Study says stricter voter ID laws do not lead to voter suppression

By Nick Givas

Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams said voter ID laws do not lead to voter suppression Wednesday on “Fox & Friends,” citing a study from The National Bureau of Economic Research.

“This is a huge survey,” Adams said. “Fifty-thousand sampled. They discovered that voter ID has absolutely no negative impact on voters — something most of us already knew, a small fringe of dishonest people didn’t know. They make money off of this. They raise huge sums of money to pay lawyers to attack states that implement voter ID … This is something most Americans agree with, and now we know it doesn’t do any harm.”

The study examined 10 states with voter ID laws, including Georgia and Wisconsin. It found minorities were not negatively affected by the measures, Adams said.

“A huge survey found that it did not effect minorities negatively, which tells you they have been lying,” he added.

“They have been scaring minorities in the worse possible ways about voter ID and election integrity laws. They use it to increase their own power, to create this hysteria, and frankly, Brian, the survey showed that if voter ID does anything, it increases turnout among minorities ever so slightly. So, they have not been telling the American people the truth.”

Adams also specifically mentioned Georgia’s former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and said her loss had nothing to do with voter suppression.

“Stacey Abrams, one of the queen conspiracy theorists, thinks that somehow she lost that race because of a plot. Things like voter ID [and] citizenship verification. She lost that race because she was a radical in a state like Georgia,” he said. “There’s no mystery why she lost, and it wasn’t voter ID.”

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3 thoughts on “Study says stricter voter ID laws do not lead to voter suppression

  1. But how will the demontards be able to win if they can’t use dead people, multiple voting, and boxes of prefilled out ballots conveniently stored in the (D) voter Reg officials trunk?

    We shouldn’t even be discussing this Voter ID requirement when you need ID for banking,driving,drinking,gun ownership,social security,welfare(you know all D voters have one for this),
    and many more things to survive in the US now.

  2. Getting more Honest, Informed Citizens Involved in the Election Process is What Democrats Fear the Most !

    Jimmy Condos and his Democrat compatriots want to keep their opposition at home on Election Day while they lead their minions (both legal and fraudulent) to the polls by the bus loads !

    Voter ID increases participation by giving our citizens the confidence that their vote will not be diluted by duplicate and fraudulent voters overwhelming the election count !

    Let me be crystal clear – Jimmy “C’s” argument that Voter ID suppresses voter participation is a steamy, stinking load of Bovine Excrement !

  3. The study says stricter voter ID laws do not lead to voter suppression, what it leads too is
    an honest election …………………. Something DemocRATs don’t want !!

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