Tom Evslin: COVID vaccines should be mandatory for nearly everyone

This commentary is by Tom Evslin of Stowe, an entrepreneur, author and former Douglas administration official. It is republished from the Fractals of Change blog.

Workers who have contact with either coworkers or the public should be required to get vaccinations. Kudos to companies like United Airlines who have announced mandatory vaccinations. We all get to vote on decisions these companies make when we’re deciding whom to patronize — or where to take a job.

Half a kudo to University of Vermont Medical Center for encouraging vaccination; but only half because they are leaving employees the choice of periodic testing instead of vaccination. And only half a kudo to UVM itself which is requiring students but not faculty and staff to be vaccinated.

Tom Evslin

Governor Scott announced that some state workers dealing with vulnerable populations will be required to get vaccinations but that there may be some sort of “exit ramp.” He’s done a great job of leading through the pandemic and certainly deserves much credit for Vermont’s leading the nation in vaccination rate; but, with all due respect, the exit ramp for those not wanting to get vaccinated, should be termination. For the sake of both their coworkers and the public, all state workers who are not working strictly from home should be vaccinated. We have a choice of airlines, but we don’t have an immediate choice of which state we’re dealing with.

Employers are having a hard time finding employees and some are afraid that a vaccination mandate will exacerbate the situation. However, I’m sure that there are many people who would prefer to work for an employer who assures that all coworkers are vaccinated. If that turns out not to be the case, government mandates like those requiring safe workplaces put all employers on a level playing field.

People can quit if they don’t want to get vaccinated. However, unvaccinated people should not be eligible for any of the generous COVID benefits available from the state and federal government.


It doesn’t make sense to say that people need to be vaccinated as a condition of employment and then to subsidize people who choose not to. Want unemployment insurance? Take the jab. Want to defer your student loan payments? Get special covid renters assistance? Have help with your utility bills? Get your shot! It’s bad enough we all must pay for medical care for the unvaccinated (we do have to); but we don’t have to pay other COVID benefits to those who choose to put themselves and others at risk.


The only exemption allowed should be medical – people who can’t get vaccinated without endangering their health. The First Amendment gives broad protection to religion; but doesn’t say that you don’t have to live with the consequences of your religious decisions. If your religion won’t let you get vaccinated, then it doesn’t let you have a job where you might infect other people or to attend public school.


Politics are the virus’ best friend. Before the election D’s said they didn’t trust a vaccine developed on Trump’s watch. After the election way too many R’s are resisting vaccination seemingly because they are being urged to vaccinate by a Democratic president. Operation Warp Speed and the successful vaccines which resulted are indubitably the greatest achievement of the Trump administration. Why Trump himself doesn’t claim that and urge all his supporters to take “his” beautiful vaccine is beyond me, especially if he wants them to be around to vote in the future. Biden might be more successful with some of the recalcitrant if he gave Trump some credit.

It defies belief that the Republican Governors of Florida and Texas, who call themselves conservatives, want to ban private companies from offering the public products at least some consumers want such as cruises for the vaccinated only and an airline which requires crew to be vaccinated.

But there’s plenty of blame to go around. The only semi-legitimate excuse for not getting vaccinated is the CDC’s incredible failure to give full approval to vaccines after what is probably the largest science experiment in the history of the planet. This is the kind of problem presidents must solve.


After the Declaration of Independence and well before the Constitution, Gen. Washington required the troops under his command in Boston to get vaccinated. Vaccinations have been required for children to begin public school for at least the 73 years since I went to kindergarten. The middle of a pandemic is very strange time to get squeamish over vaccinations as a matter of conscience.

Generations of American men have been drafted. Thanks to those draftees, we’re free to complain about government mandates. The draft required them to put their lives and bodies at risk in a much more significant way than taking a well-tested vaccine. By the way, all us inductees, whether drafted or volunteering, got a battery of shots in the first days of basic training.

