Top 5 hate crime hoaxes since Trump got elected

By Amber Randall

After the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, hate crime hoaxes seemed to skyrocket as people claimed to be the victims of Trump supporters.

Various people came forward after the Trump election to allege that Trump supporters had either harassed or assaulted them. Most of them turned out to be hoaxes.

Here are five of the top ones:

1.) A Muslim woman lied about Trump supporters attacking her.

Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim college student, claimed in December that a group of white Trump supporters harassed her on the train, calling her a terrorist and trying to rip off her hijab. Seweid later admitted that she made up the event in order to get out of trouble with her parents for going out drinking with friends and missing curfew.

2.) A black man vandalized a car with “Trump rules.”

A woman called the police about a potential hate crime in which a suspect vandalized a white SUV with “Trump rules” and “Black Bitches.” Police later arrested a black man named William Tucker after being informed by an anonymous tipster and charged him with four counts of criminal mischief.

3.) A college student made up a story about Trump supporters throwing rocks at her. 

A Bowling Green State University female student accused three white Trump supporters for throwing rocks at her and shouting inappropriate things at her. While the female student wrote about the incident on Facebook, she never called the police. Officials later said that she made up the crime and charged her with falsifying a police report.

4.) Another college student lied about Trump supporters attacking her. 

A University of Louisiana student told police that two men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked her, tried to take off her hijab and stole her wallet while she walking close to the campus. Authorities could not corroborate her story with witnesses or video. The student eventually admitted to making up the story.

5.) A student scratched herself with a safety pin and blamed it on Trump supporters. 

Halley Bass, who said she was suffering from depression at the time, scratched herself with a safety pin during her Woman’s Literature class. Bass, however, told police that she was attacked because she was wearing a safety pin to show solidarity with the “Brexit” decision. She also admitted later to making up the alleged crime.

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