Ted Ropple: Pandemic amnesty? Seriously?

This commentary is by Ted Ropple, of West Charleston.

Today I read an article in The Atlantic titled “Let’s declare a pandemic amnesty” by Emily Oster. Central to the piece is a plea to let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget because everyone involved in the pandemic response was working in everybody’s best interests.

I use that stuff to fertilize the garden.

“Everybody’s best interests” did not drive the pandemic response: lust for power and control of people’s lives did, combined with the usual looting of the public treasury. We suffered lockdowns, masking, social distancing and all the rest, culminating in the largest fraud of all, vaccination.

None of these mandates would stop the spread, and there was plenty of evidence at hand supporting that assertion very early on, if you were willing to read and listen to actual doctors and scientists. The disease does not significantly affect healthy adults, and children least of all. This has been established across the world. Instead of protecting the vulnerable, our ersatz leaders decided to take a shot at controlling everyone.

The Great Barrington Declaration was published in October 2020, and not only detailed an effective, science-based response to the pandemic, but also predicted the physical and mental health problems we are facing now caused by our elected and unelected rulers who chose to invoke a very peculiar brand of scientism, where their facts and edicts were unassailable. The media, including The Atlantic, were their willing partners and enforcers.

Mask up, shut up and get vaccinated. Then get boosted. Again. Again! Where are we at now? The fifth shot? The vaccine that went from “If you get it you won’t catch the disease,” to “Well, you’ll still catch it but it won’t be as bad and you won’t spread it,” to, finally, “We never tested to see if the vaccination stopped the spread, and you’ll probably catch it more than once.”

Now it’s the vaccinated who are continuously coming down with the virus. Ask CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. She’s had the whole vaccination series and boosters, coupled with Paxlovid, and has tested positive three, maybe four times? Or has it been more? So much for the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated and the “Winter of Severe Illness and Death,” eh, Joe?

Dig into the data and you’ll find there’s a much more horrible side to the mRNA vaccination story. It’s starting to leak out around the edges, and I’m guessing it won’t be long until it’s allowed to be discussed in this country. Deaths are up significantly within the cohorts that should not be dying — people in the prime of their life. I never heard of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) until the mRNA vaccines were deployed.

They locked down our businesses, destroying many. Jobs and careers were lost and damaged by politically-driven policies and mandates. The world economy has been broken in ways that will take years to repair, if repairable at all. The United States economy has been shoved into an inflationary spiral due to the unnecessary injection of money, all under the guise of fighting the pandemic, but in reality enriching the ruling class across the Western world, and continuing the destruction of the middle class.

Worst of all is the toll that these policies have had on our children. They were locked down and socially isolated in the most formative years of their lives, and for what? We knew at the pandemic’s onset that this disease was shucked off like a common cold by the average child. But lockdowns were enacted, primarily at the behest of that major donor class: teachers unions. We are now seeing the damage done not only in drastically lower testing scores, but also in major increases in mental health issues among students.

Adding insult to injury, many states have been put into the position by the CDC to require their children to submit to the mRNA vaccine before they’ll be allowed to attend school. Why exactly was this recommendation made? Again, children are not seriously affected by the bug, and it’s a proven fact that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission. The only possible reason left that I can see is to not interrupt the revenue stream for Pfizer and Moderna, and to extend the liability protections they currently enjoy.

I can only surmise that the powers that be and their accomplices in the media are feeling the tremors preceding the election next week, and this missive is just a trial balloon to gauge reactions.

Here’s a reaction: Never forget, and never forgive any person responsible for creating and enforcing the policies and mandates in response to the late pandemic. They were contemptible actions, and warrant removal from elected office, or appointed bureaucratic office at a minimum. Remove these people from the public sphere. Criminal and civil charges need to be filed, tried and adjudicated. Prisons need new inmates, and those enriched by the pandemic should be stripped of their ill-gotten gains.

Let bygones be bygones; forgive and forget?

I think not.

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21 thoughts on “Ted Ropple: Pandemic amnesty? Seriously?

  1. True forgiveness comes with the desire to receive it, not because it’s deserved. Along with that desire has to come repentance. I only know of one place where that kind of forgiveness can be found.
    (Hint: see 1 John 1: 8-9)

  2. It would seem that we should take our cue from what was done in the countries with the lowest rates of infection.

    Did they base rate reports on diagnoses, or did they base them on hospitalizations? If on the latter, it is not in our best interest to take a look at how they handled the pandemic.