We are at war against COVID. Uncle Sam has a right – perhaps an obligation – to draft all of us for this war. If you are fully vaccinated, thank you for your service. If not, roll up your sleeve!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Spencerbdavis

55 thoughts on “Tom Evslin: COVID vaccines should be mandatory for nearly everyone

  1. Full disclosure – not an expert nor claim to be – however one needs not be to recognize coronaviruses and features. Why is there no vax for the cold, and why is flu vax notoriously unreliable – bc they’re coronavruses whose goal is to spread period. As such – must continually shape-shift to do so.

    As majority of population becomes protected via robust immune response from taking multivitamin/mineral supplements including C, D3 and Zinc also excercise and eating well help, T-cell immune response, antibodies and vaccines. Flu and cold virus weaken and then must shapeshift producing ‘variants’ to survive – Covid is no different except this one is a weaponized version of Sars-2 but it still weakened.

    Delta is not deadly but reports claim it more transmissable. Ya mean like common cold or flu lol. And what if the myriad deaths, illnesses hospitalizations of cold and flu were continually front-paged with all data carpetbombed complete with normalization of everyone blabbing about how sick they were or weren’t, obligatory interviews of Covidees, fams and friends and medical personnel. Along with each and every newly discovered and nicknamed cold or flu variant.

    Who can forget local schools or districts shutting down bc flu had become rampant. No one wore health-destroying masks or ‘socially distanced’. And it was supposed to be 6″ *or* a mask…then it was both. Tony F also trial-balooned goggles, sheilds and recommendation of two or more masks lol – and some ppl were actually buying it this affront to personhood.

    We need to wake up and reject propaganda – recognize all deaths were a fraction of illnesses just as deadly seasonal flu. 99.8% survived – and 2% sadly did not – falsified data notwithstanding. Of those majority elderly *with additional life-threatening illness or chronic conditions.

  2. Tin foil hat much lol. Lack of any concrete evidence featuring data, science or evidence renders Evslins commentary as well as hideously mischaracterized false argument courtesy of fellow Naziesque thug – atta-boy Mr Colin a fraud and mere conspiracy theory.

    Mentioning past vaccines is historical-fallacy as this is not a vaccine nor does it or manufacturer claim to prevent ppl from getting Covid or transmitting the virus. Exploits the trust of majority of public have in vaccines therefore falls into false -effect fallacy.

    Newsmax runs historic war documentaries using original footage overnight on weekends. We are in circa 1930s Germany – before Hitler gained power. During rise to power – commandeered a group of street-thugs much like Antifa to bully and terrorize groups unfavorable to his rise.

    Not even attempting to conceal their hatred, this is the role played by paid social media influencers who would be shoving and beating us if this were not the Constitutional Republic US – we can now plainly see who Mr Evslins and side-kick Mr Colin fellow travelers are.

    Hussein’s third regime as well as Pharma-supported CDC, FDA and WHO are calling the shots npi via creepy man-behind-curtain Tony Fraudci. Spreading terrorist propaganda throughout our nation and the world to force us into compliance to their whim-dujour – Covid is the catalyst into future of forced depopulation shots and their boosters as well as another Nazi-Germany feature – the return of the Kafkaesque dystopia and ‘papers’ including all personal info and data.

    Those who speak with one vitriolic voice are an existential treat to all and common enemy via ongoing attacks and other intimidation tactics proudly standing in same stead as the most murderous regime in history, and us such need to be identified and called out for proposing crimes against humanity such as violation of the Nuremberg Code are now free to stop masquerading as “conservatives” and own your totalitarian agenda to imprison our planet while killing as many as possible bc ya just don’t like us as such find the repeated commentary as quite pointed in its reveal.

    All who disrespect our Republic and Constitutionalist government are now making same Nazi-era calls for the segregation of all who will not comply with fanatical progagnadized agenda

  3. I wonder how much stock Mr. Evslin has invested in big pharma or China-based ventures? Seems to be there are a good many politically “connected” finger-waggers have big money heavily vested in big pharma, alternative energy (i.e. electric vehicles), and anything China-based. Perhaps this “virus” truly is all about the Benjamins afterall – sadly, children and elders (our most vulnerable) are the ones taking the most abuse and suffering the most at the hands of these greedy moneychangers and Constitutional law breakers.

