Two events this weekend in Vermont to support Canadian, US trucker freedom convoys

MAKING A POINT: This banner was part of an international demonstration last year called “V is for Vaccine.” On Friday and Saturday, there will be similar signs appearing along main roads in South Burlington and Essex.

There are two events scheduled for this weekend that involve supporting the trucker convoys that started in Canada and now are spreading around the world, including to the U.S. and Vermont.

Vermont Stands Up will be involved in an event this Saturday — a sign wave on the South Burlington I-89 overpass from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m. Another event is scheduled for Friday at the five-corner Intersection in Essex Junction, from 3:45 to 5:15 p.m.

Vermont resident Steve Bellows told True North by phone Thursday that he will be at the event on Saturday. He offered some more insights.

“In South Burlington, we started that last week,” he said. “And we’ve been almost there daily. It just depends on the weather, it’s really cold out. We’ll be there Saturday at noon.”

Bellows said last week more than 60 people turned out. This Saturday, organizers expect over 200 rallygoers.

“The word’s gotten out, and we have other groups that are getting involved, like Vermont Stands Up. … It’s just getting people together and active. There’s a lot of people but they don’t want to get out there.”

He said that folks who take up political causes need to be ready for a backlash, and that’s OK.

“You can’t sit there and complain about it and expect things to change,” Bellows said. “ … The fear has been instilled by these politicians — anywhere you go there’s always somebody that’s trying to push somebody around, and people are getting sick and tired of it. But a lot of people, that’s just what they are used to: being told what to do.”

He said mainstream news outlets are putting pressure on people not to speak out.

“That’s what I think steers some people away. Maybe they don’t want to be seen as being involved because the news, the mainstream news, creates these narratives that are so backward and dishonest,” Bellows said. “It’s just crazy, but more people are coming out of their shell. We’ve had two people from Canada come. … One lady fled Canada, because if you try to leave Canada and you are not vaccinated and you try to leave or get on a plane, they can arrest you.”

Bellows is encouraging Vermonters to support each event. He said that Saturday’s event is called the “Vermont Freedom Rally Flag Wave.”

“I started it as a group — we’ve been there almost every day except for a couple of days in the cold weather,” he said.

Bill Moore, legislative policy analyst for Vermont Stands Up, also expects to be at Saturday’s event.

“Our main concern in supporting this rally, this protest, is to see that our children, especially, are freed from all of these mandates immediately,” he said.

Truckers in Canada are seeing increased police presence while they are still in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Meanwhile, for the U.S., a similar trucker convoy is convening in California and may soon start towards Washington, D.C.

The events in Vermont will not directly correspond with a truck convoy, but there still is potential that one will be coming through Vermont, according to reporting at The Vermont Daily Chronicle.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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8 thoughts on “Two events this weekend in Vermont to support Canadian, US trucker freedom convoys

  1. Once again Neil Johnson uses God’s holy word to bash VTGOP. It’s called hypocrisy Neil and is condemned by JC as are the same hypocrites if they do not turn from the sin of pride – the deadliest of all.

    Selfrighteosness and religious nonsense amount to pathological altruism. Continually holding self up as a religious person proves nothing…actions speak loudly sir.

    Pride goes before a fall and haughtiness before destruction…look out sir and take heed.

    • What negative thing did I say? Please inform me.

      If you didn’t notice there is some pretty crazy stuff going on in the world, to the north and within our state.

      What would you do Stardust? What would you advise the VTGOP to do?

    • stardust, I am a sinner. The bible is there to tell us when we are off course. We can ask for forgiveness, we can change our ways, our direction. There is not one that walks this earth without, including the VTGOP. Man is so helpless it’s why we should have our heads in scripture every day, we are helpless without his wisdom.

      Who’s locking down who? Despite the world and many state dropping all mandates? Despite entire countries adopting proven, inexpensive medical treatments that save lives? Your words are true, too bad those in the highest leadership don’t see their pride.

      Here’s another one from this morning.

      proverbs 21:12 The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: but God overthroweth the wicked for their wickedness.

      Of course I’m guilty of not submitting to authority. Most certainly for posting. Yes I have pride, full of it and not alone.

  2. Very quiet on this one.

    God teaches to obey authority. Jesus obeyed roman authority. Now VERMONTERS have been under cancel culture for decades. They know full well what corrupt rulers and court systems are capable of.

    Rulers, those elected are to rule with truth and justice,by decree of God as labeled in proverbs, today’s reading

    Proverbs 20:28 Mercy and truth preserve the king: and his throne is upholden by mercy

    Does not bode well for our Canadian leader. What of our elected leaders in VERMONT. Will they lead the way, so VERMONT citizens know there is someone by their side in Government?

    This is a wonderful time for a certain group of elected officials to stand up for truth and mercy. We are waiting.

    • Just think if our Governor was for truth and mercy, how would him being at this event galvanize the VTGOP!

      Of course this won’t happen because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the new world order. This, however, does not stop the VTGOP, from leading with Truth and Mercy. Here is a wonderful opportunity to gather those who stand for truth and mercy, for our constitution.

      • People already know, by past recent examples, that our Governor will close their business, remember the gym owner in Rutland? Remember the UPS store in Newport?

        Truth – masks don’t work, truth ivermectin does
        Truth – hundreds of thousands of people needlessly died because we not only didn’t promote early treatment, we banned doctors and hospitals from prescribing very affordable treatments that would have saved lives.

        Mercy – is our government showing mercy? What is the track record?

        Are we to send out our troops, our fellow citizens to be cannon fodder when leadership themselves won’t even speak up for truth, let alone stand by them?

        There is a huge vacuum. Where is Scott on this? Where is Benning on this? Where is Dame on this?

        These are the top leaders of the VTGOP.

        It is very, very quite in the leadership front.

        Their actions speak volumes.

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