University of Vermont holds ‘Sex Toy Bingo’ with tuition money

The University of Vermont hosted “Sex Toy Bingo” for students earlier this month. The event was described as “sexperts, sex toy prizes, condom giveaways, and more,” according to reports.

According to a report by Fox News, the program is funded by students’ tuition money. Students pay $1,305 twice per year for a “wide range of services” arranged by the student board. According to a report by the Young America’s Foundation, this board is comprised of almost 40 undergraduates who receive a stipend for their efforts.

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SEX FOR YOUNG ADULTS: The University of Vermont has been using tuition funds to fund “Sex Toy Bingo,” among other programs.

Not all UVM students are thrilled to see their tuition money going toward the sex program. University of Vermont student Jacob Brocklin told YAF he’s “uncomfortable” his tuition dollars “going toward something like this.”

The school posted a copy of a sex bingo card from the previous year’s event on its Facebook page, which Young America’s Foundation has republished online.

Another student, Jacob Brocklin, told YAF: “The Program Board’s mission statement says that they will hold events committed to ‘social justice.’ I don’t understand how giving out sex toys is accomplishing some form of justice.”

YAF reports that the same UVM program earlier in the year hosted a Drag Bingo event.

Mixed reaction from the public

Comments from readers at FoxNews showed that even some who believe there’s a need for new sex education services found this event to be tacky.

“I find it both tacky and enlightened, young adults of college age may have questions and I guess this is a fun way for them to learn. But yep, there’s part of me that still finds it tacky,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter suggested the nation’s moral compass is lost: “Nothing in these colleges surprises me anymore. How far do you think this would have gone thirty, forty, or fifty years ago. Today’s society has lost their moral compass and the country is in decline because of it.”

Political imbalance at American universities

A new poll is out on sexual preferences and trends at liberal universities.  According to the report by the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, “Liberal arts colleges are the least politically diverse. Many have almost no conservatives, and thus very low viewpoint diversity. But they have high sexual diversity, at nearly 40 percent LGBT.”

The same report also cites a general imbalance between political conservatives and liberals in America’s universities. “Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 55-23 margin on campus, and liberals outnumber conservatives 53-21. Elite students are thus two-thirds more Democratic and twice as liberal as the American population,” it states.

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6 thoughts on “University of Vermont holds ‘Sex Toy Bingo’ with tuition money

  1. I said it many times before – Welcome to Pervmont! The State welcomes all deviants, traffickers, perverts, pedophiles, derelicts, sociopaths, criminals, grifters, low IQ malcontents, celebrities, and wealthy scoundrels. The State has built a dark, underground enterprise from the most wicked of beings. Sadly, many are oblivious to the pure evil that surrounds us here.

    • We can only hope they return to Massachusetts and New Jersey and New York, but anyone who pays attention to the Vermont Legislature knows that some of them just never leave, they just import more of the rotten politics from their home states and run for office.

  2. in the subversion of a state, country or college……

    It’s common knowledge that they want to break down society. Family is the strongest unit. Sex is a powerful tool for good and evil. That is why for centuries the Gold Standard was wait until marriage and only for marriage.

    That was thrown out the window.

    They publicly say, we want to confuse the populace about their sexuality. When I first heard this several years ago, I thought how could anyone be confused?

    In hindsight, it’s evil genius. Sex and money are very, very powerful tools. They can be seriously misused to detrimental welfare of people, state, school and country. They know this, they are playing with us. We need to be wiser than the snakes we are dealing with and more innocent than doves.


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