  4. There are many advantages to this internet age we live in. For example, my 12 year old grandson yesterday asked me questions about the edge of the universse which was beyond my knowledge but we were able to immediate to look up various theories and discuss which we thought the most likely.

    There are also many disadvantages. There has been an increasing tendancy to having hair-trigger reactions, highlightig the most extreme, not really listening or trying to understand another point of view; as well as being at times excessively harsh with those we disagree with.

    True North Reports does a real service in both providing challenging articles and allowing people to comment. Appreciate the articles and comments, whatever the view, that are thoughtful as they provide the most to chew over.

    • For goodness sakes, Mr. Freitag. Can you ever dispense with your holier-than-thou, false logic, and simply substantiate your opinion on the matter at hand? While you and Mr. Evslin have the right to express your point of view, it’s more than curious that neither of you provide any tangible rebuttal to the myriad points expressed that contradict you. Not one.

      • Mr. Eshelman,

        Perhaps I misunderstand the purpose of the comment section after articles in True North Reports. I think it is for readers to express their opinion on an article not to get in to lenthy debates with each other.

        My own comment in this case was simply to thank Mr. Esvlin for his commentaries, which I wrote, that do not always agree with, but appreciate for his willingess to be forthright and present a conservative point of view that will probably elicit strong reaction.

        I am not sure what tangible evidence is needed to the contradict my comment of thanks to Mr. Esvlin for being willing to state his point of view, or why one is needed in the first place. It does however give evidence that all of us these days are a bit prone to jump to assumptions

    • Yes, that True North Reports publishes many views and allows comments is important and appreciated.
      While we get “wrapped ’round the axle” over articles and comments- are we not focusing on the bigger- and more important picture?
      As politicians and others beg for vaccinations and masks and lockdown, have we not lost sight of treatment for Covid-19? It seems that all of our eggs were placed into the vaccine basket the day Fauci refuted Trump regarding treatment possibilities. A mention of HCQ quickly begat statements that Trump said “Inject Lysol into our lungs” (Pelosi said this, April of 2020) and treatment options have been ignored or refuted since. It should be beyond belief that trials are not being conducted and that a huge effort isn’t being made to find a treatment protocol for this virus. Yet here in the US, seemingly unless fauci and wolensky approve, it cannot be done. While the public is distracted by death counts, warnings of impending variants and debates over masks…have we lost sight of treatment? Unfortunately it seems so.
      Americans seem to have blinded themselves to only what politicians and bureaucrats tell us- while the highest paid bureaucrat of them all, St. fauci seems to have used taxpayer money to help create this biological weapon. Yet, he is revered and his advice might save us? No thank you. These vaccines were touted as the cure for this “pandemic”. Now, we are told it just lessens severity and hospitalizations? Are we all this ignorant and believing of government bureaucrats?

    • Continued preaching of farleft foolishness and serving of honey-coated horsesh** is *not* just another opinion but continued attempt to control the opinions of others by cajoling those who disagree w/you not to be “harsh”.

      And no, I do not appreciate anyone who attempts to control others in any way, or present an ideology that seeks to make all conform to it’s authoritarian image, that they do not have to face the failure and aftermath of their plans and ideas while attempting to control the ambience via subliminal directives.

      If you do not want your Communist ideology objected to – go where you are welcomed and where the the live, laugh, love “we’re all in this together” in-crowd “celebrate” one another and trashtalk conservative voices esp patriots as deplorables, and the name of Donald J Trump and MAGA are verboten.

      Bears repeating that farleft “Thevpo has a comment section, Sevendaysvt, VPR, and Vtgravedigger have facebook accounts with comment sections.

  5. Tom must be a communist. What happened to my body, my choice? Or does that only apply to killing babies because they are inconvenient?

