Gov. Phil Scott: Vermonters called for balance and we all need to listen

This commentary is by Gov. Phil Scott.

At 4:00 a.m. the day before every election, my team and I set out on a 14 County Tour, visiting all of Vermont’s 14 counties in one day. This 500+ mile tour has a way to put things into perspective. It reinforces how beautiful our state is and how much it has to offer. And it reminds us that the differences between counties and communities can be stark.

Phil Scott for Vermont

Gov. Phil Scott

We’ve been making progress to close this gap, but we must do more to make sure every family, in every part of our state, has the tools needed to be healthy, safe, and successful.

So, with the election behind us, I hope everyone elected to serve in Montpelier will work with me to level the playing field from region to region, restoring economic security and prosperity statewide.

And Vermonters want us to work together. They want balance and moderation. They made that clear when electing me with about 70% of the vote and Democratic ‘super-majorities’ in the Legislature.

Of course, they don’t want me to be a rubber stamp for the Legislature, nor do they want the Legislature to blindly go along with whatever I put forward. So that means we’ll be debating the issues, which I will continue to do with civility, seeking consensus where possible, compromising when necessary, and agreeing to disagree or let the process run its course when we cannot resolve our differences. Vermonters want us to put their needs ahead of politics.

This type of thoughtful, balanced government — with less partisanship and political positioning — is what gets the best results.

Unfortunately, hyper-partisan political parties are driving Americans further and further apart — and seem to get the most attention from the media.

They feel the strategy focusing on issues that divide us is easier to motivate more people to go to the polls, donate to campaigns, and click on headlines.

But I don’t believe that’s where most Vermonters and Americans are. A large majority of us are somewhere in the center.

And most of us could live without all the labels and name calling.

Think about it. Would you ask your neighbor who they voted for before lending a helping hand in their time need? Of course not.

We need to remember to view each other as people first — fellow Americans — and judge each other by our basic decency, kindness, and generosity toward each other — not political labels.

Just because we don’t agree on every issue doesn’t mean we’re enemies.

The vast majority of people with whom we disagree are, in fact, good people. They want to make a difference in their communities and things better for their kids, family, and friends.

Whether we’re seasoned politicians or newly elected officials, each of us has the power to stop the cycle of partisan politics that is poisoning our nation.

We can lead by example by treating each other with dignity and respect, living up to the responsibility we’ve been given, and remembering that our children are watching. We need to put aside gamesmanship and divisive national agendas to make the people we serve our priority.

I’ll do my part by continuing to work every single day to get the results Vermonters deserve, by listening, learning, and leading. And always putting people before politics.

Image courtesy of Phil Scott for Vermont
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70 thoughts on “Gov. Phil Scott: Vermonters called for balance and we all need to listen

  1. In recent times, how many self-anointed “Real Republicans” have won an election in Vermont?
    I can’t change or enact legislation without being elected.
    And standing on the state house steps shouting, and name-calling gets you nowhere.
    Mr. Sexton has proven so.

    The mess we’re in has been brought to you by the self-anointed, unelectable ‘Real Republicans’.

  2. Scott did not win due to overwhelming support from both Dems and Republicans. He won R votes only because he is the lesser evil. Under the Constitution, the unalienable rights of the minority are not to be infringed, even if that minority is one. We do not have balance in Montpelier. We have mob rule.

  3. Phil, I appreciate all your hard work and your staying with the issues and not criticism of others. You have done so much for this State and our Country. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Mary Daly

    • Mary touches on what makes Phil Scott so popular. It is his focus on what is good for the people of Vermont, his competence, and his Vermont sense of decency. With his record number of vetoes he has indeed been a balance to the extremes of the Progressive/Democratic majorities in the legislature.

      Scott now, thanks in part to a turn to ideological purity,grievance based and a decidedly negative emphisis which has begun to characterize the GOP and has turned off many voters,has a far greater challenge as there are now fewer to help sustain his vetoes.

