Vaccine choice march in South Burlington highlights right to bodily autonomy

Michael Bielawski/TNR

STANDING FOR VACCINE CHOICE: About 100 rally-goers came to Williston Road in South Burlington on Saturday to speak out against COVID mandates and forced medical procedures.

About 100 attendees of a freedom rally on Saturday marched along Williston Road in South Burlington, holding signs that spoke for the rights of individuals to choose whether or not to get vaccinated.

“There are a ton of people who took the shot and they find out that somebody else got hurt, and they start asking questions about that,” Jennifer Stella, an organizer from Vermonters for Vaccine Choice, told True North. “And then they say, ‘Well, the same thing happened to me but my doctor said it wasn’t the shot,’ and so there’s this immediate denial going on in the profession itself.”

Stella said people need to speak out more when they suspect they have had a reaction to a vaccine.

“The best thing to do is to be part of the conversation, to speak your mind in a really respectful and caring, intelligent way, because we are all in this together, and at the end of the day mandates hurt people,” she said. “They are hurting people’s health, people are losing their jobs, and others are taking the shots in order to keep their jobs, and then they are being crippled.”

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Protesters created numerous signs Saturday to express their disapproval of vaccine mandates.

At the national level, concerns about vaccine reactions have been strong enough to provoke massive work shortages in several key industries. More than 3,000 Chicago police officers are refusing their vaccine mandate, leading to a one-third reduction in the Chicago police force, and 150 nurses were fired from one Houston area hospital after they refused to get mandated COVID vaccines.

Vaccine efficacy is also in the news this week as Colin Powell, a former four-star general and the first black U.S. secretary of state, died Monday of complications related to COVID-19 despite being fully up-to-date with recommended COVID-19 vaccinations.

At Saturday’s event, Wade Chivington, a resident of Waterville, told True North that one of his concerns is the COVID-19 shots don’t work like most conventional vaccines.

“It makes your DNA produce a spike protein that simulates the virus and then your immune system responds to that spike protein,” Chivington said.

Kathi Tarrant, a resident of Waterbury, explained that the vaccination subject is causing divisions between people, but that most people don’t like the idea of coercive mandates.

“Even my daughter who is a nurse says that they shouldn’t be forcing it on people,” she said. “At least we can agree on that point.”

Christian McCrory from Randolph said that for him it’s about a matter of choice.

“You know, there’s a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and so there should be a presumption of health until proven sick,” McCrory said. “My breath is not a biohazard.”

Quayl Rewinski of Warren echoed that sentiment.

“I think it’s basically about choice — the freedom to choose what to do with your body is what it comes down to,” Rewinski said.

Robert Pettersen of Burlington said, “For me, it is about bodily choice and bodily autonomy. We don’t need to get religious.”

Stella said coercion is used to push the vaccines, especially in the workplace.

“To have to take an experimental gene therapy to keep your job, to feed your family, to pay your bills, it’s completely unjust,” she said. “We’ve always been about the freedom to choose.”

She added that safety is discarded when mandates are enacted.

“They could say to you tomorrow, ‘This shot is full of poison and may kill you.’ And if you are not allowed to say no, what’s the point?” she said.

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5 thoughts on “Vaccine choice march in South Burlington highlights right to bodily autonomy

  1. Divided society is happening real-time. I cannot wear a mask, however it’s the vaxxed that are in actuality the super-spreaders and getting sick.

    Sibling I haven’t seen in years arrived for a visit – staying with relatives I have disassociated from and demand everyone who enters property be fully vaxxed and wear masks. All are mask-wearing zombies I no longer know anymore, mere specter of which is deeply traumatizing.

    Another sibling sent pic of self outside on property with no near neighbors on a dirt road – made me want to cry. Even after lifting of ‘mandate’ – merrily march on with dark-colored large spooky masks as badge of self-obedient slavehood never entertaining thot that it *might* be a hoax. And like Ecofascists are the new flat-earthers who tune out anyone presenting evidence world is not flat lol.