    If on the latter, we should look at what they did to curtail the spread.

    As Michael Lewis reported in his book, “Premonition,” back in the old days, the Director of the CDC had to make a judgment call when a pandemic threatened– to decree mass vaccine production and mass immunizations, or to take a chance that the country would dodge the bullet. If they chose successfully, nobody would die from a reaction to an unneeded vaccine or else thousands would be spared the agonies of a dangerous disease. The CDC director made a bad call with swine flu (it never became a pandemic), and when 27 people died from the vaccination, the government ended the practice of choosing the next director from the ranks of the professionals who staffed CDC. It became a political sinecure, with the result of having the first Trump appointee to the post praising the occupier of the White House as his first piece of business.

    It didn’t help that both Steve Bannon and John Bolton made it their business to dismantle the CDC’s office of emergency preparedness, the department that kept track of emerging pathogens and alerted the rest of the agency to take steps to create a counter, determine what public measures need be taken and keep the White House and Congress informed (see the movie “Contagion,” for an idea of how this used to work). As a result, four months were lost in developing a good vaccine.

    As a result, the vaccines that were developed did not go through the usual safety checks and the CDC, conforming to White House preferences, never getting a handle on the true nature of transmission, badly misinformed the public about safeguarding itself and failed to provide Congress with needed facts.

    The message the public has gotten from all of this is, “Government is bad for you. Elect us, and we will prove it.”

    • But they preached it was “safe and effective “. And it was “patriotic” to get your shots. Skeptics were labeled selfish, dangerous and grandama killers. Anyone that actually read the SEC filings by moderna and phizer for intial eua authorization knew that even the manufacturers admitted the shots could prevent neither infection nor transmission. And…you forgot to mention the Word Economic Forum. I beleive they are the main culprits behind the covid cabal, globalist minded governments, big pharma, mainstream media all fell in line, collecting their chips along the way.

  3. The plandemic perpetrators shall receive justice, not amnesty.

    “Justice, proportionate to the crimes committed, would look like military tribunals. It would mean consigning corporate executives and government bureaucrats to death row or life imprisonment. It would bear witness to the professional and personal ruination of late-night hosts, Pulitzer-winning columnists, and politicians, who would never again be able to show their faces in the light of day. Publications, television networks, and think tanks would be shuttered in shame; writers, anchors, and researchers would never be able to work again. Assets and endowments would be seized and redistributed as reparations. The guilty would be written into the books as the villains of the century. And when, like the Romans at the mercy of the Gauls, they would ask for amnesty, we would reply like Brennus: ‘Woe to the conquered.'”

    – Pedro Gonzalez



  4. Excellent article.

    Emerging revelations concerning biolabs and documentation found on the Hunter Biden Laptop expose the intentional nature of the plandemic as a means to steal the election.

    “Think about the absolute magnitude of this. Russia and China are directly accusing the last three US democratic presidential families, George Soros, Bill Gates, and many others, of conducting a multiple decades long plan to create an international biological weapons network, to create pathogens so they could unleash them on the public to gain world control, use their control of the media and the BILLIONS from forced vaccinations to supply their campaigns and maintain control of information, so their citizenry don’t find out about what is actually going on. Think about 2000 Mules and how the man-made pathogen C19 made way for this scheme, and helps the DNC maintain control.”




  5. I want the Governor and the VT Department of Health to take some responsibility! I want them to own up to mistakes and own up to blindly following “the data” when all they had to do was acknowledge and listen to alternative voices to realize that “the data” was arbitrary and capricious and designed to mislead and harm.

    Like others, I’m not about to forgive and forget and none of us can, least this complete bastardization of science and decency happens again to our children or their children. Never again.


  6. The mea culpa is too late. Ignorance is not a defense. Timing is highly suspect. Perhaps the sudden adult death syndrome, exploding rates of cancer and heart disease, strokes, and mulitudes of other “unprecedented” medical issues in children and young adults is settling in on the conscience of those who still have one.

  7. There is no forgiveness until there’s retribution against the people who overstepped their positions to become dictators of fear. The damage they caused can’t be fixed by them saying their sorry, they need to pay the price for it, and I still will have no respect or trust for government and health care. I will not comply…

  8. There should be more comments like these. These are human stories of tragedy and suffering. My business was shut down and I also had 2 other part time jobs that were lost. My children were afraid to visit for fear that they might infect their older father. The government stole two years of my life that I will never get back. I’m lucky though as many others lost their lives or are damaged and other still not knowing what else will happen to them.