      Perhaps it is time to recall how Ronald Reagan with his positive outlook and “Morning in America” as well as his ability to work across the isle with those like Tip O’Niel to get things done, was able to build a stronger Republican party

      • fewer to help sustain his vetoes.? He has no veto power at all and this is why all the Demoprogs voted for him so they can say look we have a Republican governor. The emperor has no clothes.

    • Everyone that brags about or supports Scott has sold out to the left/far left agenda.
      Scott has pushed his Marxist agenda of abortion to full term, illegal and unconstitutional Gun Laws, illegal and unconstitutional mandates, his support of Article 22, his 100% rating from planned parenthood, the fact he kept every VT Liquor Store and planned parenthood open every day during the plandemic while destroying small businesses and hurting VT families and his almost total of betrayal of the VT GOP Platform.

      Scott has the support of 70% of the democrats and 30% of the transrepublicans.

      Mary and John are two of the reasons the Real VT Republicans continue to lose ground.
      Just keep giving in more and more to the insanity.
      One of the reasons the Girls at Randolph High School are being punished is because Scott can’t define the word Woman.

      But they aren’t alone, VTGOP Chair and Rules Committee Chair Koch have also betrayed Real VT Republicans.
      Their Big Tent agenda is the reason Madden was the ” Republican ” candidate for Congress. Even after he bragged about ensuring a Real Republican would not be running.
      Neither Dame, Koch or anyone in the VTGOP Executive Committee ever called him out for that.
      In case you missed it, Scott endorsed Democrat Dick Mazza for State Senate over the Real Republican candidate Stephen Bellows.

      So no Mary and John, Scott isn’t a Republican. He is a traitor.
      He is popular with the Marxists though. Why wouldn’t he be ? He is one of them.

      • Phil Scott has been a life-long Republican, son of a wounded veteran, and a construction business owner. One of Ronald Reagan’s rules was “never speak ill of fellow Republican”

        One Republican calling another Republican names especially ones like “traitor” or “marxist” is preciesly the type of thing that turns off the majority to the GOP and causes the loss of candidates up and down the line.

        If we are truly interested in providing an alternative to the extreme Democratic/Progressive vision for Vermont, we must do better than this.

        • John: Appreciate your positivity on this site. It’s so difficult to read the ignorant trash that is posted here.

        • Are you willfully choosing not to see the truth John ?
          Scott called 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump, White Supremacists and Racists.
          Echoed the next day by Benning. Both of them supported Article 22.
          Each of those items I listed in my previous post are in violation of the VTGOP Platform.

          Scott is a traitor to the Republican Party. Just like Dame and Koch.
          Scott is the leader of the extreme Democrat/Progressive vision.

          Unless your definition of a Republican is abortion to the moment of Birth, a 100% rating from planned parenthood, asking school children to rat out Mom and Dad for having Grandma over for Thanksgiving, and stealing money from the Program to protect VT Children at risk from domestic abuse and from the Tobacco Settlement money meant for Cancer survivors to give to illegal aliens because they weren’t eligible for Stimulus checks. ( a total of $5 Million )

          There are a multitude of other reasons to call Scott a traitor. How about his endorsement of Democrat Dick Mazza instead of Stephen Bellows, the REPUBLICAN candidate from Grand Isle ?

          Scott is the face of the transrepublicans, Dame and Koch protect them.
          Feel free to defend any of these.

          The destruction of the Republican Party in VT, brought to you by those who are supposed to stand for it.
          Did the majority of the GOP vote for Christina Nolan ?
          She was supported and endorsed as their candidate. Despite the fact she supported abortion thru the 2nd Trimester ( over 99% of all abortions ) and vowed to fight to codify Roe V Wade if elected.
          Does that sound like Republican values to you ?

          The insanity of the left has been on full display, the almost complete failure from the VTGOP to put forth and support Real VT Republicans is the result.

