TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 11)

In the 11th episode of “Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life,” host Charlie Papillo leads a spin class with Mayor Miro Weinberger and City Council President Kurt Wright while discussing Burlington’s Great Streets project and how it’s impacting both car and pedestrian access to the city.

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3 thoughts on “TNR Video Series: ‘Travels With Charlie – Vermont Politics in Real Life’ (Episode 11)

  1. Do they makes sense on November 15th? Hah, how come you guys aren’t outside on the bikes, huh? Doesn’t make too much sense for 6 months of the year huh?

    Vermont has a sidewalk fantasy, bump out fetish, small towns suddenly needing these so desperately other wise the children won’t be safe. We’re still arguing for a new 2nd sidewalk in our town, because in the distance of a city block people can’t figure out how to cross the street.

    Agenda 21, want us on bikes, all well and good until it rains, mud season, snows or the roads ice up. It’s all the brave new world, Miro carries that banner so well.

  2. Burlington’s ” Great Street initiative “, it’s more like ” Great Street Abomination ” I have lived
    in the City for over sixty years, I’ve never seen such a botched job on our streets, for what,
    Oh yeah for bikes, put them on the ” sidewalks ” that no one uses !!

    Let’s see, bump-out everywhere you look, streets cut in half for bike lanes that are hardly used Burlington taxpayers paying for more foolishness…….. Miro’s World !!

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