    I smelled a rat early on and told others that none of this added up. I didn’t get the jab and I was treated like I was a leper. This caused me to worry about how far the authoritarian dictates of the Vermont health authorities would go. They were forcing an untested nanotechnology gene therapy with emergency use only. We were lied to, restricted in our movements, denied our families, our work and our socialization.

    The government told us all to go into the room were we will all receive a shower as they locked the door behind us. We were so fearful we all entered. Does this sound familiar? This is no different than what happened here. Our government locked the door in front of us by giving big Pharma immunity from prosecution to push there poison. This must never happen again. None of these people have apologized or felt any same. I still smell a rat. The media, big tech, that cellphone you love so much and our government leaders have expressed no shame. There will never be a forgiveness for this and those who are still pushing this poison need to stop and they need to leave our children alone.

    I’m old now but not ready to lay down my freedom. I do want to live long enough to see that those people responsible all this destruction, death, damage and misery are all brought to justice for crimes against humanity. Amnesty, Hell no!!!!

  9. I could write a book on my covid experience but sadly my story is far from unique. I was name called, shamed, canceled, shunned, censored, demonized, ostracized, not allowed entry, banned from travel, told i was not a scientist despite a degree in science, divorced and so much more. But in the dark there is light. I was elected to my local school board and never have and never will stop speaking the truth.
    Most importantly, i did not, nor did my children, succumb to the authoritarian pressure. Pure bloods and proud. Greatest lesson i have ever taught my kids. Neither they nor I will ever forget. One day you will be judged.

  10. A couple of comments on this. First of all, the commentary by Emily Oster may be intended to gauge if they can get away with “forgiveness” and to plan their next move. I say “they” because I’m assuming that there are conspirators involved in this whole Covid operation. Let me explain.

    The most telling set of facts pointing to conspirators is the ongoing organized attempt to suppress safe and effective drugs against Covid-19 and in their place to substitute the vaccines (arguably dangerous) and Remdesivir, undoubtedly dangerous. Dr. Merly Nass wrote a masterly analysis of what happened with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and from that we can surmise that there were indeed conspirators working against safe drugs that would’ve saved countless lives. https://ahrp.org/how-a-false-hydroxychloroquine-narrative-was-created/ One example: instead of using standard doses of HCQ to treat Covid early, huge, near-lethal doses were used in deathly sick patients and from that regime the conclusion was “no benefit.” Yet by the time of these trials we knew that HCQ and other drugs were beneficial primarily in the early stages of the disease when they could halt viral replication; later in the disease the inflammatory response would kick in and HCQ would have little benefit. And we have to ask: whose protocol were they following when they gave huge, near-lethal (or actually lethal) doses of HCQ? Answer: no one’s. There was no hospital or physician anywhere in the world using those doses. They used those doses because they needed to “prove” that HCQ was ineffective and using safe doses wouldn’t fill the bill.

    So before we doing any “forgiving” we need to ask: why were these safe drugs suppressed, and who did it? People died because of this and the remarkable thing about this suppression is that HCQ and other drug candidates for Covid had been used safely for decades. Not so for remdesivir, yet this became the dangerous drug of choice. So who pushed that drug, and why?

    We need answers.

    But let’s also consider another fact about this potential vast conspiracy, and we have to call it what it is because it was set into motion by coordinated efforts of the WHO, world-wide health departments, and the medical journals who all went along with the HCQ suppression scheme. This fact, unpleasant as it may be to consider, is that perhaps the people pulling the strings behind all this– Gates, Schwab, Fauci, and others– may have intended to kill people. Before we recoil in alarm consider that what the Nazi’s did was, in their eyes, necessary to purify the race of diseased members and save the world. The people who deliberately orchestrated the suppression of safe drugs may have likewise been motivated to save the planet from CO2 catastrophe, which (so the latest thinking goes) is rooted in a simple problem: overpopulation. Thus, the need to get rid of these contaminants, these vermin, that are ruining the earth. Or at least, that would be the moral justification for the evil, the cover needed to carry things through. So in that scenario, suppressing life-saving drugs would actually be the moral thing to do, in the view of psychopaths.

    This is a lot; I know. But we have to go there because what actually happened was, as is, disgraceful, and harmed and destroyed so many lives and it never had to be that way. We knew of another saner, safer path early on but voices of protest were suppressed, ridiculed, and demonized worldwide in what looks like another coordinated effort.