          • Jim,

            I would be interested in seeing the qoute where Governor Scott “called the 116,000 Vermonters who voted for President Trump, White Surpermiacists and Racisits” I don’t believe he ever said that.

            Scott has overwhelimingly and repeatedly won the Republican Primaries. Republicans in Vermont have always had various factions. When Christina Nolan lost the primary, Mulloy, the winner received the full support of the party.

            The demise of the Republican Party, and along with it an effiective opposition to the extremes of the Democrats and Progressives in Vermont, will only happen when people insist on always getting their own way even if a majority in the party feels otherwise

          • If you were interested in what Scott said you would have been paying attention when he said it.
            Openly and Publicly at a Press Conference.
            I have called him out for it Dozens of times, most recently when he was on WVMT Morning Drive a couple weeks ago.
            When Scott said it, Benning went on WCAX the next day and quoted Scott. And Benning said he supported Scott.

            After Nolan lost in the Primary, Dame issued a plea for donors to support Gerald Malloy.
            I immediately called out Dame for being a leach who wanted to bleed donors, while doing nothing to support Gerald’s campaign.
            The VTGOP did not give a cent to Geralds campaign.

            Scott has 60 – 70% democrat support and that is why he wins the primaries.
            30% of VT Republicans voted in the Primary.
            Feel free to show how Gerald received any support from the VTGOP.

            I noticed you did not address any of the ways I listed that Scott has betrayed Real VT Republicans. ( and there are so many more. )

            I have no problem calling out every Pro Choice, Gun Grabbing, Unconstitutional transrepublican.

            It has nothing to with not getting our way.
            It has everything to do with liars and frauds posing as Republicans.

            Scott and Benning voted for Article 22. Benning voted for Prop 5 twice to advance it to the House.
            Scott and Benning called 116,000 Vermonters, White Supremacists and Racists.
            But you continue to support them.
            Even if 99% of the VTGOP supported that I would still call them out.

      • Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you one of the persons who aided and abetted the Great Blue Wave, Reverand Jim Jones Sexton, and numerologist.

  4. I found Governor Scott’s attempt to enlighten us, extremely condescending and patronizing. It was obvious his sermonic comments about civility and valuing our neighbors were directed at us, his supposed party.
    And what kind of idiots does he take us for when he says things like he “hopes everyone elected will work with him?” He’s now part of a supermajority getting ready to wreak havoc.

    • Rebecca: Does it occur to at all that it may be your thinking that is the problem?

      I am beholding to no party. I used to vote Dem but, the party has gone off the rails. I don’t trust any political speak. But, I appreciate the governor’s effort to bring us together.

      We do need healing.

    • Have you ever considered what cards Governor Scott has left to play, now that this past election has left him with fewer allies when opposing or trying to moderate the impractical and extreme measures that often come before his desk?
      Scott, an talented race car driver, has the ability to read the field, both on the track and in the Statehouse. He needs to use the desire by most Vermonters for moderation and cooperation to gain some traction in the upcoming sessions. In large part due to the national damaging of the Republican brand as the party of common sense and competency, it is all he has left to work with.

  5. If Phil Scott calls Democrat super-majorities in Montpelier balanced, I have to ask what has he been smoking? He is asking us to work with them?? He needs to be asking THEM to work with the Republicans in the party he is supposedly a part of. We are being propagandized big time, people. The “moderate” Republicans in leadership are now really Democrats, and the Democrats are Socialists and Marxists. We conservatives are called Nazis and racists and worse by the Left. What you are seeing is just what happened in Communist China during the 1950s Cultural Revolution. Demonize your political enemies and punish them. Force them to fall on their knees and confess their sins in public. You must confess that you are a racist and a bigot or you will be cancelled. Do not let them make you live on your political knees. Do not comply. And for goodness sake, while you still have free speech rights, talk back. What happened in Vermont this election cycle was a travesty and a bad joke. As in, for example, both Article 22 and Article 2 (just wait until you see what mischief the liberals will be up to with both of them). Then there was Liam Madden etc. etc. etc.

