Throwback video: Bernie Sanders was ‘very excited’ about Castro

By Leah Jessen

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was once “very excited” about former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“I remember, for some reason or another, being very excited when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba,” the 2020 Democrat said in 1986.

“I was a kid and I remember reading that,” he said in resurfaced footage.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/DonkeyHotey

11 thoughts on “Throwback video: Bernie Sanders was ‘very excited’ about Castro

  1. This commie moron continues to an embarrassment for Vermont…

    Here is an article on his Iran hostage position back in the day(remove the leading and trailing spaces


    • Copy/pasted link…doesn’t go to site…however edited link and it did work:
      Great site and really exposes Sanders for the creeped-out commie cockroach he really is…basically indestructable and extremely pervasive. However were he to get nom Trump would eat him alive with Sanders own words – all this dirt would be looped in RNC campaign ads everywhere. The sane normal ppl and old-school Dems will see this pathological liar for who he really is and always has been.

      I do not believe the party will allow him to get in because he is using their platform to further his own selfish dream of destroying our nation by turning it into yet another Marxist fascist dictatorship installed by mob rule while contributing nothing to the party in any way nor advancing their agenda.

      • Interesting…
        Posted on January 17, 2020 by Paul Mirengoff in Bernie Sanders
        Sympathy for Sanders? I have none

        Peter Shumlin, the former governor of Vermont and a Democrat, had this to say about Bernie Sanders, his fellow Vermonter:
        “What I’ve seen in Bernie’s politics is he and his team feel they’re holier than the rest. In the end, they will play dirty because they think that they pass a purity test that Republicans and most Democrats don’t pass…”

  2. Is there a fascist murderous dictator that Comrade Sanders does not admire? Comrade Bernard conveniently glosses the reason for the many supporters of Castro was bc he gunned down all the rest…Communism always comes at the barrel of a gun and entire reason for disarming us…
    And were Bernie to make it to power his Antifa goons and other assorted thugs will do no less to those of us who despise this smiling maniacal handwaving madman and waste of skin.

    • Pat Leahy loves Cuba too, he vacations there on the taxpayers money. Vermonters, of which I’m born and raised are a special kind of stupid to keep electing these anti-American crooks into office. Peter Welch is poster boy for the Peter Principal and Comrade Bernard from Brooklyn has enriched himself through capitalism, has 3 homes, a very expensive sports car but wants the rest of us in a cardboard shack sucking off the government teat. None of them got in office with my help.

  3. Sanders has been “on the attack” to implement:

    Open borders.
    Let all illegals in.
    No questions asked.
    We will sort it out at the voting booth after all are enrolled as card-carrying members of the Democrat Party
    Give each such illegal all bennies, plus a green card, plus eventual citizenship.

    Free electric vehicles for the poor
    Free deep energy retrofits of the housing for the poor
    Free heat pumps, solar systems and batteries for the poor
    Free highly insulated/highly sealed housing for the poor
    Free healthcare for the poor and illegals
    Free education for the poor and illegals
    Free energy for the poor and illegals

    Job requirements to get all those government bennies?

    Here is what happens with open borders, courtesy of the Muslim-sympathizing Obama era.
    Pelosi, Sanders, Leahy and all the rest voted deportations and wall building during the Obama years, but are adamantly against it during the Trump years.
    Anyone with the least bit of curiosity who elected Omar, US Rep Minnesota, need only watch this video taken at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

    People in Minnesota don’t call it Mall of America anymore; they call it Mall of Somalia.

    There are now 100,000 Somalians living in Minneapolis. They have taken over Minneapolis city hall and Minnesota attorney general office (Keith Ellison). They are re-writing local laws. They have taken over Mall of America. We have a friend who retired last year from the Minneapolis police; his beat was the Mall of America. The shoplifting (under the burkas) is out of control. Last year there was a knife fight in Macy’s. Once there was a waiting list for storefronts there. Now there are empty shops everywhere.

    My cousin’s friend was the manager at Burlington coat factory until he quit last year. He said the women would put their kids in the toy section where they would open all the packages and play with the toys while the moms shopped. Then they would just leave the toys and packaging in the aisles and walk out. Also, the women would not use the restroom (for reasons I do not know) but instead would actually pee and poop in the dressing rooms.

    Minnesota’s 5th district (the infamous Omar in the US Congress who is in divorce proceedings for two-timing), has been identified by the FBI as having the highest rate of Islamist terrorist recruitment in the United States… no surprise that Omar got elected. The Jew-hating Anti-America sentiment isn’t just something that Omar is expressing for herself, but also represents the mindset of the District.

  4. Bernie, from Brooklyn, NY City, is a Socialist/Communist at heart.
    He even celebrated his honeymoon, in his pajamas, in the USSR, to prove he was one of THEM.
    He loved Castro of Cuba and Chavez of Venezuela, two most admired leaders, by Communists.

    Warren is merely a Socialist, who thought she had 1/1024 fraction of Native American blood, and told everyone she was a Native American. How deluded can one be?
    There likely are tens of millions of US-born people, who have 1/1024 fraction of Native American blood.


    Sanders is a loud-shouting, arm-waving, multi-millionaire, SOCIALIST, from Brooklyn, NY City, career politician with destructive disdain for the private sector, getting close to 80 years old, with three houses, and a $70,000 Audie (supporting the GERMAN worker), and

    – Flying FOR FREE on private planes spewing CO2, for spouting his SOCIALIST and GLOBAL WARMING rhetoric nationwide on some else’s dime (his foundation is buying carbon offsets, a cost of “doing business”; a PR gesture!), and

    – Not liking a proper barrier to protect the US southern border (purposely enticing unskilled, uneducated, sickly illiterates, not successful in their own country, to easily enter the US, because they will ultimately become Democrat voters!), and

    – Having his own tax-exempt foundation to finance misdeeds to undermine the private sector (don’t pay me those speaking fees, as I would have to pay federal and state income taxes, pay my tax-exempt foundation!), and

    – Promising more and more goodies to his favored supporters, including free health care for everyone, including for 11 to 15 million illegals, and forgiveness of student debt (setting a poor example for their future behavior) to raise his fading poll numbers, and a $15/y minimum wage with full benefits, and

    – Campaigning for even more US-style Socialism to benefit his foundation, a la Clinton and a la Gore, all smooth-operating, self-serving hucksters!! They know how to play the game to their advantage.

  5. Those videos say more about who Bernie really is than all of his rhetoric while running for president.

  6. Sen Bernard Sanders, we all know he promotes a Socialist agenda, so why
    not a Communist agenda with Fidel Castro as his mentor?

    We know he’s not a Democrat, even though he runs as one, but he labels
    himself as an Independent in VT, but pushes a socialist agenda, so why
    not a communist agenda and people are worried about Russia intervention?

    Vermont should hang its head with him as a Senator, throwback … yes
    throw him back to NY.

    • “Sen Bernard Sanders, we all know he promotes a Socialist agenda, so why
      not a Communist agenda”

      Hey CH,, the reasoning is communism is only achievable thru the use of guns by the politicians where as socialism can be enacted thru the ballot box then they take your guns…think of it as
      2 piles of qurap socialism is the one with sprinkles….

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