Tom Evslin: Scott’s reelection suggests Vermonters want some balance

This commentary is by Tom Evslin of Stowe, an entrepreneur, author and former Douglas administration official. It is republished from the Fractals of Change blog.

Ron DeSantis won newly red Florida by 19 points. Republican Gov. Phil Scott won reelection here in Vermont with a historic 47-point margin over his Democrat opponent! This was apparently the highest margin for any Republican governor in the country and a modern-day record for a Republican in Vermont. In 2020 Vermont was the first state to be called for Joe Biden and gave him a larger percentage of its vote, 66%, than any other state. The first Senate race called in the country last Tuesday was the election of Peter Welch as Vermont senator. The Green Mountain State, home to Bernie Sanders, elected all Democrats to other statewide offices. Abortion rights were on the ballot here and won overwhelmingly. But none of this stopped Republican Scott from being reelected with an even greater margin than he had two years ago, after leading the state calmly and excellently through the pandemic and being one of the first governors to terminate his own emergency powers.

Tom Evslin

Scott is scarcely a Trump Republican. As early as 2016 he made clear that he would not vote for The Donald even though he was his party’s nominee.  He spoke in favor of the abortion rights amendment to the Vermont Constitution. He has signed some tighter gun control legislation as well as opposing some. He worked hard to prevent masking and school closures from becoming divisive social issues.

Scott is quoted in VTDigger: “Vermonters spoke loudly, and clearly. They want their leaders to focus on the economy, affordability and protecting the vulnerable. They want centrists, moderation and balance. They want us to be able to debate the issues with civility, seek consensus where possible, compromise when necessary, and agree to disagree when no compromise can be found.”

Vermonters apparently also want some balance. Scott cast a record number of vetoes as governor. Amazingly some were upheld even though Democrats and Progressives together had a veto-proof majority in both the House and the Senate. At the same time that Vermonters gave Scott his huge victory, they also increased the Democratic and Progressive majority in the House of Representatives and maintained an overwhelming left-leaning Senate majority.

These majorities are why it will be very hard for Scott over the next two years. The Democrats and allies are already discussing, of course, the legislation they plan to pass without having to worry about a veto. This legislation includes potentially huge unfunded mandates, “environmental” legislation which will both drive up energy costs significantly — and, in my opinion, be bad for the environment — and housing schemes which will result in higher housing costs and less availability of housing.

In the past there was some negotiation between the governor’s office and legislative leaders over potential legislation since there was always a chance that a Scott veto would be upheld — as some were. With an even larger majority, there will be less inducement to compromise; legislation will be more partisan and ideologically driven. Initiatives from the governor are not likely to receive much attention but are needed to provide positive solutions to very real environmental, workforce, and housing problems.

We Vermonters must let our legislators know that we do want thoughtful rather than ideological legislating. Hopefully we’ll get the “moderation and balance” that Scott talked about. And hopefully the rest of the country will as well.

Image courtesy of Office of the Governor

13 thoughts on “Tom Evslin: Scott’s reelection suggests Vermonters want some balance

  1. In recent times, how many self-anointed “Real Republicans” have won an election in Vermont?
    I can’t change or enact legislation without being elected.
    And standing on the state house steps shouting, and name-calling gets you nowhere.
    Mr. Sexton has proven so.

    The mess we’re in has been brought to you by the self-anointed, unelectable ‘Real Republicans’.

  2. Mr. Evslin gleefully shouts with joy about the margin Scott won by.
    Too bad he didn’t mention that Scott received 60 – 70% of the democrat vote.
    No shock though, Mr. Evslin isn’t a Republican either. If he was he would be truthful about the multitude of times Scott has betrayed the VTGOP Platform.

    Somehow he feels the need to call attention to Welch having the first Senate race called in the Country.
    As a matter fact Mr. Evslin, it was called with ZERO percent of the vote calculated.
    ZERO Percent, check the video.
    Why would a Republican make this point ? Only one reason, see Mr. Evslin is trying to explain that Vermonters overwhelmingly elected a Republican Governor even though the overwhelmingly voted for Welch.
    Mr. Evslin is flat out lying to Vermonters because of his Bromance with Scott.

    Hey Mr. Evslin, do you think the fact that Scott has a 100% rating from planned parenthood has anything to do with the Democrats voting for him ?
    How about the fact that he signed H 57 into law ? Abortion to the moment of Birth.
    Scott had three options, Don’t sign it, let it pass without his signature or sign it.
    Once again proving his Marxist agenda to destroy the unborn.
    ( Goes good with his agenda to destroy Girls and Women. The reason for the insanity at Randolph High School. )

    You also point out that Scott has written and signed unconstitutional Gun Laws.
    On the steps of the Statehouse no less. To use your illiterate terminology, making a huger point of sticking his middle finger in the face of the thousands of Vermonters he lied to when he campaigned on protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.
    To the applause of all the Marxist standing with him that day.

