Steve MacDonald: Yes, it’s hot. It’s July. But has it been hotter for longer? Yup.

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Breaking News. The hottest month of the year is going to be hot. Yes, it is, and as it happens, we may see record-breaking temperatures, but does that mean what the Climate Cult wants you to believe? No.

The Marxist chicken-littles, many of them disguised as “journalists,” will have their day. Prophetic headlines with imagine doom. But these are the same cherry-pickers who have yet to predict anything correctly after forty years. Today is no exception. And they only have their professional ancestors to blame.

A lot of documented history and too few Winston Smiths. A problem they have been working to remedy, but until then, we are going to have to contradict the doomsayers.

Yes, it’s hot. It’s July. But it’s been hotter, for longer, when atmospheric CO2 was a sliver of its modern self. And if that’s true, then your entire warming thesis is garbage.

To help us take out that trash, we turn once more to Tony Heller, whose research and resources offer the best bang for the climate cult rebuttal buck. Seven minutes of in-your-face ass-kicking facts worth sharing should you trip over some climate loon on social media.

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2 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Yes, it’s hot. It’s July. But has it been hotter for longer? Yup.

  1. Tony Heller is a research genius. He proves it all with facts and stats, going back over 120 years. Data is there. Mother Nature has cycles. It isn’t all man made by Exxon :)…. It is no wonder that Mr. Heller has before been banned and censored and had to move hosting his site…simply because he is DANGEROUS to the myth of “warming”….which centres all back to Liberals using scare tactics ti gain politial powwer. Here is the best introduction to the massive fraud of Warming data…it is all manipulated and twisted. Watch this…it is teh best 13 minutes you can ever spend. Send it to friends and family. Liberals refuse to watch that I sent it to. Truth wins:

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