  6. Is this guy for real? What kind of surreal reality is he in? The man is a Democrat although he runs as a Republican. And he is talking ‘balance’ ? There is no balance in Vermont. There hasn’t been for years. Republicans don’t exist. Turner and the rest of them are Democrats but being pulled more and more towards Communists. Vermont is gone.

    • Yes, there is no more Vermont. I don’t have strong feelings against LBGTQ, well, I do have very strong feelings against T ideology.

      Vermont has more gays per capita than any other state and so they flock here. I think I meet gays than straights.

      Vermont = progressive land.

  7. Governor Scott – When you made the decision to interrogate children after Thanksgiving 2021 to see if their families and grandparents had violated your illegal gestapo seperation orders, I made the decison to make you the only Republican I will never work with or support ever again.

    If you wonder what you would have done in Germany during the 1930’s…don’t wonder.
    You’re doing it now.

  8. You were elected with 60 – 70% democrat votes.

    Your hyper partisan Marxist agenda proves the lies you are trying to cover.
    You called 116,000 Vermonters who voted for President Trump, White Supremacists and Racists.
    I called you out for that two weeks ago and you lied, saying you never said that.
    Check the video.
    In fact, Benning quoted you the next day on WCAX. Another transrepublican.

    Your division is directed at Real VT Republicans because of your Marxist agenda to destroy the unborn, all Female Vermonters and support of the woke agenda.
    You are part of the reason for the insanity at Randolph High School.
    Ironic, because of your agenda the Superintendent defined Girls and punished them.
    Nice going Scott.

    Those of us who you called White Supremacists and Racists could live without your labels and name calling.

    When are you going to start treating the unborn with dignity and respect ?
    When are you going to treat Law Abiding Vermonters with dignity and respect ?
    You are no more a Republican than Sanders.
    The only people you work for every day is planned parenthood.
    That is the reason you kept them and VT Liquor Stores open everyday during the plandemic.
    While the damage you did to Vermont Families and Businesses will take years to recover from.
    The only people you put before politics are the Marxist that vote for you.
    They support your agenda for unconstitutional mandates, illegal Gun Laws, killing the unborn to the moment of Birth and pushing the EV agenda.
    Write another Article for VT Daily Chronicle. I would love the opportunity to prove how much more you have betrayed every Real VT Republican.

    Pull a Jeffords and make it official.

    • What you are witnessing is discourse along with deep frustration of decent people voicing disgust and distrust in our so called “leadership.” I consider Governor Scott standing at a podium saying because I am a white-skinned Vermonter, I’m inherently racist. I consider Governor Scott telling me I’m a bad person for refusing to allow an untested medical experiment to be injected into my blood stream. I consider Governor Scott entertaining the CCP at our State House in February 2019 an act of treason. As an Independent, I consider both sides, RNC and DNC, two wings of one bird at this juncture in time. What you consider nasty posts here pales in comparison to the nastiness and traitorous conduct of political figures in this State and across the nation. They picked the fight upon the American people. The People will finish that fight with God on our side.

      • Lady, God is not on your side. God is on no one’s side. It is God talk that makes Repubs sound so stupid. Like I said, why are Repubs so nasty.
        You can’t control politics. You win some, you lose some, let it go otherwise you become ugly.

        • When you address Melissa as “lady” instead of the name she comments under it shows your contempt and disrespect for anyone who does not share your opinion.

        • If you read the bible, you might find where western civilization started. Have you read anything that Jesus spoke about? If you did you might find, by his words only he stands above every person to walk this planet.

          We count time by is time on this planet. 2022 references Jesus.

          No, Vermont is totally ignorant on the difference between a democracy and a republic, there is no consideration for what is the foundation of Western Civilization….mean while people are going to psychics, spirits…..

