The NH House passed a bill protecting parental rights if you refuse to vaccinate a child

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

The COVID Cult has a problem. All their ideas are bad. And one of them was to punish parents for refusing to let their child get injected with an experimental pharmaceutical product they don’t need that could kill them.

These are facts. They don’t need the COVID19 vaccine, and children have died after getting it.

But somewhere out there is a political party filled with folks who think the State should separate parents from their kids and inject them with experimental drugs.

Even though the kids do not need it, and children have died after getting it.

We live in a sad state when something like this has to be legislated. We need a law to prevent the government from taking kids from parents who won’t take those sorts of risks with their children.

The New Hampshire legislature got the message. Parents have rights, and this bill that just passed the NH house is essential and timely.

The Bill is HB1280:

A parent’s decision not to have their child vaccinated pursuant to an order of the state or federal government or any agency or person of the same shall not be used as grounds to terminate parental rights.

It now moves to the NH Senate, also Republican majority, but not the right sort of Republicans. To ensure it finds its way to the governor, they’ll need a lot of hand-holding (that’s a euphemism for a significant grassroots effort).

I know there are a lot of bills just like it, but not many will prevent miscreants from terminating parental rights over something as dangerous as the COVID19 vaccines.

The Republican majority in the NH House passed many good bills this week (and stopped some bad ones), but let’s not forget about this one.

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One thought on “The NH House passed a bill protecting parental rights if you refuse to vaccinate a child

  1. As I’ve said in this forum before, conniving and conflict of interest are ALLOWED between government officers (say in the CDC and NIH) and private corporations (say Pfizer – whose reach into the US via government officers is assured in, eg, NPOs, start up companies, and through federal grants and the government officers who can order the National Science Foundation to print those grants in any language they choose). It is called the Bayh-Dole Act, was intended to “prime the pump” for small companies in late Cold War (and, as Republicans would say, “get government off its ass”) – and now it NEEDS TO BE AMENDED TO AVOID LEGALLY USING CITIZENS AS GUINEA PIGS FOR DRUG TESTING, CREATING “GREEN ALTERNATIVES TO ENERGY” (which do not work) & etc. It is bad enough the government uses your dollars to DIRECTLY ASSIST businesses…when it comes to using your kids as lab rats and taking your practical heating away for experimental windmills and solar panels, the slap in the American face from foreign interests (for one) really has resonance.

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