Thayer: Time for Vermonters to pay closer attention

This letter is by Gregory Thayer, of Rutland.

The Democratic leadership is licking their lips with a bigger super-duper majority in the Legislature for this next two years. There are 150 elected House members and 30 Senate members in the Vermont General Assembly. After this past general election across Vermont, there will be 112 Democrat/Progressives in the House and 23 in the Senate. This immediate past biennium, Democrats/Progressives had 104 in the House and the same 23 in the Senate.

There will only be 38 Republicans in the House and seven in the Senate. I accept the people’s vote and the outcomes from this past election. According to the Vermont Election Unit there are 506,666 registered voters here in Vermont, and only 291,898 Vermonters voted — that is a dismal voter turnout of 57.6%. And of these voters, only 96,000 Republicans voted — that’s only 18.95% of all statewide registered voters. What is wrong with people not exercising their constitutional right to have your voice heard? And turnouts weren’t much better in the 2020 general election cycle either. Remember both of these elections we had mail-in ballot procedures, where every person (and many others) received blank ballots, and voter turnout is no higher. It simply creates a lot of questions, fraud and integrity issues of the real outcomes.

David Zuckerman said on election night: “Throughout this campaign, I’ve highlighted the economic stress Vermonters are facing. The anxiety, the economic stress, combined with the anxiety of our planetary climate crisis, is weighing folks down.”

He added: “The breakdown of our democracy and respectful discourse of people with different political differences is weighing people down. People are tired. We need leaders who are willing to step up and meet these huge challenges we’re facing right now.”

No doubt David, but you and your party and your Marxist ideology have been leading our state for the past 20 years. It is safe to say that by your own words and the many problems facing Vermonters that you and your party are the problem, and the reason for the stress and hardships for every single Vermonter. There was no compare-and-contrast in the recent election cycle, so the media is not doing their job. They helped create this mess.

Vermonters need to do more to learn about what is going on in their community and under the Golden Dome. Do people really want this type of government control, big spending and less liberty by big brother? I understand that there are already 90 bills ready to hit the floor when the Legislature convenes in early January — more control laws. As I traveled across our beautiful state over the past couple of years hosting town halls and running for statewide public office, I listened to people, and I do not believe this is what you want for you or your family. I do not believe that everyday Vermonters support more government control. and that you understand the truth.

First, I’m asking that you understand the left’s use of fuzzy, feel good words. They are changing the meaning of simple words like diversity and inclusion, and programs like SEL (Social Emotional Learning). Second, these people are satisfying their Marxist agenda driven by national left-wing politics. Third, “We The People” are so busy in our lives with family, work and paying these high bills; to that end, I believe that many great Vermonters do not know the seriousness of what the Democratic Party leaders are doing to us.

Respectfully, my fellow Vermonters, you need to pay attention to what is going on before your paycheck, assets, inheritance and your first born are taken over by the state government. We need to have a conversation about the facts. There are daily publications at your fingertips: True North Reports and Vermont Daily Chronicle are two sources to start with. Also, you can watch legislative committee meetings on demand on your computer through the Vermont Legislature website, with no commentary by the left or the right. You hear what your legislator is saying and wants to do, then you can decide.

Also, my Vermonters for Vermont Initiative will be hosting different town halls and forums on policies being debated that will affect you.

In the end, I firmly believe that if we pay more attention to our voting choices, Vermont will be a better place with a more perfect union.

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9 thoughts on “Thayer: Time for Vermonters to pay closer attention

  1. Richard Ley
    December 13, 2022
    I just got off the phone with my representative Arthur Peterson in Clarendon Vermont

    He defends the lies of the republican party and the censorship of those who want to tell the truth

    I just relayed to him that after his 5-volt win I’m disappointed in voting for him

    Does anyone in their right mind wonder why republicans are losing in the state of Vermont? It’s probably because there is absolutely no trust in the republican party.

    He told me he felt it was right to be censored because I was telling the truth.

    Who in there right mind believes this garbage?

    All I can say is his 5-volt margin of winning will definitely be reduced in the next election if he chooses to run again.

    As a lifelong vermoner I’m disturbed when people filter into our state and want to censor you for being honest.

    Is there anyone else here who has to question why no one shows up to vote because we have no one worthy of voting for?

    Vermont will be lost until we elect candidates who support our constitutional rights and are willing to defend them.


