UVM climate study points to early melting ice as evidence of climate change

Michael Bielawski/TNR

CLIMATE CHANGE MOVEMENT: A young activist expresses his feelings about the climate.

A recent study by the University of Vermont continues the narrative that the world faces dire climate consequences if our lifestyles aren’t dramatically altered.

The Vermont Climate Assessment 2020 argues that Vermont will become a warmer and wetter region, according to a report by the University of Vermont Gund Institute.

Joshua Faulkner, of UVM’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, co-leads the project. He thinks that Vermont’s apple tree farms are at risk. He says warmer temperatures make the blooms occur earlier, which can be a boost for farmers but it can also increase the risk of frost damage during late cold spells.

The report suggests that extreme events such as droughts are going to impact the economy — as well as forests, health, water, agriculture, transportation and energy.

Gillian Galford is another lead UVM climate scientist for the study. She says that change is needed now. While noting that Vermonters have different views on how to respond to climate change, she says they are generally of the view that it is occurring.

Research shows climate does change and dramatic shifts have been observed through the planet’s four and a half billion-year-old history. According to this report, humans need to adapt our ways this time.

Galford, a researcher at UVM’s Gund Institute for Environment and the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, says there’s a need for a framework to explain why certain changes happen, and to have personal stories attached so that the public takes notice.

As an example, she says Rutland is experiencing between 10 and 12 days of extreme precipitation each year, up from just four. That information, she argues, should inform city and state leaders on how to spend tax dollars, such as for infrastructure projects.

The report links to a form for people to share how they think that climate change should be addressed.

Read full story at the University of Vermont Gund Institute.

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16 thoughts on “UVM climate study points to early melting ice as evidence of climate change

  1. this is what suffices for research now a days???

    “Since the 1980s, folks have put a cinder block on the pond when it freezes. When the ice melts, the block sinks – unplugging an alarm clock that captures the exact time of the melt. There’s a clear pattern. The ice is melting earlier.”

    one pond in up-state Vermont – what a huge volume of data you have… I hope you are not being payed for the “stuff” and not charging students for tuition?

  2. Debunking the bunk of the humanitarian hoax of climate change exposes its sinister objective to return the world to the feudal system of one world government. Obama ignored Climategate, Dr Spencer, and Patrick Moore because he knew they were all telling the truth. Huckster-in-chief Barack Obama, his 15 million dollar waterfront mansion, and his family are all safe because manmade climate change is bunk.
    h/t to Gouds

  3. Melting ice is hardly an earth shattering revelation these days especially coming from a research university. A fair guess is that everyone who’s at all interested is already well aware of this situation.

    The critical question is: What, if anything, can be done to mitigate global warming?

    While looking for a doable solution to global warming, another interesting study would be an examination of the sources of contributions to UVM’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the influences of these sources on the school’s mission and work. Who’s behind the curtain influencing what is coming out of this public university related to global warming and are they likely to personally benefit from this influence?

  4. Who is paying for this study? What do they want for results? Suddenly and miraculously there it is, the answer they wanted. Look at history. Civilization declines and goes to war when we have a cold cycle and grows and is at peace (sort of, except for this time during which the mother of all wars is coming ) during a warm cycle.

    • In an earlier TNR article UVM wanted a $5 million gift from the taxpayers to function. They couldn’t reduce costs or streamline. So they produce crap like this. How much money went into this “study”? UVM employees grinning all the way to the bank saying “I fooled you, I fooled you”.

  5. It’s Deja VU, In the 80’s, the polar ice caps were melting at a rate that all of the costal areas around this country would be flooded by the year 2000. Wasn’t that 20 years ago. It is a climate change CYCLE which happens regularly on this planet. If the UVM boys and girls would stop listening to the rants of their liberal professors and dig through the real historical data, not published by the sky-is-falling crowd, they will learn the truth and not the “Inconvenient Truth” written by the guy who claimed to have invented the internet.

  6. warmer and wetter region.. yes please can we have that.. were are coming out of a sort of solar minimum things are going to level a bit,
    i would love for warmer weather dont threaten us with a good time

  7. And now the fools in UVM’s administration want to eliminate the very courses of study that would show what a fraud ‘Climate Change’ really is. I guess teaching true academic disciplines doesn’t pay UVM as much as Voodoo science does…

  8. “One thought on “UVM climate study points to early melting ice as evidence of climate change” over hundreds or thousands of years. We are in an interglacial period. Past interglacial periods have peaked at temperatures higher than we are now experiencing (trees grew within the arctic circle), so it’s rational to anticipate more warming. We could have a mini ice age before we get there, however. Climatologists in the seventies predicted one – which didn’t happen. The cabalistic AGW religion adheres to dogmas like the deists of the seventeenth century. They have arrived at a noetic truth and have fallen into the fallacy of using science to prove it. Properly applied, scientific investigation finds confirmation by trying to disprove a thesis, not to prove it. The AGW cabal has vested in man the power to control climate. Upon this unproven premise they will overturn a working and functional society’s energy sources and economy that has evolved over centuries. One sure characteristic common to fanatic cults: They demonize and persecute heretics who do not accept their dogma; they shun, stigmatize and assault apostates. We’ve seen the AGW believers do this.

    • These “climate scientists” are the offspring of the “climate scientists” who bilked the last few remaining dollars out of farm families during the “dustbowl” claiming they could control nature and bring rain by launching fireworks into the air. The scam has been updated to writing proposals to the federal and state governments to bilk the money out of struggling taxpayers. I doubt any of them could work their way thru a remedial 8th Grade Earth Science class. Control nature! They can’t even control their emotions. “HOW DARE THEY!” “HOW DARE THEY!” Many times I’ve sat on my front deck at 1400′ elevation and thought, you know this would really make prime beachfront.

  9. Its all nonsense. Like the DDT scare in the early 1960s (that was proven wrong), the population time bomb of the late 1960, the coming ice age of the 1970s, and all the instances that warming was going to kill us al,l that always come saying the end is 10 years out. We’ve been hearing that since the 1980s. Meanwhile people who actually think clearly are branded as deniers by people who can’t explain what melted the mile thick ice that covered these lands 12,000 years ago, or tell us accurately what the weather will be 2 days from now.

  10. The low point of the Little Ice Age was in the 1690s.
    Ever since it has been warming.

    When warming takes places more water evaporates, i.e., more water vapor is in the atmosphere.

    Water vapor is a global warming gas.
    It is about 50 times more prevalent in the atmosphere than CO2; 20,000 ppm vs 400 ppm.

    If water vapor is a big elephant, CO2 would be a small pigmy
    If an elephant grows, it would have far more impact than if a pigmy grows.

    • Exactly. We are on the downside of a glacial maximum. For the greater part of the earth’s history both poles were baron of ice. If people are excavation foundations of their new homes in midland Florida and they are turning up hunks of old coral reefs, you would think that it would give them a clue.

  11. And how much are the students paying for this “kind” of education? Should be free, from the false prophets of the climate religion…

    • Earl

      They are not paying for it you are. The newly elected socialist government has just announce that they will fulfill their campaign promise to forgive student loan debt. Taxpayers will pickup the tab.

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