Vermont and Florida demonstrate opposing COVID strategies, and opposing results

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A DIFFERENT APPROACH: While Vermont Gov. Phil Scott may be the most popular governor, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the most favored after former President Donald Trump to represent the GOP in the 2024 presidential election.

As Vermont continues to boast of being one of the most vaccinated states in the nation, Florida has taken a different approach to the pandemic — and gotten better results.

As of mid-December, 94.9% of Vermonters age 12 and above are either partially or fully vaccinated. And yet, the Green Mountain State had a record-setting day of 740 cases on Dec. 10. Vermont’s seven-day average is currently about 423 cases per day, up from 370 a month ago.

In Florida, the story has been different — and much healthier.

“Florida currently has one of the lowest per capita rates of COVID-19 cases of any state, despite having a lax — and at times outright hostile — approach to implementing public health measures to curb the pandemic,” reported in November.

While Florida’s weekly new case count ticked up slightly in December to 13,530, it is well below the 25,691 cases reported the week of Oct. 1, according to state data. The state’s Covid test positivity rate is 2.6 percent.

On Dec. 14, Florida reported 3,067 new cases with a seven-day average of 2,305 per day — way down from 56,036 cases high on Aug. 16 of this year.

Florida is a state of nearly 21.5 million residents. As of Nov. 26, the Florida Department of Health reports that 14,540,602 people age 5 and up have had at least one COVID shot — about 67 percent of total Florida residents. About 9,256,800 Floridians, or 43% of total residents, have had two shots.

The Miami Herald reported Wednesday that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has worked tirelessly in 2021 to remove coronavirus restrictions:

In March 2021, the governor canceled all fines related to COVID rules and in September he threatened local municipalities that wanted to impose vaccine mandates. In late July, he banned mask mandates in public schools. While the delta variant became the dominant variant in the state causing surges in hospitalizations and deaths, DeSantis pushed monoclonal antibody treatments for infected individuals to seek out after testing positive. Last Tuesday at a press conference in Oldsmar in Pinellas County, DeSantis suggested he would tackle omicron the same way, without lockdowns or mask requirements.

As for hospitalizations in the Sunshine State, Fox 35 Orlando reported Tuesday that “hospitalizations surged during the summer because of the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus but steadily declined in September, October and November. They have been relatively stable this month.”

A study published National Center for Biotechnology Information states that while vaccination rates don’t seem to correlate much in general with cases when looking at different nations, there may be a slight percentage more of people getting sick among the vaccinated.

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days,” it states. “In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people.”

Vermont’s Republican Gov. Phil Scott continues to be one of the most popular governors in the nation. However, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis remains favored — after former President Donald Trump — to run as the GOP’s ticket for the 2024 presidential election.

As Eli Yokley, writing for Morning Consult, notes, “Scott’s support is strongest among Democratic voters, who are least likely to vote for a Republican next year.”

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Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr

26 thoughts on “Vermont and Florida demonstrate opposing COVID strategies, and opposing results

  1. It appears that we are moving into a whole new wave of Covid-19 infections with the Omicron variant.

    Perhaps one way to change the current dynamic of anti and pro vaccers is to establish high quality field hospitals where anit-vaccine patients who have contracted Covid coudl be treated with whatever treatments they perfer. These hospitals could be staffed by unvaccinated medical personnel, some of whom have lost their jobs due to their beliefs.

    This would ease up pressure on hospitals where Covid cases are crowding out regular care and while providing those who desire it, whatever care they choose. It would also provide good data as to the efficacy of various treatments. Covid relief money could be used to provide the set-up costs of these field hospitals.

    • Why can’t we just leave medical care as a decision between the patient and their doctor?

      After all:
      “As for hospitalizations in the Sunshine State, Fox 35 Orlando reported Tuesday that “hospitalizations surged during the summer because of the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus but steadily declined in September, October and November.”

      If you check the link, the referenced headline says:
      Florida COVID-19 hospitalizations up slightly

      Come on. Quit with the micro-managing.

    • You mean like Segregation John?
      Like the good vaccinated people go to the nice hospital and the dirty unvaccinated people go to the Field Hospital Tents?
      Kinda like separate water fountains?
      Should we send the unclean to the Field Hospitals on the trains too?

    • Don’t be so naive, John. They have no intention of allowing any data that will show that safe repurposed drugs work. They have no intention of giving dissenters a voice, a hospital, or anything else.