    Declaring masked are Jim Jones Kool Aid drinkers to their faces was not well-received however I refuse to tiptoe around collectivist family members. My refusal to wear or associate on personal level with maskwearers – all friends and own children are nonmasked – is termed as ‘politically motivated’ on my part *facepalm*.

    Further, insulting to be considered a mere bag o’ disease-carrying germs requiring social distancing and masks to ‘protect’ fully vaxxed adults cowering in fear of me – and feel like a criminal. I understand the public lives in sheer terror of contracting a virus that at present is no worse than flu so follow social distancing but it ends there.

    Reason for refusal to associate – I’m now terrified that a vaxxed mask-wearing friend or fam gets covid or worse is hospitalized or dies and I’m their last contact. If I’m a false positive with no symptoms could be forced to be hospitalized for ‘observation’ as high-risk to self, or quarantine with future mandatory testings, however I’m now on naziesque VT DOH radar as a ‘spreader’ – and frontpage news. So they’ve alienated selves from non-collectivists who now need to protect selves from state-controlled suicide-bombers.

  2. Back when the chinese virus was just getting started, the MSM, various government entities were jumping up and down with all kinds of dire warnings and forced curtailments to our Constitutional freedoms. Included in this was (and still is) the never ending trumpeting that everyone MUST be vaccinated! Well, given that the vaccine is experimental, who knew what the outcomes would be. You would have to be living under a rock to not know that there are tens of thousands of deaths and far more adverse reactions (some very debilitating) directly caused by the experimental concoction.

    In 2020, VTDigger couldn’t broadcast enough doom and gloom about the dreaded virus. Now, while “cases” and deaths are spiking (in VT) there is barely a peep out of them. Why, because it doesn’t fit the socialist/globalist narrative about the need to have every person on earth vaccinated.

    The need to get everyone vaccinated has very little to do with preventing people from getting sick. There are so many preventative drugs that are available, yet almost impossible to have prescribed if you are coming down with the virus. And then there is the fact that the virus has a greater than 99% survival rate for almost everyone. There is something very sinister about what is going on, and Americans better wake up before it’s too late. I’m afraid that in Vermont, with a >88% vaccination rate, it’s already too late.

  3. Well done, TNR, on reporting this, at all.
    There is such a HUGE cover up going on in Vermont right now – a team of investigative journalists (unpaid of course because there is no money to actually pay a journalist to investigate anything that isn’t tied to a health mandate) would take a decade to untangle it all now.
    However, following the money – all that money pouring into the State right now – always yields sign posts and markers of who’s benefiting, and pulling the strings.
    Fascist technocrats WANT our minds and bodies enslaved to their dark agenda of …slavery for all humanity.
    Tied to UN Agenda Sustainable Development 2030, its all right there in black and white and snazzy color… humans are being culled because WE are the problem…says the man in the ivory tower (the 2014 IPCC report).
    Vermonters need to wake up to the bigger picture going on that the mandates are but the most visible part of… once you know the agenda, you can see the machinations to keep it in place.
    The Epoch Times has been doing a great job of tying all this back to the communist agenda of world domination and human slavery via transhumanism. There’s a video series if you aren’t into reading anymore (question THAT agenda too while you’re at it).
    The evidence is mounting that this is bioweapon intended to cull humanity.
    Vermont as model.

  4. Jim Jones has got nothing over the corrupt and Illegitimate byden puppet regime.
    Even with their own flunkies who were fully vax’ed dying they fail to yield to the growing global realization that the vax don’t work and only increases the strength of
    the virus… Wonder if Colin Powell would still be pushing it if he knew that’s what
    would kill him???? My wish is for the sawed off little runt fauci to get it and expend..
    Since he’s the main instrument in making the whole bio weapon suddenly appear.

  5. It’s about time the anti-vaccine people started pushing back!!! Vermont has become the test tube for all that is wrong with the psychologically forced vaccine experiments. Look at the number of infection “cases” compared to the number of vaccinated people in VT compared to Conservative states. It’s a total political scam.

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