  6. The people like Tom, Jon F. and Ralph are promoting forced vaccination from opinions they have conjured up for themselves based in fear. These are the people who do NO research, they listen to the TV talking corporate heads, the faux scientist Fauci who is no more than a Gov. bureaucrat and they reject an alternate opinion based on real doctors and real facts easily researched. These are the people who call the unvaccinated ignorant for learning about the science and available options to protect their personal health. These are the same types of people who saw witches in Salem, Mass. Burn them at the stake. Or now, make them wear a mask so we can see who they are or force them to accept the poison no matter how they have to do it. From the comments here it is easily seen who the intelligent commenters are. Tom’s true colors have been exposed. He is a progressive all dressed up like a conservative. I wonder now, how much this guy’s advice altered Jim Douglas in his role of governor. I also wonder if Jim Douglas knew he was in the company of the enemy, a person with no value for individual rights, freedom and self protection from the totalitarians amongst us. It has gotten so bad now that we have no idea who the enemies of American life are until they come out from behind the curtain. Tom has stepped out from behind the curtain.

  7. These hyperbole shills defending this modern day genocide and medical tyranny deserve what God has in store for them. All guilty and complicit in supporting crimes against humanity.

  8. As true today as the day it was penned:

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”
    ― Upton Sinclair, I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked

  9. Yes, General Washington has troops vaccinated against smallpox. But in 1905 the Supreme Court opined that fining people excessively for refusing the smallpox vaccine would led to oppressive conditions and would require that future courts step in to remedy that wrong. The court was concerned with creating a medical police state, although it might not have called it that and it did say that fining Henning Jacobson $5 for refusing the smallpox vaccine was appropriate.

    Tom Evslin is in good company with the 1927 Supreme Court decision in Buck v. Bell when it threw out any concern with medical coercion and decided that forced sterilization was OK. That decision has been rightly called ‘a quiet evil.’ Tom supports this type of evil thinking and the creation of a medical police state, for a disease that leaves 99% of infected people alive and well, and for which we have effective early treatments that the state, in its infinite wisdom, is putting a jackboot on.

    So typical of Tom.

    • Interestingly, Washington’s troops weren’t conscripts for the most part, but volunteers. And the reason Washington insisted on inoculation (quite different from today’s vaccines BTW) was because the British had sent people infected with smallpox into the Colonial Army’s ranks. It was one of the first known instances of ‘biological’ warfare in North America. People are free (still) to draw any conclusions they like.

  10. What makes sex not rape? CONSENT.
    What makes a job not slavery? CONSENT.
    What makes a transaction not robbery? CONSENT.
    What makes mandatory vaccinations not tyranny? MAGICAL FAIRY DUST.

  11. This guy Evslin is not only out in left field on his opinion, but he does not even know that it is the FDA that approves vaccines and not the CDC. Has no idea what determinations regarding safe and effective is and long-term clinical testing.

    The FDA is about to throw aside those safeguards by prematurely and improperly granting full FDA approval soon. This prediction is brought to you by Dr. Anthony Fauci, a faux scientist who only idiots and Marxists appreciate. Such approval will lead to unrelenting pressure on those who claim it is their right to decide their own medical treatment. What a radical thought in America! You had better be prepared to defend your position to shun the jab (maybe even in court) when they come looking for you after full FDA approval.

    Do your homework and understand the dangers of these shots for you and how they were deceitfully sold to the public by the fraud that is the reading of the results of the PCR test in the first place. If you don’t know about that, you better find out.

  12. Ivermectin

    Have you done your research? Why is India finding great success by NOT taking direction from the WHO. Why are our rates in the most vaccinated state of the nation going through the roof? 80% would clearly be heard immunity.

    These are four common medicines that supposedly make a huge difference.Have

  13. Thank you, Tom, for standing up to the realities which exist, for better or worse, in this extremely important, if controversial issue.

    Those who attack you are a combination of being ignominious, political bullies and simple-minded
    proteges of would-be tyrants who enjoy wallowing in the filth of the briny gutters they, themselves, have constructed. Most of them would also have been perfectly comfortable weltering in the obscenities of the falsehoods perpetrated in the days of the Third Reich. That’s the way they think and live, placing their selfish, fanciful, and narrow-minded concepts of life ahead of the realities with which the rest of us must daily come to terms.

    Stick it out; your approaches are on the right side of these issues!

