Unemployment claims in New Hampshire top 36,000, once again setting state record

New Hampshire for the third week in a row saw a massive surge in jobless claims, once again setting a state record, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

For the week ending April 4, the state’s unemployment claims were 36,214. In contrast, for the week ending March 14 – before the coronavirus led to a series of social distancing measures that largely shut down the economy – New Hampshire had only 642 claims.

Gov. Chris Sununu Twitter

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

The United States as a whole continued to see a massive surge as well, with 6.6 million new claims. California led all states with 925,450. Georgia had the biggest jump in claims, rising 190 percent from the previous week.

New Hampshire’s total was up about 5 percent from the previous week, according to the Department of Labor, surpassing the previous week as the highest week for claims in state history. For the week ending March 28, the state saw 31,378 claims; the week before that, it was 29,379.

Amid signs that the number of COVID-19 cases might be plateauing in some states, federal and state officials have begun talking in recent days about steps to restart the economy after the worst of the pandemic has passed. Such discussions have included allowing those who have recovered from infections to return to the workplace and possibly those who have tested negative for the virus and don’t have complicating risk factors.

Stimulus checks for individual taxpayers are set to start going out in about a week. Americans making less than $75,000 will get one-time checks for $1,200, while couples making less than $150,000 can expect to get $2,400, plus $500 for each child. Those whose earnings top those thresholds will get reduced payments, and individuals making more than $99,000 and couples making more than $198,000 do not get a stimulus check.

This article originally appeared at The Center Square.

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4 thoughts on “Unemployment claims in New Hampshire top 36,000, once again setting state record

  1. New Hampshire: Here are the numbers of employed January 2020
    Non Farm: 676,100
    Total Private: 586,800

    Here are the numbers of employed February 2020
    Non Farm: 684.100
    Total Private: 589,100

    Source: NH Nonfarm Employment by Supersector March 17, 2020

    Article stated that 36,214 are collecting unemployment. Figures in this case don’t lie, that’s
    36000 / 684100 = 5.3%. or 647,886 still employed. That was the normal percentage under Obama for 8 years for the country.

    Vermont employment 2019 is 306.300
    Unemployed February 2020 8,195 rate is 2.7% Total employed 298,105

    Interesting research. Note that NH has 44.8% (306300 / 684100) larger work force than VT. The percentage for NH would be higher given more jobs (more vulnerability?). Interesting that NH has no income or sales taxes. No wonder more jobs in NH. They know how to govern.

    Hope this gets posted (have 3 links, not the one allowed. The info is relative to each.

  2. For the life of me, I can’t understand all this hand wringing about job loss. Is it devastating? Absolutely! However, once the virus passes, the folks will go back to work. This temporary disruption is necessary to stem the tide as quickly and painlessly as possible. If folks stay with the program, we’ll come out of this sooner than later.

    • Have you not been paying attention? Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, and several others say the Wuhan virus is not going away and are advocating for longer incarcerations. Bill Gates even maintains we should be shut down for eternity. You, sir, are either stuck in fear or know better and are spouting propaganda to further the designs of government.

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