Vax refusal bill introduced in Vermont

By Guy Page

The Scott administration announced Friday that Vermonters who have received both shots of the two-stage vaccination may travel to other states.

Gov. Phil Scott also acknowledged the need to discuss an important public policy question: how will the State of Vermont deal with Vermonters who decline vaccination?

H.283, providing the right to refuse any unwanted test, treatment, or vaccine, was introduced yesterday into the Vermont House. Sponsored by four Republicans, a Democrat, and an independent, it would specifically prevent employers and state government from requiring vaccination in exchange for jobs, travel, childcare and other benefits.

Wikimedia Commons/Israeli Defense Forces

Those promoting COVID-19 vaccines see signs of resistance among U.S. citizens. A third of U.S. military have declined vaccination, and nearly half of Americans say they would refuse a vaccine now if offered.

“The yearlong pandemic emergency response has left many people concerned about one-sized-fits-all medical mandates,” a Feb. 18 statement by Health Choice Vermont said. “This proposed legislation protects individual bodily autonomy and self-sovereignty, and prevents public and private entities from requiring medical treatments, interventions or vaccines in exchange for employment, travel, education, childcare, religion, benefits, insurance, or participation in sports, camps, or other recreation.”

H.283 has been assigned to the Vermont House Committee on Human Services. The bill is sponsored by: Rep. Vicki Strong (R-Albany), Rep. Lynn Batchelor (R- Derby), Rep. Mark Higley (R-Lowell), Rep. Warren Kitzmiller (D-Montpelier), Rep. Robert LaClair (R-Barre Town) and Rep. Paul Lefebvre (I-Newark).

Meanwhile, the New York Times on Friday published a prominent editorial warning readers of “the costs of vaccine alarmism.” It concedes the problem:

  • A third of U.S. military have declined vaccination;
  • polls say nearly half of Americans would refuse if offered vaccine now;
  • skepticism is highest among minorities, white people without college degrees, Republicans, and lower-income households.

Many people hear they would still transmit the disease and must still wear a mask and social distance, and ask, “what’s the point?,” the NYT editorial says. It faults public health officials for not clearly saying that vaccines are safe and effective.

In a statement published today, Health Choice Vermont offers more detailed data about public resistance to vaccination:

Hospital Staff

  • A Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) report[5] showed that 29% of hospital staff and 27% of the general public “definitely or probably would not get vaccinated.”
  • According to the KFF, the main reason cited was concern over the side effects (59%).

General Public

  • A December 2020 survey from the Pew Research Center [6] of over 12,000 Americans revealed that 39% surveyed say they definitely or probably would not get a coronavirus vaccine.
  • In the report, 21% of U.S. adults are cited as saying they are, “pretty certain” more information will not change their mind.
  • 62% of participants reported that they would be “uncomfortable” to be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Frontline Workers

  • The Los Angeles Times recently reported [7] that L.A. county data shows that between 20% and 40% of all frontline workers refused to be vaccinated.
  • The same report mentions that in Riverside County, California, around 50% of frontline workers have said “no thank you” to the experimental nucleic acid vaccine.
  • Less than half of the eligible staff at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital took the vaccine when offered.

Pregnant Women

  • The U.K. government has released a document [8] in December advising that pregnant or breastfeeding women do not receive a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine on the basis that there is “no or limited data” on the effects to the child and to fertility. “For women of childbearing age, pregnancy should be excluded before vaccination,” the document stated.
  • The Los Angeles Times article mentioned above also reported[9] that a pregnant nurse from Providence Holy Cross Medical Center who refused to be vaccinated. Why are we vaccinating pregnant women with an untested vaccine?

Nursing Home Staff

  • The Associated Press reports[10] that, “National polls show that as many as 70 percent of long-term care staff are still wary of the vaccine.”
  • Governor Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), stated in a press conference[11] on December 30 that 60% of nursing home staff in his state had declined the experimental nucleic acid vaccine.