    • Or maybe we’re just better informed. I certainly don’t see myself as a simple-minded bully (a lazy characterization, by the way, which itself demonstrates lack of critical thinking). My views are buttressed by nearly 2,000 hours of pandemic research for the past 17 months. How much peer-reviewed research have you read? How many hours of testimony by front-line MDs not filtered by corporate media?

      Interesting how you refer to the Third Reich, since singling out the “unclean” population for removal was the tactic used in the 1940s, and we’re getting a strong whiff of it in 2021.

      As a challenge, Ralph, I dare you watch the following interview with one of the most published and respected physicians in the world in his field of medicine, the first doctor in America who dared to treat Covid. (Yes, a doctor who treats a patient. Radical concept, I know.) His perspective on the pandemic and how to approach it rationally–instead of through reactionary fearmongering–may enlighten you. Or may not. Some people just can’t be saved.

    • An interesting comment, sir. It certainly seems that your history education differs from most.
      Mr. Evslin and you both seem to be advocating for totalitarian policies regarding vaccination for Covid-19, policy that mirrors Hitler’s Third Reich governments demands, the opposite of
      your claim. I would urge you to spend a hour to review what the Nazi government was and what the Nuremberg Code is.
      Perhaps a review of the Vermont and Federal Constitutions is in order as well, sir. What you are advocating for is defined as Facism, even with today’s modified definitions. There seem to be many people these days that believe as you do, however- the idea is immoral, unconstitutional and illegal in international law. To Sacrifice Liberty for Safety is not a trite phrase.

      • “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin

    • Who is the tyrant Mr. Colin? Those who would choose to be left alone to make their own decisions over a reasonable time period – and accept the consequences, or those demanding ‘termination’ for the dregs of society refusing immediate submission to the likes of you, the taking away of earned wages and benefits as punishment for not agreeing with you – as if their mere existence was a threat to your otherwise superior well being?

      What is it about ‘informed consent’ that you don’t understand? What’s the difference between ‘medical research’ and ‘regular treatment’? Where does the Nuremberg Code differentiate between ‘experimental research’ and ‘the use of already tested and authorized medicine or prevention, like vaccines?’ Already tested and authorized by who – big pharma and their CDC operatives? Who let this dog out in the first place?

      The Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness was initially rated at nearly 100%. But three weeks ago, Pfizer’s CEO said its coronavirus vaccine effectiveness steadily declines to about 84% about six months after a second dose. What happens after a year? How many boosters will be required? And what are the effects of these multiple vaccine doses on one’s natural immune system? Is this what you call “already tested and authorized medicine”?

      I suspect the Nazis said the same thing when they rationalized medical experimentation in their concentration camps. And don’t forget The U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee between 1932 and 1972. Again, what is it about ‘informed consent’ that you don’t understand?

      Perhaps some introspection is in order, sir. You are on very shaky ground.

  14. “The largest science experiment in the history of the planet.”

    The one part of this commentary that is correct. The rest is garbage.

    You are aware, aren’t you, Tom, that the CDC’s VAERS system has been lighting up like a Christmas tree, with over half a million adverse events reported so far following Covid vaccinations, including 12,000 fatalities? To put that into perspective, the average number of post-vax deaths–for all vaccines–is about 250 per year. The Big Pharma-owned CDC, as always, says there is “no connection” between the vax and fatalities. But how many “coincidences” are we supposed to swallow before our gag reflex kicks in?

    You are aware, aren’t you, Tom, that the world’s most vaccinated country, Israel, is experiencing major case spikes and hospitalizations, while India, home of the Delta variant, is experiencing no spike despite having only 8% of its population fully vaccinated? (India’s deaths-per-million rate is one-quarter of Israel’s.) And in poor Sweden, which stupidly didn’t lock down in their crazy quest for natural herd immunity, cases are negligible and deaths have disappeared.

    You are aware, aren’t you, Tom, that Covid is treatable and has been treated for over a year by doctors who actually think and use their considered judgement instead of simply taking orders?

    You are aware, aren’t you, Tom, that many medical professionals, including the inventor of the mRNA platform on which these vaccines are based, are on the record saying non-sterilizing immunization is dangerously driving escape variants? Could this possibly explain why cases are through the roof in Vermont compared to last year, when there was no vaccine? Your solution? More vaccination! Sheer insanity. (I guess you never read the Nuremberg Code, either.)

