Blue wave hits Vermont, but Scott to continue to lead state

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

Vermont will continue to have a Republican governor and Democrat-controlled General Assembly following Tuesday’s election.

Phil Scott for Vermont

Gov. Phil Scott

Incumbent Gov. Phil Scott breezed to his fourth two-year term in office, according to unofficial results, besting Democratic challenger Brenda Siegel by a wide margin.

The state did make history. Democrat Becca Balint becomes the first openly gay woman and first woman from Vermont to hold a U.S. House seat. The seat became available as Democrat Peter Welch won the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the retirement of Democrat Patrick Leahy, the 82-year-old senior-most senator first elected in 1974 wrapping up his eighth term.

Democrats rode a blue wave on Tuesday as Scott will be paired with Progressive Democratic Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, and Democratic candidate Mike Pieciak will be the state’s new treasurer. Sarah Copeland Hanzas, also a Democrat, won the secretary of state post, while Charity Clark, a Democrat, will serve as the state’s new attorney general.

Voters also ratified a pair of ballot referendums, one pertaining to slavery and indentured servitude and reproductive rights. Prop 2 changes the state’s constitution to add language banning slavery but also adding language that prevents someone under the age of 21 from being a slave under their own will.

Prop 5 was ratified and adds language to the state’s constitution that personal reproductive autonomy should not be denied and is central to a person’s liberty and dignity.

Images courtesy of Office of the Governor and Phil Scott for Vermont

22 thoughts on “Blue wave hits Vermont, but Scott to continue to lead state

  1. In recent times, how many self-anointed “Real Republicans” have won an election in Vermont?
    I can’t change or enact legislation without being elected.
    And standing on the state house steps shouting, and name-calling gets you nowhere.
    Mr. Sexton has proven so.

    The mess we’re in has been brought to you by the self-anointed, unelectable ‘Real Republicans’.

  2. Scott has been allowed to claim he is a Republican because of the weakness and failure from both VTGOP Chair Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch.
    Scott is all in on the Marxist agenda to destroy Females and the Family Unit. His inability to define what a Woman is gives those who want to sexualize, chemically, physically and psychologically destroy children all they need to keep pushing the transgender agenda.
    What happened at the Randolph High School is a direct result.
    Don’t forget about Scott’s support for Article 22.

    Scott’s illegal and unconstitutional mandates destroyed individuals and small businesses in Vermont, but he kept VT Liquor Stores and planned parenthood open every day.
    There are a multitude of examples of how he has violated the VTGOP Platform and spit in the face of every Real Vermont Republican.
    But thanks to Dame and Koch you don’t really have to be a Republican. ( You just have to say you
    are )
    Here’s an FYI for anyone that wants to defend him as being fiscally responsible. He signed on to the EV mandate.
    Check the Demographic, Scott has 70% support from the Dems, Libs, Progs, Socialists and Marxists.
    Why wouldn’t they want him ? He is one of them.
    Scott is no more a Republican than Sanders. Get ready for him to prove it even more now that he doesn’t have to pretend.

    • Don’t forget he voted for Biden and wanted the entire country to know it!

      It would be amusing if it were not so sad. Fool me once, fool me 22 years in a row.

  3. He’s gonna “lead” the state alright…right down the toilet! It’s been circling the drain since he took office.

  4. Well scotty at least this time I didn’t hold my nose and vote for you so I’m 0 for however votes I cast… great to know I have no voice in Vt politics but have earned the right to complain as much as I please. I didn’t even vote for some positions on the ballot as it was all one sided.

    • Why do you think you have no voice? You voted. Unfortunately for you, a wide majority of Vermonters – Republicans and Democrats – don’t agree with you.

    • We put a gold ring in that pigs snout! It’s all better now! Surely you must be mistaken, didn’t you see he has an R next to his name on the ballot, he is clearly a republican! How dare you suggest otherwise. I mean clearly, just because every candidate elected in state office was hard left, what makes you think voters would continue voting for hard left? Clearly they were voting hard right to balance this ticket! Asl any democrat, they were very disappointed Thayer was not on the ticket, they would have voted hard right there too! That’s why they voted for Zuckerman! He’s hard right and will be our next governor. Surely you must be mistaken.

      You need to get on your smart phone, they fact check everything there.

  5. What is the governor doing to find and prepare a qualified republican to follow him in the 2024 governors race. Or do we just habd it over to another democrat. The republicans better sna out of it and start doing things to plan for future campaigns.

  6. What is the governor doing to find and prepare a qualified republican to follow him in the governors race. Or do we just habd it over to another democrat. The republicans better sna out of it and start doing things to plan for future campaigns.

  7. I hate to say this because I’m not a quitter- but I certainly also know when I’m banging my head on the wall and it’s time to simply stop.

    It might be time to vote with your feet..
    We are good and principled people and to stay there and give the Communist state of Vermont your money is to say it’s all okay.. and it’s not all okay.
    Move over to NH and help me out here so that we don’t lose ALL of New England.. because we all know we ain’t made for the hot and humid weather of the south.

    • I’m counting the days until retirement and then we are out of here. There is no hope for Vermont.

    • @ Laura

      Well I AM fine with the hot and humid weather of the south, so after I sell my house here and shutter my business, that’s where I’ll be heading. Hopefully I can sell to some filthy rich California sort who just loves our politics. VT is beyond hope. It is lost. There is no point remaining here and continuing to vote for the right as the left is ever increasing in numbers here.

      Eventually they will bankrupt the state with their handouts. I figure the only reason we aren’t filled with tent cities of the homeless is that it’s just too cold here half the year unlike in California. But they will continue to flock here and VT will continue to put them up in motels until all motels are filled with the homeless every winter. It was once a great place to live but those days are over.

  8. C’mon man! You really want to call Scott a Republican.

    “A leopard can’t change his spots and a skunk can’t change its smell”. – D.B. Wilmer

  9. Not sure how you call this a blue wave considering that only two state offices were held by Republicans, (Scott and Young,) were Republicans, and both houses already had veto proof Democratic majorities by significant margins. At best, all you can honestly say is that status quo was maintained.

    • Kevin,
      You are correct…. no blue wave ” Deep Blue Vt ” it’s just the same pathetic
      state of the state ……………….what’s wrong with people.

      Liberal cancer will kill the state, sooner than later !!

      • You need to get all your news from the smart phone news feeds, Now This! rights and Democracy, get on your smart phone and get connected, you see how wrong you’ve been. It’s all fact checked, it’s true! It’s on the Internet for god’s sake! Come on its 2022, don’t you believe what you are being told?

  10. If you lined up all the victors of our Vermont Election, major races and put the label,
    NWO candidate,
    WEF Candidate,
    United Nations Candidate….even local Vermont Democratic candidate, would any of them NOT fit in?

    That is the fruit, it’s all the same.

    Therefore, they come from the same tree.

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