TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 16)

In the 16th episode of “Travels With Charlie — Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo discusses workforce development with Gov. Phil Scott and Dennis Moynihan, programs director at Vermont Innovation Commons.

As Charlie and his guests meet in a dimly lit private location, they discuss Vermont’s demographic challenges, the Remote Worker Grant Program, and ongoing plans to bring people into the workforce and investment dollars into the state.

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5 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 16)

  1. In reality as many young people move in as move out. This is the data. in any case there is no identifiable vision for our future. Whomever is behind this is simply parroting what they like of what they’ve heard without checking facts. Without a vision it is very difficult if not impossible to allocate resources with a sufficient degree of sustainability. What if, for example, we had a vision and also had a good handle on our resources as they exist now and discovered that, to achieve that vision we could only support a population of 500,000 rather than 620,000? There’s an old joke in law circles. If you don’t know the facts argue the law. If you don’t know the law, argue the facts. If you don’t know either, pound the table. Seems like all the governors I’ve know have been the table pounders.

  2. We have twice as many bureaucrats as New Hampshire

    We have half as many citizens as New Hampshire

    We have 4 time$ as many gov’t workers for every private job to $upport

    This cannot be ignored any longer !!

  3. We don’t just need to create more jobs and affordable housing, but we also need to reduce the state income taxes and taxes on Social Security for all so that the top income, very mobile people who pays the most taxes, will stop moving to Florida, New Hampshire, etc.

  4. If the state is reduced to an exclusive recreation and tourism destination, then Vermonters across all socioeconomic lines cannot be empowered to build prosperous lives that we want for ourselves and our families.

    How many Americans would choose to come here if the State eliminated the income tax and sales tax?Real solutions are in plain sight. Vermont’s economy is so overburdened with regulations and taxes that creative entrepreneurship cannot thrive here.

    Economic development restrictions and regulations are responsible for the:
    1) exodus of businesses and good-paying jobs = lower wages
    2) increasing housing prices = scarcity houses to buy or even rent
    3) exodus of young people = demographic crisis

    Buzzwords like New Ruralism or giving tax breaks to work remotely from Vermont will not solve the underlying problem. If our goal is an inclusive future for Vermont where prosperity is accessible to all, then we need to change lanes toward economic growth and expanding freedoms. Anything else is lip service.

    • Right ON !!!
      Why do so many understand,
      and yet our Gov’t goes on with
      zero understanding of the realities that destroy our peace of mind
      and create such tension in our families ?!?!

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