    Arthur my question is are we being sold out at the hands of people who moved into Vermont to bring us to the leftist agenda?

    When we defy the writers of the constitution we are no longer viable representation in government.

    You are a sell out the people in the state of Vermont when you refuse to uphold our constitutional rights for your own benefit

    This is disgraceful

  2. Greg,

    I’ve been sitting here for a couple of days wondering if I should comment on this post or not and I think to be transparent it is completely necessary.

    I’m going to a try to attach a video from Mark Levin who appeared on Hannity last night.

    First of all I’m going to say that I have been blocked on republican pages because I am totally honest about things and they do not agree with a couple of things.. free speech and honesty.

    You Greg are one of the guilty parties… When it was time to expose the truth what did you do you decided to block me..

    You along with others participated in a write-in campaign for you for lieutenant governor after your voted out in the primary.

    Greg you posed for pictures and you decided exactly the verbiage that would be used on the website that was created by an artful person and paid for by me.

    You even offered money to pay for the website and we said no that we felt it was our duty to keep Joe Benning from being elected lieutenant governor.

    You had some real descriptive names when we spoke with you and plenty of reasons why Joe Benning should never be voted into represent us.

    You know full well you were totally involved in the right end campaign and yet you chose to lie to people about it.. and if that wasn’t enough right before the election you went on to endorse Joe Benning.

    And the reason I’m doing this is not to embarrass you but it’s too expose you to the public just like you expose other candidates to the public for their deceit.

    I don’t think any candidate should hold public office after they lied to the people and then go on to promote the very people that they did not want elected to begin with.

    I agree you’re right that we need to look at every candidate with a magnifying glass before we even begin to consider them for public office..

    From this day on I would never support you as a candidate after you denying the truth and then going on to encourage people to vote for a man who was endorsing and voting for article 22 which any republican and any person concerned for our children and our families would never do…

    I understand you claimed it was because you were coerced by many in the republican party to change your stance and do away with your write in campaign.

    If you don’t have guts enough to stand up and do what is right how can we consider you as a viable political candidate?

    If you came in under little pressure by people who are doing the wrong thing how can we consider you a viable political candidate?

    I was called a liar by Kevin Douherty who is a member of the Clarendon republican committee and I believe administers their page and the Rutland county republicans page.. I was blocked on those pages after I refuted his statement and started to post the truth about your involvement in your write in campaign… I was forced to take those actions because he said you told him you were not involved..

    There was from Jim Sexton I believe to True North reports that announced you a write-in campaign and there was a follow-up letter after you denied it was true…

    Are you going to call all of us liars that were involved with you in generating a writte in campaign?

    You claim to be a christian and you claimed to be totally opposed to article 22 and then you went on to lie about your involvement in you’re write in
    campaign only to go on and endorse Joe Benning.

    However I do agree with you that we need more scrutiny before we elect another person to represent us in the republican party that is not a conservative candidate.

    The war cry from the republican party was to elect republicans.

    I kept telling them give us republicans to elect and we will gladly do that.

    We were sold out by the GOP in the state of Vermont who not only pushed candidates that wanted to violate our gun rights but wanted to slaughter The unborn and mutilate our children and take away parental rights.

    Who in their right mind would show up to vote when we don’t have candidates worth voting for?

    So when you do scrutinize candidates regardless of what party they are in you are denounced for doing it and have your constitutional rights taken from you.

    I sent an email to my recently re-elected representative, Art Peterson regarding Kevin Douherty, since the three of us our members of the Clarendon republican committee. I’m waiting to see what Arthur has to say and what he will do about censorship.

    Arthur, after a recount, only one this reelection by five voted.

    You’re right the republican party has a lot of work they need to do so we can start to elect some conservative republicans to office.

    They are not going to do it using the methods they currently use.

    I found it very supportive after watching Levin on the news last night.. he seems to be in total agreement with everything I have been saying for the past few years…

    Will you attempt to censor Levin as well?

  3. I’m going to remind you all what Andrew Breitbart said about politics being downstream of culture..
    I’ve said many times that we need a cultural revolution to change’s the culture that brought us here and it’s going to be the culture that drives us out of here.

    The Left has largely dominated darn near everything for some 40+ years now and look at where we are. Their time should be up.. I do believe this is what Elon Musk is thinking as well.

