U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn: There will be ‘bloodshed’ if US elections ‘continue to be rigged’

By Andrew Trunsky

North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn warned of “bloodshed” if American elections continue to be “rigged.”

“The things that we are wanting to fight for, it doesn’t matter if our votes don’t count,” Cawthorn told a crowd Sunday evening at a local GOP headquarters in Franklin County, North Carolina, according to a now-restricted livestream posted to Facebook and a series of videos circulated on Twitter by a Democratic congressional staffer. “Because, you know, if our election systems continue to be rigged and continue to be stolen, then it’s going to lead to one place — and it’s bloodshed.”

Cawthorn, a freshman and one of the youngest lawmakers ever elected to the House, suggested he would take up arms against fellow Americans if left no other option in order to combat voter fraud.

“I will tell you, as much as I’m willing to defend liberty at all costs, there is nothing that I would dread doing more than having to pick up arms against a fellow American,” Cawthorn said. “And the way that we can have recourse against that is if we all passionately demand that we have election security in all 50 states.”

In a statement, Cawthorn spokesman Luke Ball said that the congressman was “in no way supporting or advocating for any form of violence.”

“In his comments, Congressman Cawthorn is CLEARLY advocating for violence not to occur over election integrity questions,” Ball said. “He fears others would erroneously choose that route and strongly states that election integrity issues should be resolved peacefully and never through violence.”

Since getting elected in November, Cawthorn has repeatedly questioned the results of the 2020 election, voting to overturn the results on Jan. 6 after calling lawmakers who did not vote to do so “cowards.”

“Congressman Cawthorn’s views on the 2020 election have remained consistent,” Ball said. “He raised objections to electors from several states in January because he had severe concerns about how the elections were conducted and how laws were changed last-minute to favor Democrats.”

He has sharply criticized President Joe Biden throughout his term, and on Sunday vowed to oust him.

“I will remove Joe Biden from office, and then, when Kamala Harris inevitably screws up, we will take them down, one at a time,” he said.

Cawthorn also defended the Jan. 6 rioters as “political prisoners” and “political hostages.” When asked by an audience member when he was “going to call us to Washington again,” he suggested that such plans were being developed.

“That — we are actively working on that one,” Cawthorn responded. “I don’t have an answer to that one right yet. But we are actively working on this. We have a few plans in motion that I can’t make public right now.”

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13 thoughts on “U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn: There will be ‘bloodshed’ if US elections ‘continue to be rigged’

  1. This is why it is so dangerous to corrupt the election process. There are only two ways to stand a government, by the bullet or buy the ballot.

  2. It’s commonly known by people that read history that we vote in this country to avoid war.
    If voting no longer works, then what choice is there?
    Go read Article 10 in my NH State Constitution: The Right To Revolution. Our Founders gave us what we needed.
    Read Thomas Jefferson, your darned right the Founders expected us to fix what needed fixing and they gave us the 2A to get the job done. So why on earth is Rep. Cawthorn being silenced for saying what over half of the country knows?
    Rep. Cawthorn was absolutely correct and good for him to have the courage to stand up and say this.
    There are millions and millions of older people in this nation that have been watching this leftward lurch happen across America for decades and yet try as I might, I can’t seem to find people that say they voted for any of this. So something sure smells foul to me.
    I can absolutely see this country falling to bloodshed and sooner than people think..
    I have never seen such anger in all my years as I see today. Every time I think we are at our limit, another disaster by this Dementia Patient befalls our country.
    Americans are very patient people, but we are really approaching the limit of what we are going to take now, and I can hear Mr.Cawthorn expressing this himself in what he’s saying.
    I believe he’s saying “Be Warned”.

    • Hussein prefilling our nation with sleepers a tell. Hussein filling our nation afresh with Islamic terrorists vetted and approved by the Taliban another. Allowing an unprecedented invasion of our southern border with each batch the size of Normandy yet another. We are no longer safe and all states will become border states. We are ‘safer’ only in Red states.

      Chancellor Scott and his fan club will rue the day they invited them in even welcoming these unvetted unknowns to learn the most intimate details of our lives and families, communities and much more. These ppl are plainly and simply fools and not useful but dangerous idiots.

      We will face the same fate as the Islamization of Europe. Charlie hebdo massacre so viscious details of the way each died was kept out of the press for a while so that families would not see the details.

      • You are totally right Stardust..
        Wait until that deadly violence in Burlington is happening all over Vermont.
        It will be too.. I can see it already. Brattleboro is a mess now.. I remember when none of this was going on.
        It’s like the sharks smell blood in the water.
        We have real and very serious problems with the braindead among us that are causing this.

    • Here ! Here ! Absolutely correct. The 2nd Amendment was expressly put into the Bill of Rights so the Constitution could be protected by the true rulers of the country – The People.

      Read The Founders 2nd Amendment by Stephen P. Halbrook

  3. I sure wish Vermo t had Representatives with as much balls as Cawthorn….tell it like it is….
    Save our country!!!

  4. Patently false and completely untrue Gary – with due disrespect ya clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. It was *admittedly* stolen, er, “fortified” by globalist interests, a cabal of business, political partnerships and including DemocratMarxist Party to usher in a Maoist takeover of our nation – that’s the ‘quiet part’ lol. You can slither back under your rock now:
    The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    • You are so full of it… this has been your and Trumps mantra BEFORE the election. And you fabricate all the crap to try to prove it. Again, pure BS!

  5. Pure unadulterated BS! The election wasn’t rigged.it wasn’t stolen. The
    Is narrative is purposely so decisive it should be called slander. It is ignorant.

    • Wasn’t rigged ? It was Unconstitutional because the Constitution was violated when four states did not follow or changed the election laws their legislatures put in place. Thus it was an illegal election.

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