Tucker Carlson: Media messaging on police, riots ‘legitimately hurts the country’

One thought on “Tucker Carlson: Media messaging on police, riots ‘legitimately hurts the country’

  1. Do Black lives matter? Yes. Of course. But what about the Black Lives Matters organization? Are reasonable liberals, who protest the obviously bad behavior by certain law enforcement officers, being manipulated by a more sinister movement?

    Yes. Of course.

    Check out BLM Co-Founder’s Ties to Pro-Communist China Group: by Mike Gonzalez

    Alicia Garza, American civil rights activist and writer known for co-founding the international Black Lives Matter movement and The Black Futures Lab, the latter being affiliated with the Chinese Progressive Association, who are in turn affiliated with LeftRoots, “a national organization of Leftists engaged in mass organizing in the United States committed to developing the individual and collective skills necessary to formulate, evaluate and carry out strategy to build twenty-first century socialism.”

    Make no mistake. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has infiltrated American society, from these activist groups to American education associations (including but not limited to The College Board).

    People like Lydia Lowe, former director of the Chinese Progressive Association, who was a member of two pro-communist China organizations, the League of Revolutionary Struggle that became the Unity Organizing Committee, and Wor Kuen, participated in the controversial raising of the flag of the Communist-ruled People’s Republic of China in Boston’s City Hall Plaza on multiple occasions and gave a speech commemorating the anniversary of the communist takeover.

    Yes, America is a free country (for now at least). And people like this have every right to express their opinions. But the choice is yours. If the CCP is your idea of liberty and freedom, go for it. But as George Bernard Shaw opined years ago:

    “Socialism is the same as Communism, only better English.”


    “Any man who is not a communist at the age of twenty is a fool. Any man who is still a communist at the age of thirty is an even bigger fool.”

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