Vermont COVID cases spike to record high despite record numbers of ‘vaccinated’

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

My neighbors to the left, in Vermont, have embraced the jab in record-setting numbers. They may be one of the most jabbed states in the U.S., with 87.5% having received at least one poke and 78.3% “fully vaccinated” according to the state’s COVID19 dashboard.

They’ve set another record as well, right alongside that one. The highest ever reported new cases by date.

No worries. This is just a coincidence. The “science” says vaccinate more people even though we know 1) the COVID vax was never capable of preventing the spread – they are still lying about that, and 2) The jab was made for COVID, not the variants and has become even more useless as a result, and 3) the booster is just more of the same.

But they say you need it anyway.

No. No, I don’t.

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13 thoughts on “Vermont COVID cases spike to record high despite record numbers of ‘vaccinated’

  1. Still not as many VTers are dying as from the annual flu , strokes (caused by Vax?) and opioids. Folks die every year, it’s part of Life.
    The articles and headlines screaming about “cases” does not mention all the false positives from faulty testing. The CDC insisted on testing parameters they knew would create false high numbers to create the fear necessary for vax and mask compliance as well as lock downs.
    Did you ever see the pics of mass plastic caskets during the Obama admin.? This was planned for.

  2. Steely Dan’s PRETZEL LOGIC has been playing in a loop for nearly two years now…
    I happened to pick up a copy of The Epoch Times’ HOW THE SPECTER OF COMMUNISM IS RULING OUR WORLD – cautiously, I’ll admit, because I’ve had up to here with the level of brainwashing present in ALL media today, including books, and am finding a very scary mirror reflecting back at me – that, unwittingly, I was a part of in the 60s and 70s, and NOW see as a very clever infiltration of that divide and conquer, us and them, cancel culture that has seperated us from the Divine and who we are as Spiritual Beings, and why we are here.
    The Devil is running the show now – and its name is Communism.
    There IS not prep – the ground work was laid as soon as WWII ended…so we’re about 70 years too late for ‘prep work’ to deal with this.
    We now live in a communist state of Vermont – or CHINARMONT if you prefer.
    Noncompliance is the ONLY way forward.
    You compromise even a little bit – and you have sold a piece of your soul.
    Redemption is always possible – but you MUST give up your evil ways, as the song goes.
    I’ll end with SINGING THE DOLPHIN THROUGH by Manfred Mann.
    Its as relevant as anything else we’re hearing these days.

  3. Time to wake up. Who would ever take a vaccine that has never been evaluated! Why are nurses and doctors from all over the country refusing to get vaccinated. Their losing their jobs!
    My information says over 21,000 have died from the jab
    and over 4 million have serious side effects. (World news)
    Latest finding women nursing their babies, 2 babies have died.
    They are saying babies will get throat cancer. Look up Bill Gates conferences on reducing the population. Guess who is involved with him? No other than Dr. Fauci. We are heading
    for Marxism government. Control, power, money. Why are thousands being allowed into the U.S. illegally. Why are they put on buses without getting vaccinated and sent all over
    the country. They want us to be masked but immigrants don’t have too! Are the numbers going up in Vermont from the immigrants coming in? Where are they living? Why aren’t we bring told? Why aren’t we bring told about people dying
    from the vaccines? A nurse in a picket line protesting the vaccines was interviewed on TV, she said don’t believe the
    media! How much more are we not being told. Do you realize
    that many chiropractors, holistic therapist, Naturopath experts
    disagree with these Vaccines and masks. It’s been estimated
    that millions are going to die from the vaccines within 2-3 years. Start doing your own investigation, get outside of Vermont. Look at what is being said from the world information.

  4. Vermont cases are spiking because the vaccines target the original Wuhan epitope (“variant.”) Since most of the population is vaccinated, that means that when a vaccinated person is infected the Wuhan epitope is checked but naturally-occurring variants aren’t: the variants are now undergoing natural selection. The new variants spread and they may be more infectious and even more dangerous for younger populations, as the Wuhan variant was not.

    Mass vaccination exerts pressure to select for variants since it targets only one epitope, such as the delta variant. Natural immunity isn’t as selective for variants.

    We’re digging ourselves into a hole and the end result will be that we’ll feel compelled to reach down and vaccinate younger and younger Vermonters with vaccines that are causing myocarditis and other problems in some patients (or perhaps many– no one is keeping track; we’re ignoring potential harms). Yet the original Wuhan epitope hardly affected children at all.

    This video explains the mechanism for variant selection beginning at about 30 minutes.

    The solution? Stop mass vaccination and start using anti-virals and the Math+ protocol developed by the FLCCC. Problem with that? The protocol utilizes vitamins, and the public is not to understand that vitamins can be potent checks on disease processes. Another more serious problem is that the protocol cuts into the massive profits pharma can make from the vaccines and never-ending boosters. We, the people, are simply pincushions for profits for big pharma, and Dr. Fauci is working for big pharma, not for the good people of this country.

    • “Mass vaccination exerts pressure to select for variants since it targets only one epitope, such as the delta variant.”

      Should read:

      “Mass vaccination exerts pressure to select for variants since it targets only one epitope,the original Wuhan epitope.”

    • Agree with you. Fauc i is connected with Bill Gates. Listen to Gates conferences on how we are over populated. He stated this process many years ago.
      Did you see Rand Paul from the Senate catching
      Fauci lying about the money he filtered through
      Eco Labs I believe it was over 3 million of our money to Wuhan. Rand Paul had all the documentation to
      Prove it. Fauci and Gates are making millions on these vaccines.

  5. More of the vaxed than the unvaxed are dying of Covid in VT as well but that’s just cause there are more vaxed than unvaxed. Right. Cause the vax works………So let’s just force more people to get it!

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