          You might be surprised how much wisdom is in the bible. You might find some peace. You might start to love your neighbor.

          Oh and you notice they are able to vent their frustrations about their own party…..that’s called freedom.

          People saying what is in the womb of a pregnant woman is not a baby, not THAT is stupid. Show a picture to any 3 year old and they’ll set you straight. 56 Genders? …..what do you call that? Sorry.

          • The bible is a story book, a guideline on how to live a good life.

            Like I said previously, I am fiercely opposed to gender ideology. Have tried to post my opposition on Digger. Not allowed.

            Some good news: Read the story in the NYT about the mother that allowed her 10 year son to be tattooed. Landed in court. Everyone concerned concluded that 10 year olds can’t make permanent decisions about their bodies. Second story same day in the NYT. Transitioning should not be allowed for young children.

            Something to be encouraged about.

        • You can hurl the verbal or written handgrenades at me for my beliefs. Your response is an example of why societies collapse and 2000 years of history proves it to be so. Best of luck to you.

          • Melissa: just who do you consider The People? The people who believe as you do? Do you really believe that their is a god who gives a s… about your politics.
            If there were any kind of god of such limited concerns, there would be no war or evil for that matter.
            No it’s not about free choice.

    • When people like you vote to destroy our country and our children’s future I’d say we aren’t nasty enough.

      • And you know how I voted. I did not vote for one Democrat. And I voted NO on Prop 5. You too reveal your stupidity. That’s why people in this state do not vote Repub.

        • Wrong. They have been successfully indoctrinated. And I think the word ‘stupid’ applies more to people like yourself that roll over and play dead. Stand up for what’s right. But you don’t. I bet you just don’t want to hurt your Democrat ‘friends’ feelings. Start figuring out that anybody who votes to destroy your country and your children’s future is not your friend. In fact, they are the classic definition of enemy. Get Tough!

          • Well there is some wisdom in what she is saying. But just like her calling us stupid, we shouldn’t call them the same. We are in sales not court, people don’t have to buy or vote. It’s not (theoretically) a judges decision.

            We are tough within, I think more to flesh out ideas and frustration. There is no discussion internally or externally on the other side, you’re immediately removed from the party; we sadly have gone to the other extreme, ala Liam.mlook what happened to Cynthia browning! She was a good rep on the other side.

            People are not afraid to put Bernie sticker on their car, it won’t be vandalized. what about Trump stickers?

    • Joy? Wow your name doesn’t fit you at all. You do suffer from the liberal mental disorder for sure. Look at how the left attacked the SC justices for making a reasonable decision based on our laws. Look at Shumer, Pelosi, AOC, Biden, and Waters; all nasty people who resort to lies, threats, and personal attacks. I never hear of Republicans acting anyways near their behavior. We want to criticize a supposed member of our party and you have a problem with that? Go away.

  9. Balanced? you mean like Stacey Abrams on one side of the teeter toder with a 5 year old on the other side? That’s what it is the R’s got nuttin and the fascists got it all.. welcome to commiefornia east.

  10. “Vermonters want a balance of power” are you kidding me! Dems/Progs kick our republican asses up and down our beautiful State, period. If they did not have a “super-duper majority, I may agree. But that is not the case.

    The Left sees Phil Scott as one of them. And he has proven it time and time again. Other then the GWSA, specifically, H-715 Home Heating Standards bill I struggle to find bills that he agrees with Republicans, moreso, conservatives.

    It’s going to an interesting two legislative years, and what Gov. Scott does, how much he will fight for real Republican values, and follow our VT. Republican Party Platform. Thank you,

    • Phil supported the same person on the republican ticket that you did…

      Right after you caved in..

      The GOP can’t be trusted based on candidates actions.

      Is Vermont done?

      We need responsibility from a candidate when we place our trust in a candidate..