      Medical tyranny is rampant: read RFK,Jr’s new book. This tyranny will then morph into political tyranny. That’s the plan.

      Medical personnel are losing their jobs just for speaking up. Doctors aren’t allowed to treat patients as they see fit anymore. Word has it that many medical personnel are just keeping their heads down and mouths shut to keep their jobs.

      There’s abundant evidence for the efficacy and especially the safety of repurposed drugs, used in doses and in time frames to treat Covid-19. The suppression of these drugs so that industrial medicine can take over, led not by individual doctors doing their best but by top-down dictates, is the crime of the century. Many people have died because of this.

      Dr. Fauci is a man who allows beagles to be cruelly tortured and who gave black and brown children in NYC dangerous AIDS drugs that destroyed many young lives, without appropriate consent or legal guardianship. He approved trials in Africa with these same extremely toxic drugs, with no informed consent and sloppy management. He butchers science to support his toxins. This is the psychopath leading us. He cruelly disregarded repurposed drugs during the AIDS crisis, and this led to “buyers clubs” around the country of people who would obtain these drugs on their own, avoiding the extremely toxic drugs Fauci was pushing for his pharma buddies. Fauci then, too, refused to study these drugs until he was pushed into a corner, and then he subverted these studies.

      RFK, Jr., is a Democrat. Yet every page of his book is an indictment of the sordid state of our medical establishment, whose real purpose is to serve industrial medicine and the toxins they promote as cures. Fauci is working for them, not for the American people.

    • Just imagine if they had a trail for ivermectin and if the problems with that trial mirrored what happened in the Pfizer trial: no benefit in all-cause mortality, unblinded early, failure to adequately represent population most at risk, etc. They would have been slamming the trial, but now instead they’re telling us that we have “proof” for the Pfizer vaccine.

      Real medicine is broken. Fauci played a large role in this.

  2. The vax clearly isn’t working so Scott keeps pushing it and blaming the Covid counts on the unvaxed. He calls for restaurants and other venues to deny them access. Blames the unvaxed for all the vaxed with Covid.

    The VT sheep have rushed to vax their children even though Covid won’t harm them but the vax certainly could.

    Far too many people in the state in places such as Montpelier which have passed mask mandates are self appointed vigilantes, boasting online about confronting the unmasked at the grocery store.

    Sad to see what this state has become; can’t wait to leave.

    • This is a global phenomenon. Vermont is a ‘model’ – we’re the guinea pigs.
      There is no ‘better’ place out there.
      Politics are politics, and the UN Agenda 2030 is the agenda, and our health has become a political battle axe to be wielded against us for control and manipulation of how we think and what we believe.
      Stop THAT machine – here in Vermont – and we have a chance of regaining our god given commons sense and sanity again.
      Its no better any place else.
      Start on your own Island of Light, connect with others, build it where you live.
      The grass isn’t greener elsewhere – that is part of the matrix programming that says you don’t have to stand and fight where you are.
      Vermont is worth saving ourselves, and fighting for.

  3. It now appears to be more important than ever to start getting the data of hospitalizations and deaths of the vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts by age group. This latest report shows a 700% increase in the likelihood that an unvaccinated person will die of Covid, while the likelihood of death for a vaccinated person declined 22% – between the two weeks ending December 1st and the two weeks ending December 15th. According to these reports over the last three months, this abrupt differential is on the verge of being statistically impossible.

    We need to see:
    Vaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
    Unvaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
    Vaccinated Deaths per capita by age group
    Unvaccinated Deaths per capita by age group

  4. Gov. Scott is NOT the most popular governor… what kumbaya hyperbole poll is that from?
    He’s definitely controlled opposition for the death cult now coming for focused on killing Vermont infants and children a la Mengeles with medical experiments on children.
    As long as they are the children of the poor, marginalized, stigmatized, demonized, and useless eaters, its okay.
    We are, after all, the State with the most recent history of Eugenics (1975) that morphed laterally into Planned Parenthood – now controlled and funded by Gates and his handlers in the CCP.
    We’ve gone, in 220 months, from being a place of dreams, to being the home of nightmares, murder, and ‘they are coming for our children.’
    The only person Scott is popular with is Dr. “Jaws” Fauci, the veterinarian turned pharma mafia controller. No one asked ME what I think of him.