    • It is appalling, grotesque, that the ‘leader’ who beat me out of a seat in the Vermont house of representatives is advertising (and apparently proud) to be the sponsor of over a dozen ‘programs’ that are nothing less than welfare programs. These elected people who are rubber-stamping socialist give-away programs that will do nothing but exacerbate the problems should be hanging their heads low, not celebrating it like it was a victory.

      40+ years have led us to this point. God help the masses for being so blind. It will not last, that is for sure. And when it fails miserably, like it always does, they will come running to people like us to figure out a way to bail them all out. Pst. Better off to move to Mexico where things are still fair. Just don’t give up your guns is all. Don’t come crawling to me.

  4. You are so correct Mr. Thayer. People are ignorant about the Social Justice agenda. Social Emotional Learning is not what the school system says it is. There are many published documents that reveal the ugly truth about SEL,brquitu and the Social Justice agenda.

    One article I read about phycho data mining children was published in the Journal of Educational Policy. The article stated that SEL needs to be understood for the political and economical control and management of the population.

    There are many other organizations focused on SEL, Social Justice and equity, with the most prominent being the United Nations. They are the ones pushing what is occuring relative to hormone blockers and sex change surgeries, without parental consent. The US signed the UN treaty on Childrens Rights, you can look it up. This international agreement robs Americans of there legal rights over their children. According to the UN, children have the right to change their sex or gender, which is why parents in the US are being threatened with prison time for trying to stop their minor children from undergoing such treatment.

    Other organisations pushing this agenda are the WEF, UNESCO and USAID. USAID in one document I read defined equity as the redistribution of resources financial and institutional to create equal outcomes.

    I read another document from UNESCO, and they are requesting that higher Educational institutions need to change their Educational curriculum to support the UN sustainability goals. The article went as far as directing all universities to censor all conservatives. I believe this is why all conservatives are being censored in America. Our legacy media are stakeholders, supporting the Great Reset.

    The same attacks are occuring in all Western countries,Busch as Canada, the US and Australia. These attacks use the same negative critique relative to colonialism, racism and the UN sustainability goals. Their goal is to destroy capitalism and install a neo-Communist, fascist stakeholder capitalist global government. According to the WEF, one of these stakeholders is Mark Zuckerberg and his Metaverse technology. The WEF wants to create a government corporate monopoly on education. Using school mergers, they plan to create a global educational experience using tech ED and AI.

  5. It’s all about image. People believe that democrats care for them and republicans care about themselves and their wealthy pals. No question that it’s a lie but until the majority are educated to the truth then dems will control the government.

  6. I caution the supermajority and all officials to throttle their egos and their plans. There is a force, far greater and far more powerful, that will do it for them should they tread upon the people like grapes in a vat. They may drink themselves into a stupor believing they hold great power. Many before them thought the same thing. In those days, in the blink of an eye, the power was stripped and the walls collapsed. Those days are coming around again. The choice is theirs to make today and they shall reap what they sow.

  7. Re: “that is a dismal voter turnout…”.

    Not really:
    In 2020, according to Ballotpedia, Vermont had one of the highest voter turnout rates in the country at 74.21%. The U.S. average turnout was 66.7%. In the 2022 midterms Vermonters ‘set a record’ with 291,955 voters, approximately 60% of eligible voters.

    Re: “What is wrong with people not exercising their constitutional right to have your voice heard?”

    What are you talking about? I’m not a registered Republican, and yet I voted a straight Republican ticket. It’s not that most people don’t want their voices heard, but that they didn’t vote the way you wanted them to.

    Re: “Vermonters need to do more to learn about what is going on in their community and under the Golden Dome.”

    What makes you think we don’t know what’s going on?

    Re: “First, I’m asking that you understand the left’s use of fuzzy, feel good words.”

    Again: What makes you think we don’t understand what’s being said?

    The fact you continue to ignore is that 40% of the Vermont workforce is employed by the heavily tax-subsidized health, education, and government sectors. Add to that those who work for non-profit special interest groups. Vermont has the highest per capita non-profit registration in the U.S.. It’s an unsurmountable voting bloc. Yes, two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

    With all due respect, comments like yours are the same-old, same-old. Nothing new. Nothing pertinent. Nothing imaginative. Perhaps someone else needs to ‘pay closer attention’.

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