      • Richard: It seems to me you did not place your trust in a candidate, you placed it in a political title. No party thinks just one way. Nor can it. We are all free thinking people. Or at least we are supposed to

  11. I laughed out loud when I read the title for this article. Balance? HA! Scott is a very poor, weak leader and that is why the left likes him. He’ll do their bidding. He is also clueless on the forced jab issues and the tremendous damage they have done, especially to the youngsters. Why couldn’t he read reports and outcomes from Republican States or even other countries where they got wise to the jab scam early on. Scott obviously never attempted to do any research to gather FACTS from doctors with different views and success with treatments for the Wuhan virus. And he certainly isn’t reading the continual reports now that show the great harm this gene therapy is causing! He is a failure as a leader.

  12. Vermont is screwed, and we did it to ourselves, the lack of voter participation
    is pathetic on the GOP side, are they mostly gone or just hiding?

    We had excellent candidates but conservatives never showed up to support
    them, what did we get, ” Phil Scott “, helpless and feckless, and wait until all
    his progressive friends B-slap him !!

    When will the GOP leadership grow a pair and take this state back ……….

  13. A “balanced” one-party government? This is a joke. There is no far right threat in Vermont: there is a Far Left toxicity. Signs were stolen widely. Front Porch Forum, VTdigger, and Seven Days pulled out the stops to target conservatives, as did so-called non-profs. There is no balance here — exactly the opposite.

    • There is a lot of complaining about liberal politicians. I complain about them too.

      But Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for not gaining seats. For instance they screwed up on the Prop 5 campaign.
      I am pro-choice. Because abortion was safe in Vermont, I voted no on Prop 5 because of the vagueness of the wording. Hammering on about late-term abortions and accusing voters of being evil baby killers (which is exactly what you did) because they don’t hold the same opinion as Repubs was UTTERLY stupid.

      If you are that stupid about one issue, doesn’t if follow that you are stupid about many more?

      I am not attached to any party but, in the name of balance I was hoping for Repubs to win seats. You blew it.

      Republican messages come across as unreasonable.

      • Rebecca Balint got i million dollars of dark money to push for her anti American agenda. How much did the Republicans get?

      • Late term abortions up to the actual delivery? That’s not murder? I’ll bet you are for the 28 day waiting period to decide whether or not you want to kill your baby. Repubs aren’t going to win seats with people like you. You aren’t a Republican . You are a RINO. Like Scott. And you aren’t too bright.

  14. The Democrats are really upset about how badly the beat the VTGOP, so in order to help them get more seats in government, they want to adopt ranked choice voting.

    It’s amazing how magnanimous they are, we should all send them a thank you note.

    Let me ask a question, does any car get vandalized with a Scott, Bernie, or VT Dem Bumper sticker?

    How come you NEVER see Trump stickers in Vermont? Trump signs on businesses? Do you ever see someone who loses a job if they are a democrat and spouting hatred toward republicans? What about if you are a principal and suggested, “perhaps burning and looting and killing isn’t a way to win people to your cause, which I support.” And instantly her careers is ruined, canceled.

    How many “democratic” tropes are censored on front porch forum?

    Why did VT Digger suddenly stop allowing any commentary?

    How come all the debate questions are geared to marxist answers? With no real debate.

    How many protesters are screaming and creating havoc at democratic events?

    How many democratic events are canceled at universities?

    Being the most popular, in the state voted most likely to be the 1st colony of the united nations, a state with one of the lowest ethical grades in the nation, a state almost completely run by non-profits, by lobbyists, many of the lobbyist from out of state, a state where the average wage is what $35,000 and the health care payments for a family on blue shield platinum plan is $38,257.32, where schools are openly sexualizing our children, where we are one of the top state for addicted births, where drug crimes run rampant and you can’t walk around a rest area for fear of stepping on needles, where are youth are committing higher rates of suicide, where nobody working an average job can easily find housing, where our affordable housing is the biggest money racket-con job on the planet….????