    Next you’ll be saying that the unvaxxed should be put into detention camps. And why wouldn’t you? After all, the CDC already has a plan for that:

    • Unfortunately, application of logic, fact and true scientific research is lost in the controversy surrounding Covid 19. Mr Evslin is reacting with emotion and base instinct to protect himself- or hubris. He appears unable to interpret information objectively. He certainly is no fan of the US or Vermont Constitutions. I considered that he wrote this just to cause reaction- and that may be, but other comments he has made indicate he believes what he writes. That he will research his opinions- beyond what mainstream media outlets spew-seems doubtful.
      He is of course, entitled to his opinion- but God help us should he ever seek elected office or again advise government.

    • Bombshell lawsuit: Gov’t whistleblower says coronavirus vaccine deaths at least 45,000
      Thu Jul 22, 2021 – 1:12 pm EDT

      LifeSiteNews has been permanently banned on YouTube. Click HERE to sign up to receive emails when we add to our video library.

      ANAHEIM, California, July 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A government related computer programmer, who works in health care data analytics, has made a declaration under penalty of perjury that according to medical claims submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) there are “at least 45,000” vaccine-related deaths due to experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections.

      ‘I queried data … and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000.’ – Attorney Thomas Renz speaking on NewsmaxTV

  15. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive…. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” C. S. Lewis

    Mr. Evslin: Are you aware that it’s possible to be vaccinated and still be an asymptomatic carrier and spreader of Covid? Do you know the effective duration of the Covid mRNA vaccine’s protection? Or that the Covid vaccines can cause enhanced immune response, which creates a worse reaction when exposed to the natural coronavirus?

    Is the vaccine’s protection better and longer lasting than ‘natural immunity’? Because for every CDC affiliated report you cite in favor of the mRNA vaccines (usually from the Big Pharma fox guarding the chicken coop), there are reports by reputable doctors and scientists (including Dr. Robert Malone, one of the developers of mRNA vaccine methodology), disagreeing with the CDC recommendations.

    Do you know what a risk/reward assessment is? Do you know the difference between a ‘live virus’ vaccine (e.g. Smallpox) and an mRNA vaccine? Do you understand that Smallpox has a 1500% higher mortality rate than Covid? Or that the Rabies virus, for example, has a 4000% higher mortality rate than Covid. Are you aware of the fact that Covid is one of the least contagious viruses when compared to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio and Smallpox?

    And now, you and Mr. Freitag, of all people, are going to tell everyone what they should and shouldn’t do under penalty of being restricted from travel, and worse, losing their healthcare and insurance coverage? When are you going to pass out yellow stars for the unvaccinated to wear on their collars, or tattoo non-conformance serial numbers on their arms?

    Do you know what a control group is Mr. Evslin? In a scientific experiment, it’s a group separated from the rest of the experiment, where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results. This isolates the independent variable’s effects on the experiment and can help rule out alternative explanations of the experimental results.

    Consider me part of the science. I’m your ‘control group’. May the best man live.

  16. Then of course the boosters they are all talking about should be mandatory too, right Mr. Evslin ? And the the vaccine after that for the E variant and of course the booster for that. Then of course the vaccine for the F variant and the booster for that. etc. etc. etc. The drug manufactures love these useful idiots that will spread their propaganda for them free of charge.

  17. Maybe then we should make the common flu vaccinations mandatory. After all the common flu is a Covid variation. Evslin is another progressive in conservative clothing. I wonder what his thoughts are on vaccine passports. He seems like a “show me your papers” kind of guy.

    Step right this way folks all we want to do is give you a shower to make sure your clean the Zyklon B
    will make sure of it.

  18. I think what we should demand is an answer to why a left wing “scientist” used taxpayer’s dollars to fund the creation of a virus that just happened to spread from China to the US the year of Trump’s reelection. This isn’t a coincidence.
    This vaccine has not been approved by the FDA, so in no way should any corporation state that taking this shot is mandatory for employment. I had the virus so I am more protected than someone that chose to get the shot. I don’t need it and shouldn’t be forced to get it.

