.

The Vermont Senate will stay the same as this year. The Democrats/Progressive majority will continue to have 23 seats compared to just seven for Republicans.

All other offices went Democrat, except the governor

It wasn’t just the Statehouse seats going Democrat on Tuesday. Every single statewide office, with the exception of governor, was won by a Democrat.

The next attorney general is a Democrat

Democrat Charity Clark defeated Republican Mike Tagliavia to become the state’s next attorney general, even as the nation suffers from rising crime in largely Democrat-controlled cities including Burlington. Clark won 61% of the vote, compared to Tagliavia’s 32%.

The next state treasurer is a Democrat

Democrat Mike Pieciak defeated Republican H. Brooke Paige 62% to 32%.  Pieciak indicates that he’s going to support pushing Vermonters to only use green energy, and his campaign page says he supports “transitioning Vermont’s assets away from fossil fuels and into more environmentally and economically sustainable investments.”

The next lieutenant governor is a Democrat

Progressive/Democrat David Zuckerman won the election for Vermont lieutenant governor, defeating state Sen. Joe Benning 54%-43%.

The next secretary of state is a Democrat

Rep. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, D-Bradford, won the race to become Vermont’s next secretary of state, defeating Republican H. Brooke Paige 61% to 32%.

Abortion now unlimited through 9 months in Vermont

Vermont’s proposed constitutional amendment Article 22, which protects abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy, passed easily on Tuesday.  While abortion is already legal in the state, the passing of the measure means unlimited abortion without restrictions will likely be law in Vermont for a very long time.

Americans upset with the direction of the country

Exit polls on election day showed that 73% of the nation is “dissatisfied with the direction of the nation.” Even so, election results show only a slight shift from the current Democratic makeup of Congress. The so-called red wave that was expected seemed to hit only selective areas of the country like Florida and Texas, while skipping areas like the New England states.

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14 thoughts on “Vermont gives veto-proof majority to Dems, supports unrestricted full-term abortions

  1. Unexplained ballot drops in at least three states resulted in Democrats being elected, and making the expected red wave look like a ripple.
    Are Nevada and Arizona next?





    Batches of ballots are prepared well before the election. These batches are for heavily Republican areas, because Republicans likely do not mail in their ballots, and do not trust drop boxes after seeing the 2000 MULES movie.
    These Republicans vote, in person, on Election Day

    On Election Day, various false malfunctions are created, such as printers not printing and ballot readers no reading. Counting of all ballots is stopped and delayed, for as long as needed.
    Uncounted ballots are moved to a pre-selected, secure building with loading/unloading docks for trucks.

    The ballots of Republican areas are unofficially counted; no presence of observers!

    If the Republican margin is too great, some ballots for Democrats are substituted to reduce the Republican margin.
    This margin is compared with the estimated Democrat margin in Democrat areas.

    If the Democrat margin is greater than the Republican margin, the official counting is resumed, with presence of observers.

    If the Democrat margin is not greater than the Republican margin, some Republican ballots are removed from the Election Day ballots of Democrat areas, and substituted with prepared ballots for Democrats.

    When all is set, and the printers are magically printing again and the readers are magically reading again, and counting is started again, the Democrat candidate wins, which would be inline with the Republican RIPPLE, that was supposed to be a WAVE.

    The readers are smart enough to determine if a vote is Democrat or Republican, and with, NO WIRES, near field communication, NFC, can transmit that information to a nearby computer to keep accurate, real-time track of the voting trend, i.e., much better than “exit polling”.

    Prepared ballots for Democrats:

    1) Can be held in reserve, as needed, for later insertion.
    2) Can be used to displace Republican votes, as needed.

    Stalin: “I do not care who votes, I care about who counts the votes”

  2. as metioned above, main stream media was calling wins for several before the doors were even half way open. It was stolen in 2020, and they just pulled it off again. I can’t for the life of me understand the mentality behind higher money for everything and all the sheep just keep sucking it up. again, as mentioned above, I’m done here, as soon as possible, we are leaving this bull crap communist state

  3. I think I just cast my last vote in this state as it never counts for much anyways. I will be just another life long Vermonter driven out. So long, Vermont, enjoy your high taxes and extremism.

  4. The results of the 2022 Selection are in and the globalists are entrenched here like a tick on a dog. Why bother having a “R”, a “P” or a “D” next to their names, just make it a “G” and that is the Truth and most transparent. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption and a grifter’s paradise. The political needle did not move one millimeter after the most destructive policies and dire circumstances our State and Nation faces right now. We are to believe the Vermont electors approve of these policies and agree to continue on this path of destruction? They shall reap what they sow. The seeds were planted, now comes the harvest. Prepare like your life and your loved one’s lives depend on it! What is coming next here is going to be a Hellscape that no one can comprehend. Pray without ceasing. Only God and God alone can set us back on our foundation and pray His hand removes the evil that has perpetrated the minds and souls of our State.

  5. A sad day for Vermont, now it’s just another progressive liberal Utopia,
    following in the footsteps of California and is becoming the same quagmire !!!!

    They will pay one day, for their nonsense …………………………..

  6. Anyone who thinks this this election was clean, is wrong. The NYT and the AP called Welch the winner with 0% of the votes counted. 0%. Why didn’t they call him a winner at the start of the race, and spare us all the bother? They intended to.

    I wish I could upload a screen shot, because I have one.

    Additionally, the ballots are not identical. There is a QR code on the mail in and not the in person ballot.

    The machines are Dominion, where algorithms can be set to weight some candidates with greater than 1 per vote and others less than 1.

    • Oh my Emily, you’ll be labeled an election denier and publically cancelled! I mean there is an obviously good reason why they did this, follow the science! Just because these machines are designed to change a vote, doesn’t mean it’s being done. Haven’t you read Vt Digger? What about Now This! on your smart phone news feed! What about your Democracy Now smart phone feed? Haven’t you been getting all this information that the send to all the people in VERMONT on your smart phone? I mean, next ting you’ll be saying is these smart phones are propagand tools, seriously, Emily ALL this information has been fact checked, it can’t possibly be wrong….it’s on my smart phone!

      Surely you must be mistaken! It’s on the Internet, it HAS to be true!

    • Emily, you really need to get a smart phone, to get on Facebook and front porch forum, become part of the group! You will quickly understand the error of your ways, everyone agrees!

      You really must get a smart phone, you’re social standing in society counts on it!

  7. Conservatives in Vermont have NO leadership to support conservative candidates or usher them into the party! So many candidates could have been supported or recruited by the Republican party in 2020! Instead, what did they do? Republican leadership remained silent, moderate, and complacent. Gov Scott calls party members ‘radical’ and ‘racist’, doesn’t attend party events, meetings, or support candidates. GOP leadership has no idea how to organize or fund candidates, many of the candidates didn’t even represent conservative values. Republicans- if you can’t recruit or support any of the wonderful conservatives of Vermont who do qualify for the job, and if you can’t help fundraise and advertise for their campaigns, please leave the leadership of the Republican party! Scotts leadership was summed up quite well in this election and its very telling that he doesnt lead the party. Democrats control the Republican party in VT.

  8. Vermont is going straight down the sewer. I used to be proud of my state. Not anymore. I’m too old otherwise I’d be packing my bags.

  9. I know individuals who voted based only on the abortion issue. Can’t even imagine anyone so lacking in a soul that they would ignore all other issues for the right to kill an innocent infant, one with both a beating heart and the ability to feel pain. I hope that the silent screams of those babies being torn apart are heard forever in the heads of those who obviously have no heart.

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