    And all this over something that has always had a 99.6% survival rate at WORST, and is ONLY a threat to the most severely co-morbid patients.

    But, all those billions in the captured population monopoly game of Covid that have been made…its worth it.

  5. So my wife recently tested positive for covid and she has been vaccinated, a stuffy nose is all she suffered. I took the same test the same day and tested negative. Our 3 kids also tested negative.
    Im unvaccinated and had a stuffy nose as well. I had covid back in March 2019, recovered and have not been sick since. Why would I take the vaccine if my natural immunity is doing it’s job?

  6. Florida stuck on freedom and the right path to recovery,
    Vermont stuck on communism and stupid… what more would you expect from a
    leftist led state full of flatlanders…

    • I have news for you Bean, I’m one of those so called “flatlanders” you are accusing of changing VT and I have always been a loyal Conservative. I’m tired of hillylanders always putting the blame on everyone else but themselves. I have lived here for twenty years and from my experience, it is the local VTers of the Millennial age group that are far left wing. You can thank VT teachers for brainwashing them. They are responsible for changing this state. They are the age group that are followers of Bernie Sanders. He made this state what it is today and he is trying his best to change our Nation into another communist VT. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t have the privilege of voting for an actual Republican to run VT.

  7. “Vermont and Florida demonstrate opposing COVID strategies, and opposing results”

    A direct result of what Vermont has become a totalitarian Leftist hell hole and it’s going to worsen.

  8. Who would possibly be profiting from injecting more age groups/more people? Next are infants followed by pets

    • Hospitals and Doctors are given bonuses from Medicare/Medicaid to utilize
      CDC protocols and treatment/vax’s.. it’s a payout by a corrupt regime to
      use only their treatment and prevention of a crud they invented… sickening what they’re doing with your tax monies…and of course the pfizer stock holders in congress are cheering it on…

  9. Enough with the subterfuge. Here are the statistics I want to see.

    Vaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group
    Unvaccinated Hospitalizations per capita by age group

    Vaccinated Deaths per capita by age group
    Vaccinated Deaths per capita by age group

    In Vermont, over the last 20 months or so, more than 100,000 children 18 years of age and younger were not vaccinated until just a couple of weeks ago. Over that 20 month period, only six were hospitalized and none died. Curiously, as I’ve been saying, this cohort of unvaccinated kids has not been included in the VT DOH assessments. Had they been included, the ‘likelihood’ of hospitalization and death stats would have been significantly different.

    And, of course, given the obvious lower-than-low risk for this unvaccinated 18 years of age and younger cohort, it begs the question why we are insisting on vaccinating them now? After all, now that they are being vaccinated, if the hospitalization rate and death rate for this young cohort begins to increase, the grownups are going to have some answering to do.

    • Good luck with that. There is now way real numbers, lacking subterfuge by the government- State or Federal will be available in our lifetimes.
      To publish accurate numbers would completely undermine the current dogma-
      and result in a political upheaval the likes of which have never been seen in America.

      • 76 years from now they will finally let people see the results. lol
        so much form open government
        so much for science.

        Does Vermont allow treatment?
        the MATH+ protocol?
        What about monoclonal antibodies?

        Does Vermont just put you in the hospital, give you some remdsivere and put you on the ventilator? Collect money and watch you die? Are we doing all we can for those with the illness?

        Notice how the public has no idea what is being done for treatment, doctors neither……

        so much for free speech. And while Vermont is being locked down and kept from seeing what the swamp creatures are doing…..what are our leaders doing?

        Uniparty games for Christmas….fascism for everyone!

        • and studies show that taking vitamin D as a preventative does help. why aren’t the doctors (Fauci), the CDC, and the WH advising taking it, vaxxed or not? BECAUSE THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US, they care about their investments

          • Representing the people no longer Pays.
            We are not the ones that are the cash cows now.
            The fact that we are the tax payers no longer even matters because the printing press has replaced that need too.
            And now this tyrannical government is literally killing us and causing great damage to our youth= the entire future of the country.
            At some point is anyone going to see this all as a national security risk?
            I kinda wonder how much worse it needs to be before the masses wake up and take the power back from the evil that is destroying us and the country.

        • That’s funny, they had the data and approved the vaccine within a year … yet they’re so overworked that they can’t produce the data so that we, the people, can see what further subterfuges they’re subjecting us to?

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