Video: Trump, Pelosi and Schumer clash on camera over border wall funding

By Henry Rodgers

Republicans in the House of Representatives are considering a $5 billion dollar bill that would fund the border wall President Donald Trump has promised.

The legislation comes as Trump met with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Tuesday morning to discuss the possibility of a government shutdown and to see if they could work on a deal to avoid one. Trump told both Pelosi and Schumer if Democrats do not fund the border wall, he will shut down the government, as he has been trying to receive funding since taking office in 2016.

Republicans hope that introducing this legislation in the House would lead to a vote in the Senate, where Republicans will still maintain the majority after picking up two seats in the Nov. 6 midterm elections. However, Republicans lost the majority of the House, so passing the legislation would need to happen before Dec. 21 to avert a partial government shutdown. House Republicans believe they have the votes in order for it to pass.

A group of Republicans in the Senate, including Sens. Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, Jim Inhofe and Mike Rounds, introduced The WALL Act on Dec. 5, which would fund the border wall in full.

This could be the last shot the GOP has to lock in border wall funding before Democrats take back a majority in the House on Jan. 3.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Homeland Security

6 thoughts on “Video: Trump, Pelosi and Schumer clash on camera over border wall funding

  1. Here are some numbers from the US-ICE

    Deportations from US
    Almost all had criminal records

    Obama years
    2009 390000
    2010 395000
    2011 400000
    2012 409849 Peak
    2013 370000
    2014 310000
    2015 235413
    Trump years
    2016 240225
    2017 226119 Low
    2018 240000 Estimate

    Source: US-ICE

  2. Just goes to show how gutless and stupid those two idiots are. The President showed courage and as Harry Truman so eloquently stated, “the buck stops here”. Three cheers for Donald!!!!!!!

  3. Senator Leahy claims to have deep concerns the ICE has been tasked by the Trump administration to further its discriminatory, anti-immigrant agenda.

    Leahy wants to shut down ICE, because it interferes with the Dem/Prog pro-illegal immigrant agenda. Is he nuts? Ready to retire?

    Many ILLEGAL immigrants have domestic violence/dispute issues, criminal issues, gangster issues, human trafficking issues, etc.

    Their victims are finally courageous enough to report them; about 90,000 will get reported to the ICE tip line in 2018. There are many more such illegal folks in the US who do not get reported.

    Lax immigration laws, supported by Dems/Progs allowed those illegal folks to enter and stay in the US under the do-gooder, vote-getting “catch and release” program.

    Eliminating such antisocial, illegal folks from US society is a blessing and makes US society healthier, and should be supported by VT politicians.

    Instead, Dem/Progs have passed laws that have hamstrung VT local and state police departments regarding illegal immigration enforcement issues.

    Do Dem/Progs really think the US is strengthened/made more competitive by admitting semi-literate illegals, with no/little skills and no/little assets?

    They are claiming asylum after paying human trafficker organizations and crossing several borders to get to the US.

    They should, per international convention, apply for asylum after crossing the first border!!!

  4. Want to see a disaster, look at Pelosi’s San Francisco, Homeless everywhere, feces all around, crime, loaded with Illegals. She doesn’t learn or know about anything. Both characters want illegals-they vote Democratic. They want America to look like San Fran with NO protection for this country.

    Israel has a wall bordering Palestine, it works for them keeping trouble out. These two characters apparently don’t know th result of that wall, or care.

    PS. Vermont is also a “safe state”.

  5. Observing the conduct of Schumer and Pelosi one must ask how people like this rise to the position of leaders of their respective chambers. Absolutely terrible characters who shamelessly pander to the camera, even going as far as admonishing the President to do their debate without the cameras rolling. People who vote for these petulant children should ask themselves what they are doing. And after this meeting Pelosi called the President of the United States a skunk. Merely angry children who will stop at nothing to stay in power, which is why they do not want a wall in the first place because they think everyone coming here illegally will eventually be democrat voters. The Schumers and Pelosis of our government will gladly sell out our country to keep themselves in power.

  6. So Chuck & Nancy think the wall is useless and ” Immoral ” per ( Nancy ) in keeping Illegals out
    of our country, I bet these two buffoons have doors with locks on there properties !!

    The President is correct, secure the borders at any cost …… it’s surly costing tax payers
    every year …….

    Liberal DemocRATs will do anything to stop Trump, even if it hurts the country ………Shamefull !!

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