    ” Leading the State calmly and excellently through the pandemic….. ”
    Your lies to protect this traitor increase exponentially.
    Scott caused massive harm to individual Vermonters and small businesses with his illegal and unconstitutional mandates. Must be you forget Scott asking school children to rat out Mom and Dad for having Grand Ma over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Hey Mr. Evslin, here’s another fact you conveniently left out…….. Scott kept every VT Liquor Store and planned parenthood open every day thru the plandemic.

    As Billy Mays used to say, ” But wait, there’s more ! ”
    Mr. Evslin says Scott ” worked hard to prevent masking and school closures from becoming divisive social issues. ”
    An absolute lie. Scott created the mask and jab mandates illegally and then he Blackmailed school districts to increase the oppressive measures by rewarding the districts with high jab rates with covid money while withholding it from school districts where the Parents chose not to force their children to take the poisons.
    Scott and Levine used Fauci as their source of info even while Fauci was tripping over one lie after another.
    Scott immediately bought the poisons when they were made for children under the age of 5. Despite the proof that was a statistical ZERO% chance to that age group.
    The children didn’t matter to Scott though, he cashed in on Biden’s cash cow every time.
    In case you don’t remember, Scott said the eight Vermonter’s that died from the poisons ( verified by VARES ) as ” A speed bump. ”

    None of these facts will bother Mr. Evslin though. Just as they don’t matter to VTGOP Chair Dame and Rules Committee Chair Koch.
    You see they are complicit in the destruction of the Republican Party in Vermont.
    They wanted their ” Big Tent ” and Madden gave it to them in Spades.
    In fact Madden bragged about making sure there wasn’t a Republican running for Congress. And neither Dame, Koch or any member of the VTGOP called him out for that. And neither Dame or Koch ever called out Scott for all his betrayals and then bragging he would vote for Article 22. Just like they didn’t call him out for supporting Mazza for State Senate instead of the Real Republican candidate Stephen Bellows.

    But Mr. Evslin takes it one step further, either willfully lying about the damage Scott has done to Vermonters and their children or ignorant of the facts.
    ( feel free to guess which one )

    Hey Mr. Evslin, do you remember when Scott called the 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump, White Supremacists and Racists ? No ?
    I do, and I called him out for that two weeks ago. But like your article, Scott lied about that too. Might explain why you try to portray him as a Superhero.

    The facts and his far left agenda prove otherwise.
    Scott spits in the face of Real VT Republicans consistently.
    But the Marxist trying to destroy VT love him.
    Why wouldn’t they ?
    He is one.
    Please write another Article for VT Daily Chronicle.
    I have so much more to share.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you one of the persons who aided and abetted the Great Blue Wave, Reverand Jim Jones Sexton, and numerologist.

  3. Tom:
    Saying Scott is balanced is like saying a giraff is balanced in it’s profile.

    Couldn’t disagree more.

  4. This is an insulting attempt at trying to make the Republicans feel like they have some representation in Deep Blue Vermont so that they don’t revolt.

  5. He ran against somebody with no real experience……and your surprised about the margin? Seriously?

  6. Balance? Fewer Republicans were elected to the Vermont legislature than in 2020. Phil Scott has no “coattails” to help other Republicans get elected because most of his support comes from Democrats.

    • The spin is amazing in this state, huh? People eat this up,like it’s real news. A state can not live on propaganda alone, some point the piper must be paid. The SAD and MSM makes for a very weak citizen.

    • Lol coat tails, too funny.

      Washington county vt GOP, home of the capital, his home, his political home for decades, no money, no names, no plan, no office (regular hours), no support.

      Thats like a restaurant with no food.
      That’s like a farmer with no field or tractor.
      That’s like a carpenter with no hammer, no tape, no pencil.
      That’s like a logger with no chainsaw or file.
      That’s like a ski area with no mountain, snow or lift.

      Yeah, the magnanimous support and generosity is overwhelming the party. Please stop, we can’t accept all love.

  7. You don’t make much sense, Sir….you seem to get “tingling up your leg” that Phil Scott was elected by such a historic margin…so that shows that Vermonters trust him & they wisely act in a “diverse” way….they “feel good” because Phil Scott will be a “grown up”….in the room of legislators who are basically spending Progressives? That narrative collapses under simple logic…..If all the “feel goods” diverse-vote in Phil Scot, to act as an “overseer” to illogical Progressive notions ….than ASK WHY these same voters for PHIL….then turned around & voted in every Dem & Progressive they could – for the House & Senate?…and when they just DID THAT…they gave the legislature a Super Majoriity bloc, that they can now OVERIDE any Phil Scot veto. So, they voted for Scott to be a “grown up” in the Legislature…but then turned him into a “neutered-puppet-dog” ! As Gov of VT, Scott techinically is the CEO…but all the “feel goods”… now who celebrate such “wise” political “diversity”… don’t understand — You just made Phil Scott the bathroom janitor…A “eunuch” (an ineffectual or powerless man)… for VT….

  8. What balance? Scott is nothing but puppet with no power as the Commiecrats have a veto proof majority. He could not get elected without their votes.

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