    I suspect maybe the “forgiveness” ploy was just testing the waters. There are many disruptions facing us in the near future including potential nuclear war, diesel fuel shortages which will further disrupt supply lines, and potentially massive censorship to “save our democracy.” Maybe they’re just trying to see which way the wind blows.

    Forgiveness will come well after we have some serious answers.


  11. Pandemic amnesty…….Seriously?”, Nah, they played with fire and they deserve to
    get burned !!!

    If these are the brightest we have, we are in trouble profit or peoples lives, and all the
    money that was fronted to these pharmaceutical companies should be refunded to the

  12. I don’t know anyone at all that has not had their lives impacted in some very serious way..
    People have lost many people around them, their loves ones died in pain and alone.
    People have been made sterile and lost babies.
    Our kids education has been destroyed.
    Many, many families have been destroyed from this.
    The fallout is more and deeper than can even be described and the worst thing of all is that none of this needed to go this way.

    This has been an attack on our nation and there are many ways in which we will never recover.
    Forgive, give amnesty? Never.
    The people that have done this to us should be tried for war crimes against humanity.
    We The People need to demand this happen.

  13. Governor Scott and the majority leaders in Montpelier announced the following today, based upon the News that DHS will suppress as much free speech as it takes to Preserve Democracy


    Scott lamented, ” We can’t have orange people making claims and asking questions, it undermines the authority of our democracy”

    Balint chimed in, ” If it’s good enough for DHS, it’s good enough for Vermonters!”

    Bernie was relieved and you could see the weight off his shoulders at the press event on his lake house lawn, “You know I dreamed, ever since I was elected mayor by this punk kids at UVM, that our country not just Burlington would adopt these wonderful soviet tactics. It’s been a long time working.”

    Anne Galloway, former chief, propagandist at VT Digger, ” We told DHS….even in Vermont people are starting to wake up. We had to cut all commentaries off because people were asking questions and stating facts. It’s much easier just to eliminate all free speech. We are so happy they took our advice.

    7 Days and VPR were seen thoughing a bash of epic proportions, live bands, champagne, caviar, fireworks….everyone at the party was heard shouting, “We can say what ever we want no! Nobody can question us!!!! YEAH>>>>

    Marxists in drag (disguised as democrats) were all gathered around on the front lawn of the capital and chanted non stop for 6 hours…Gov Scott lead them of to the rousing chant.

    Hey Ho, Free Speech has got to go! Hey Ho, Free Speech has got to go!

  14. Thank you for your commentary. I completely agree on all accounts. Lawyers are bringing other key issues into the limelight to include humans as GMOs. It turns out that the shot reverse transcribes into people’s DNA, modifying people’s DNA. Humans are officially generically modified. There were two studies that proved this outcome. The first instance using monkey liver cells and the 2nd using human cells. So does this mean that humans can be pattented? Imagine, that being patented property of a drug company.

    Now let’s talk about the hospital protocols, which killed thousands people, due to the use of Remdesivir. Remdesivir failed the ebola clinical trials as it killed over 50 percent of the trial participants. The drug causes organ failure. My father was given Remdesivir and died of organ failure. He was also starved. He refused to see his family because after two weeks of hospital treatment, he was skin and bones. My father was only 76. Some how hospitals can keep comma patients from deteriorating to skin and bones, but not COVID-19 patients. They robbed my daughter of a rewarding high school experience, forced my husband to retire, and pitted community members against each other based on vaccination status. I am a dancer and still am not allowed to participate in the dance community. I will never forget and never forgive!

  15. We’ve had our families divided by arbitrary mandates. People were targeted by area and free thinkers were deemed stupid by our governor in weekly pressers. People are still being targeted by the state (different agencies, same state) for their stances during the scamdemic. I’ve personally had people who took oaths or their profession tell me to crawl under a rock and die, literally. People would have literally died of starvation for fear of standing up to their power hungry government. Businesses were harassed, closed and lost as the box store and internet shopping cultures thrived.

    Now, they want a pandemic amnesty. How did that work during the Nuremberg trials? Are professionals forgiven for violating their sacred oath of “do no harm”? Should management be forgiven for “just following orders”? Last but not least, should our leaders be given a free pass when they make uninformed decisions when their is readily available references available for them? I say nay. Each and all should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

  16. They were ‘only following orders’.

    That defense didn’t work at Nuremberg. It shouldn’t work here in this case either. Especially when it comes to any mandated experimental vaccination of children.

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