    Most people have no idea what is going on in Montpelier because of the almost complete and utter censorship/control of media. The smart phone being the biggest propaganda tool ever invented is one reason, Vermont is in our current predicament.

    If you are rich or living off the state/work for the state….it’s great. Others may have a different opinion, because they are a minority doesn’t make them wrong. But then, people in our state struggle with the difference between a republic and democracy….

    We can do better.

  15. Scott is nothing but a drone for the Commiecrats..

    A drone is a male honeybee. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers. They gather neither nectar nor pollen and are unable to feed without assistance from worker bees. A drone’s only role is to mate with a maiden queen in nuptial flight then die.

  16. Phil just once again he’s just not very bright at all. A progressive governor and a supermajority of progressives is what he calls balanced? LOL. News flash Phlipster, if you didn’t call for gun legislation and support the whacko green agenda they would have sent you packing as well. Why do you think the ones riding your coat tails don’t win if there is a desire for balance?
    You’ve basically destroyed the GOP so shut up and enjoy your democrat backed victory.

    • Keith…..he’s cunning and a master politician…he’s played the hand, the press, the public and most importantly the VT GOP like a cheap fiddle.

      He’s popular. He’s the most popular governor in the most Marxist state of our union, the most controlled by lobbyists, by non-profits we are nothing more than a marionette for the NWO….

      There was no “mandate”, there was really no other choice…… he didn’t fare so well against you, the VTGOP did everything they could to keep you out of the running AND the republican governors had to give Phil a million dollars in the primary to keep you at bay.

      I”m not sure who’s more crooked, DC or Montpelier.

        • I am not a Republican. I am a Constitutional Conservative. Him an a few of his friends have insulted me and every other veteran on this site by demonizing anyone who voted conservative. He has violated his oath of office and is guilty of perjury under Section 56 of the Vermont constitution. He did not keep many of his campaign promises. He lied and slept with the enemy to further his political career. As far as Phil Scott is concerned, he deserves everything he gets. To repeat, Scott is a drone for the Demoprogs. A drone is a male honeybee. Unlike the female worker bee, drones do not have stingers. They gather neither nectar nor pollen and are unable to feed without assistance from worker bees. A drone’s only role is to mate with a maiden queen in nuptial flight then die. Is it vicious to tell a lie or does the truth just hurt.

          “A leopard can’t change his spots and a skunk can’t change his smell”.
          D. B. Wilmer

  17. Hey Scott!
    You can’t moderate your way out of this disaster you spear headed us into.
    Logic says, your a big part of the problem.

  18. Balance ?
    There has been No balance in Was-4 / Montpelier district for over 20 years, and many other regional districts in Vermont, where is the balance in the Vermont US senate or House ?
    You play the game well, take no sides, sadly you have failed to communicate with all those in the state who courageously ran for office and are truly trying to restore balance. As well as restructure the GOP and build new bridges. Apparently you are absent while “Freedom & United” is collapsing in our state. It’s happening right under the rino’s nose.

  19. See my full reply to Mr. Eveslin’s post (the “feel good” voters.)……..Phil Scott either has a screw loose or he is blind. Dems and Progressives now have SUPER MAJORITY over him. Does he HONESTLY think that any of them will “come to ” his way of thinking – on ANY legislation or spending bill?…. duhhhh…..sorry Phil…None of them are your friends. You are their puppet now 🙂

    “…they voted for Scott for Gov, to be a “grown up” in the Legislature…but VT turned him into a “neutered-puppet-dog” ! As Gov of VT, Scott techinically is the CEO…but all the “feel goods”…who now celebrate such “wise” political “diversity” with Phil in charge… don’t understand — You just made Phil Scott the bathroom janitor…A “eunuch” (an ineffectual or powerless man)… for VT….

  20. What has Phil Scott or the Vermont GOP done about preparing for when Scott steps away. Is there a qualified and recognizable GOP candidate standing by with enough name recognition to win in 2024 or do we just hand over the state to the democrats with a big blue bow.