  • In New York, a survey of 2000 firefighters[12] revealed that 55% said they would not take the emergency use only vaccine from Pfizer. More than 2,000 firefighters participated, representing about a quarter of all members.
  • Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA), which performed the survey, is encouraging members to get vaccinated, but says it will protect the rights of those who chose not to.
  • “The reasons for that are probably the same reasons everyone else doesn’t want it: it is a new vaccine, they don’t have enough information,” said Andrew Ansbro, UFA president.

58% of Vermonters 75 and older have been vaccinated, Human Services Secretary Mike Smith said. A month ago, Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine said health care provider and senior care facility patient acceptance rates were both about 80%, but senior care staff rates were lower.

At his press conference today, Gov. Phil Scott acknowledged the need for dialogue – on both a state and national level – about how to handle employment, travel and childcare as restrictions are lifted. “We have to have the conversation,” he said, without expressing a specific stand on the issue.

Read more of Guy Page’s reports. Vermont Daily is sponsored by True North Media.

Images courtesy of TNR and Wikimedia Commons/Israeli Defense Forces
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23 thoughts on “Vax refusal bill introduced in Vermont

  1. It will be interesting to see whether this bill sees the light of day, and if it does, how will the woke “wunderkinds” in Montpeculiar vote.

    “The Scott administration announced Friday that Vermonters who have received both shots of the two-stage vaccination may travel to other states.”
    Response #1
    LOL, ok Phil, I got two words for you… and they are not “Good day”!

    “Gov. Phil Scott also acknowledged the need to discuss an important public policy question: how will the State of Vermont deal with Vermonters who decline vaccination?”
    Re-education camp? Firing Squad? You can put on a nurses uniform(old style cute white dress), your useless mask and come stick me.
    See Response #1

  2. ‘Vaccine’:
    1. does not prevent transmission
    2. or prevent vaccinee from getting Covid 19
    — In trials test subjects became gravely ill requiring hospitalzation. Vaccinees become gravely ill requiring ER admittance.

    One commenter to a blog post remarked that she has a friend who is an RN and many receiving shot require ER or hospitalization.

    SIL spoke w nurse @ DHMC who said there are multiples of adverse reactions. I was in a convenience store and scooted out of the way for next customer – she was na RN who was not wearing a mask, said they’re harmfull – unclear if she wears one in hospital setting – and is not getting shot bc of all the adverse reactions also said that Covid is no worse than the flu.

    On most recent trip to ER last summer – was not forced to wear a mask bc of chronic respiratory conditions. I had one on bc wanted those around me who are sick to feel safe but did not pull over nose. In public no way can I wear a mask but do the same compromise in Dr office.

    • Bioweapon aka ‘vaccine’ only claims to make symptoms of Covid ‘milder’ and recovery more speedy. Still need to wear a mask(s) – now we’re up to two masks that dont work – and practice social distancing.

  3. Sunday, February 14, 2021
    Marked for death

    “Forget the dangers posed by a potential reaction to the Covid “vaccine”. The far more significant danger is that the pseudo-vaccine will provide the next virus with a marker to target…”


  4. This is an important bill!! The medical tyranny occurring across our nation is unbelievable. Big pharma is in charge.

    Look what is happy in Israel, “Green Passports” for the vaccinated. The unvaccinated are now second class citizens whose freedoms will be trampled. No vax, no go. NO THANKS!

    My message to Governor Scott…

    ” Governor Scott, you are seriously starting to scare me with your power. That’s enough already! Relax the travel ban, the mask mandate, let families gather IF THEY CHOOSE TO! Stop deciding who is essential. Let all businesses open fully, let the people decide if they want to enter or not. You are destroying lives and businesses with your arbitrary rules”. Stop saying you are following the science when the PCR test is turning out to be one if the biggest frauds in medical history. Enough is enough. If you want residents to remain in this beautiful state and welcome new ones, then show them you honor their freedom and their personal liberties as sovereign Americans. Stop making decisions for me. I am an adult, I am smart, I know what is best for my well being and that of my children. Please back off.”

    I watch the Governor’s briefings religiously…not a single news reporter pushes back against Scott, Levine, etc… Not one. It is shameful and literally makes my jaw drop in amazement. (The only one who gave pushback was Steve Merrill and he’s been banned. At least he brought up topics that the others were scared to confront out of fear of being disliked.. I suppose).

