Trump orders more extreme vetting after fatal NYC terrorist attack

By Ryan Pickrell

President Donald Trump stressed on Twitter that he has ordered the Department of Homeland Security to take extreme measures to screen foreign visitors to the U.S. after a fatal terrorist attack in New York City Tuesday evening.

The president has pushed an extreme vetting program for immigrants since he took office earlier this year. After what is being called the deadliest terrorist attack on New York City since 9/11, the president appears to believe that more aggressive measures are required.

Trump has repeatedly tied immigration to radical Islamic terrorism on American soil, a link that was demonstrated by Tuesday’s attack. The 29-year-old attacker — Sayfullo Saipov — was a green card holder from Uzbekistan. Authorities found a letter in Arabic at the scene that appeared to indicate the terrorist is loyal to the Islamic State.

The extremist drove a rented van into civilians, killing eight. Six died at the scene, while two more passed away at the hospital. A number of others were severely injured in the attack.

The White House has not yet clarified what the president has in mind to make America more secure, but he has made it clear that ISIS and other radical extremists will not be allowed to spread terror in the U.S.

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2 thoughts on “Trump orders more extreme vetting after fatal NYC terrorist attack

  1. Extreme Vetting it should be priority one for the Country , these liberal Democrats that feel
    this is unfair …… Boo Hoo !! I bet Senator Leahy, Sanders and Rep Welch lock there doors
    to keep in wanted persons out of there Properties ( VT & DC ) and most of us want that for
    the Country .

    If the elected officials think this is unfair to know who we are letting in the Country then they
    must be fools , Oh wait they are Liberal Democrats ……………. enough said !!

    Time to get some new blood in DC .

  2. Trump orders extreme vetting for those entering the USA from terrorist countries. Dolts like our own Patrick Leahy and the rest of the Democrats want to ‘understand ‘ them. “Can’t we all be friends?” (Thank you, Rodney King ). No Leahy, Welch, and the rest of the Democrat idiots, we CAN’T be friends!!! Thank God we have President Trump!!! Make America Great Again!!!!!

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