  19. Mr. Evslin,
    Whether I always agree with you or not, I have always appreciated your forthright commentaries and willingness to call things as you see it.
    Thank you for this commentary and thank you True North Reports for publishing this, which will I am sure offend some readers, but is a legitimate conservative perspective worth having.

    • Baaa Baaa Baaa

      I’m sure that Twitter, You Tube and Face Book would be more than happy to promote Evslin’s propaganda.

    • I find it offensive. This person with zero legal authority issues proclamations about others’ rights without even ADDRESSING the clear Constitutional implications. This is called open discrimination against fellow citizens in derogation of their god-given and constitutionally recognized rights — based on fear and a perversion of science. What is NOT offensive here?

      He writes: “The First Amendment gives broad protection to religion; but doesn’t say that you don’t have to live with the consequences of your religious decisions. If your religion won’t let you get vaccinated, then it doesn’t let you have a job where you might infect other people or to attend public school.”

      What does this have to do with restricting people’s rights? Jacobson addressed vaccinations specifically — and was later used to justify eugenics (buck v Bell). Maybe Evlin wants to sterilize dumb people who are unvaccinated as well — what could possibly be offensive about that?

      The virus — and real threat — is the profound ignorance of fundamental rights so commonplace in Vermont media and government. Evlin is spreading disinformation about law, and encouraging discriminatory assaults against others. If he wants to use government to force others to “roll up their sleeves,” such an invasion of privacy requires certain standards be met under our Rule of Law. Such ignorance is irresponsible — and extremely offensive. It is certainly not a “legitimate conservative perspective.” That’s laughable. Let’s discuss the law, shall we? — this disease comes nowhere near close to being dangerous enough to constitutionally justify the bizarre discrimination being inflicted. Shame on all those who do so, in their anti-intellectual cowardice.

      • What happened to my body my choice ? These anti constitutionalists are going down a dangerous road.

        “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery”. – Thomas Jefferson

    • John, I agree that TNR was right to publish this, and that Tom has a right to state his views.

      The rest of us have a right to express our outrage at the authoritarian drivel that Tom seems so fond of spouting when it comes to vaccines.

  20. I’m sorry you’re so scared Mr Evslin. But being a generous person, you can have my unused vaxes. And all future boosters. There! Feel safer now? So glad I’m not you!

  21. It seems from Mr. Evslin’s commentary he is more comfortable with a government similar to China, North Korea or what some of the EU nations are becoming. Comparing the smallpox vaccine in the late 1700’s to the current Covid-19 vaccine is quite a stretch, but he attempts to leverage this into a very elitist commentary.
    The current problems with this virus seems to be of our own making- the US seems to have funded the research that created this virus- and probably many more. Once released, political opportunists emerged from everywhere to insert fear and division to accomplish political goals. Federal government bureaucrats and politicians seemingly conspired with mass media to restrict the facts and alternate information. Now, it’s mandatory vaccines to “protect” us from a virus that has a 99+% recovery rate.
    Somehow, people seem to ignore logic and reason to jump into the vaccine hysteria based on emotion and double-speak from alleged “experts” Bizzare- Fauci and Walensky the federal governments experts, contradict each other at times.
    That Mr. Evslin argues that the basis for law and society in the United States should be dismissed for his comfort and emotional safety is the pinnacle of elitist thinking. An unvaccinated person is no more risk to Mr. Evslin than a vaccinated person, yet he fears the unvaccinated- why?

  22. The mandatory microchip insertion at birth is next…for society’s good, right Mr. Evslin?

  23. I assume Mr Evslin doesn’t approve of paying for medical benefits of smokers, obese, alcoholics, addicts… Why should we pay for their medical benefits when they choose to put themselves at risk?

  24. You are truly one of the uneducated people wanting to abolish the constitution and freedom. You need to look at the true science and the conflict of interest in the health organizations.

  25. Imagine a ‘vaccine’ so safe you have to be threatened to take it, for a disease which requires you to be tested to know you have (or had) it.

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