    They need to talent scout conservative leaders around the state who can be mentered and promoted and they have to do in NOW. They can’t wait till the summer of 2024 and run an ad in the Free Press.

    ‘Wanted individual to run as a republican for the job of leading Vermont. No experience required. Sorry but there will be no assistance availble from the committee either’.

    • So….

      Washington county is home to our capital.
      Washington county is home to Phil Scott
      Phil Scott has been in office for decades.

      This summer having gone to the Washington county meeting, they did not have a voter list. They did not have a list of people in the party. We were going over a compilation of old lists by hand, checking for duplicates, deaths and moves. This is not a reflection of those at the meeting, this is a reflection of the man in charge.

      Scott could have easily got people to follow “his” foot steps, 70% of the public followed him this election. But he hasn’t even done that. The boys from Barre had by far the best thing going in Washington county, kudos….

      No money, no game plan, no list, no nothing……..

      Clearly Scott knows how to run a campaign, he has tons of money he has all sorts of savvy in the arena of politics.

      Question, how come he didn’t share?
      Question, how come he didn’t build a team in his own image?
      Question, how come he didn’t do the bare minimum to help others in the party?

      Sometime what is not said or not done is the most powerful thing in the room. This is not a slam on the workers within the party. This is clearly an epic fail from leadership. Anyone who has anything to do with the party, please, show me where I’m wrong……

      We need a reformation.

      • You say “Clearly Scott knows how to run a campaign”, but did Mr. Scott even campaign this year? I saw only one or two ads. He didn’t campaign because he knew he didn’t need to: he listens to the people.

        Of course, there will be a reformation, just like every two years.

        The only change the Republican party needs to make this year is to defend itself in two ways: enforce party membership to prevent another Madden situation, and evict those too far to the Right (like myself) who belong in the Libertarian party. Keep the middle-of-the-road Republicans, reject discussion about ‘socialism’, and promote a happy message, which the media will gladly report on, about how “In a big move, the Republicans have expelled the far right !”

        • Clearly you’ve never run a campaign, the media will NOT report anything positive about a republican or any other campaign. Ask anyone who’S run for office without a D next to their name.

          Too funny…..what you say about throwing out red meat dogma of republican banter is true.

          We need to be smarter than the snakes in office and more innocent than doves, yes a happy warrior.

          • Hey Joy, Get back to me about the corruption in Politics, on both sides of the aisle. Snakes would be a tender comment.

            I have a conscience, do the politicians? Why does is take BILLIONS of dollars to run an election for a position. Is that sane by any reason? If you think all is rosy, and there is no corruption, enjoy. Keep voting, they’ll keep building $500k one bedroom studio apartments for homeless people to live in for close to free while the rest of us can’t even find a place to rent.

        • We have to avoid the trigger words, and replace.

          Do you hate corruption? Most will say yes. Socialism is inherently corrupt on two levels, taking from one and giving to another (usually from poor to rich) and crony capitalism (good ole boy net work)

          You don’t need to even say socialism, like you say, but just discuss the fruits of socialism and you’ll win hearts.

          I remember the state house filled with disabled people and the politicians saying the blind haven’t got a raise in ten years! We need more money!

          But guess what they only wanted a raise for themselves, the blind were still not going to get one more cent! That is going on in every facet of the state.

          • Neil: I don’t disagree with you. All parties are corrupt. Balint taking that money was particularly disgusting.

            I haven’t voted for any candidate, local or national, for some time now. They are all crooks and I have little to no respect for any of them.

            That doesn’t change that this is a very ugly site to engage with. The people make such ugly comments.

    • Where’s our 21st century Ethan and Ira Allen. I’m surprised the statue of Ethan at the front of our house in Montpeculier hasn’t walked away or been torn down by those who moved here and have no idea who he and his brother were! As Vermonters born and raised in the beautiful state, we have lost so much. After 70 years, I’m ashamed of my birth state.

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