    To my fellow Vermonters, the only way to end this “crisis” here is to stop getting tested for the hell of it. Don’t you see this administration just wants constant testing testing testing. Enough already. Remember….99% recovery rate.

    I wonder if governor Scott would be in favor of green passports? I’m leaning towards yes and that’s a frightening thought. Anyone feel the same?

    • A lot of horrible things have been done in the past in the name of medical necessity. I can see a future unfolding wherein all sorts of things will be justified to “keep us safe.”

      At some point the people have to take off their masks and go into restaurants and bars and streets and sit next to each other and let the police come and arrest them. We need protests. We need to tell the tyrants to go to hell.

      The tyrants aren’t “following the data.” They’re following what the lyin’ and tyrannical CDC and NIH and WHO are telling them, and that’s a far cry from “following the data.” What they’re really following is something they’ve already been told, so in-your-face is it: Covid-19 and the Great Reset, wasn’t that the name of the book by Claus Schwab? Those pushing this don’t even care anymore if everyone one knows so long as useful idiots “following the data” keep paving the way for them.

      Only cowards want to stay safe at all costs.

  5. Apparently over on CCP News, aka VT Digger, the governor is talking about restrictions if you aren’t vaccinated?


    CCP News provides the latest planning and propaganda from the NWO headquarters….wonder if we will soon have an official salute, tatoo or mark.

    It’s interesting how they combine two flu seasons worth of deaths for reporting. Those two seasons are normal levels, btw. And isn’t it amazing how all other flu type just vanished this year. They want us to believe that was because of the social distancing and masks, sadly many will believe propaganda over science.

  6. From the experts: The efficacy of our vaccine is 95%. Efficacy in no way equals Effectiveness in the real world. We know this from past and failed vaccines such as H1N1 and the yearly flu shot. In this clinical trial, the 95 “cured” were never tested if they did not exhibit symptoms such as fever and cough. But there’s abundant evidence that people can get infected with the coronavirus without ever showing symptoms. But if people get vaccinated and stop taking other safety measures, such as being excused from quarantine after travel, their chances of spreading the coronavirus to others could be greater than the unvaxxed.

  7. In dealing with China, Taiwanese monitor what is censored by the ccp (China). With almost certainty, they have founded what is censored is generally true.

    VERMONTERS and Americans at this point would be wise to adopt a similar strategy, obviously, false flag are part of any military or covert operation, one should not do this blindly, however there are too many coincidences to ignore this intelligence.

    Make no mistake Toto, we are no longer in Kansas.

    • As a reader on Vermont Chronicle noted: what does the ‘my body, my choice’ crowd have to say about forced vaccinations?

  8. I don’t think forcing an experimental vaccine on anyone for any reason should be acceptable practice. Frankly it’s sad that we have to put this into law.

    It’s even sadder that I’m hearing that people are taking the vaccine because they want to travel again (as if that should be prohibited), and not being told (or at least not understanding) that it’s an experimental vaccine before they get it.

  9. Great article.

    Perhaps they could have rephrased things and said….only the Democrats trust the government. Those who regularly watch only CNN and VT Digger are 95% certain they will get the Vaccine. Those people who use other news source or have been government Guinea pigs in the past don’t want an untested vaccine.

    Here is a link, these are opinions of doctors on the front line, dealing with the pandemic. Practicing doctors getting results, using science, not political science.

  10. Hey liberals and RINO’s, where is that phrase you keep mouthing; My body, my choice, in your thinking now?

    • Bingo!

      If I refuse the vaccination, who suffers? I do – maybe. That’s my choice.

      I’m beginning to think this is simply more economic cronyism – benefiting ‘big pharma’, the banks that finance them, and the politicians they pay off to pass these laws. In the end, taxpayers are paying for these vaccinations.

    • And now or in the last few weeks, these treatments such as HDXC and Ivermectin, are not available by prescription per direct order from the CDC deeming them, unsafe. If there is a viable treatment, there can be no emergency vaccine rollout with out years of rigorous testing.

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