Unemployment in Vermont continues to fall

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

Unemployment claims continue to fall in Vermont and across the nation, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims report shows that there was an increase of 18,000 advance claims for unemployment with 185,000 for the week. The department revised the previous week’s level by 1,000 to 167,000, and set the four-week moving average of 172,250 unemployment claims filed across the nation.

In Vermont, there was a slight increase in new claims filed for the week ending April 9. There were 416 initial claims filed for the week, a 113 increase over the previous week’s total of 303.

For insured unemployment for the week ending April 2, there was a drop of 82 claims. There were 3,112 advance claims filed, compared to just 3,194 for the previous week, which is a drop of 82 claims.

The state did see its lone claim on extended benefits drop off for March 26.

For the week ending April 2, the initial claims filed were 303, which was an increase of six over the previous week and a drop of 1,458 from one year ago.

For insurance unemployment claim for the week ending March 26, there were 3,194 claims, which was a drop of 150 claims. There was a significant drop of 6,847 claims that were filed one year ago.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nationwide unemployment rate for March stands at 3.6%.

For February, Vermont had a 2.9% unemployment rate, which was good enough for 11th in the nation. The lowest unemployment rates came in Nebraska and Utah, which have a 2.1% unemployment rate. The highest is the District of Columbia at 6.1%.

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3 thoughts on “Unemployment in Vermont continues to fall

  1. Actually Neil the fault is that of the politically ignorant voters who continue
    to vote in hacks that can’t think for themselves so use policy of other hacks.
    We need a new voter base that votes on what’s right by facts not what feels right.
    You have to be a little sadistic to keep voting for policy that depletes your income
    and reduces your independence. When the UN admits the warm mongering scam
    is really about destroying capitalism we shouldn’t be setting law because of what
    the UN says…


  2. Most VERMONTERS have 2-3 jobs.

    There are only so many hours in a week. At some point something has to give. Even God took a day off per week! Of course affordability is one of the most pressing issues in our state. Affordability is a major problem, who’s root is based on those who follow the teachings so ” you will own nothing and be happy”.

    “You will own nothing and be happy, can you see how it’s the root of their plan? This is the root of Marxism. This the root of Karl Marx, a man so filled with pride, whom had no concern for his fellow man and showed less for his family by near starvation of his children for his vain fantasies.

    VERMONT is being led by a nose ring to the gates of hell, just like the chines whom are locked down in their apartments screaming, the whole city, this is hell on earth, where by we have enogh food, clothing, wellness, shelter yet by our own deceived mind we lock our selves up, we fight each other and we live in the chaos, hatred and gutter of our own creating.

    We are following the wrong leaders, whom are also following the wrong leaders. We need to learn discernment and wisdom, there is a great source that our founding fathers were well versed, would do use well to turn to our roots.

    The path they are leading is very wide, it leads not to a place of peace and harmony, as so eloquantly displayed by our Chinese brothers and sisters screaming from their apartments.

    lord, please have mercy on our souls, we know not what we are doing. In Jesus name I ask and pray.

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