John Klar: Progressives lie shamelessly about threat to abortion in Vermont

In its Alinsky-school zeal to craft every issue as an extremist lie, the far left has abandoned facts and truth completely. Rebecca Balint recently claimed that “the word gay is being banned in schools,” which is the left’s lie to rephrase parental efforts to halt controversial gender indoctrination in schools. What she stated is a blatant falsehood, unchallenged by her ideological media allies. But this is a modest deception compared to the hoopla over the appeal of Roe v. Wade.

John Klar

Vermont’s far left would have voters believe there is a “threat” to the “right” of Vermont women to have abortions — one absurd post that made the rounds on Facebook suggested women will now die of ectopic pregnancies for lack of treatment. The result of this anarchic abandonment of facts is a loss of public trust in institutions like the Supreme Court — because of dogmatic politicians like Balint who supplant truth with absurdities.

Though subsequently modified by Casey (now also reversed by Dobbs), the Roe Court essentially tried to implement a Solomonian resolution to arrest the nation’s growing controversy over abortion. But this was an errant function for the Court, venturing into legislating.

One jurist who agreed that Roe was extreme was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who stated in a 1992 speech that Roe “fashion[ed] a regime blanketing the subject, a set of rules that displaced virtually every state law then in force.” Justice Ginsberg claimed Roe represented an “extreme mode of court intervention in social change processes.” In her astute criticism of the Roe Court, Ruth Ginsberg foreshadowed the 6-3 Dobbs decision.

Referencing Vermont’s extremist abortion laws, Dobbs noted that Roe had usurped the normal democratic process for resolving important conflicts:

Americans continue to hold passionate and widely divergent views on abortion, and state legislatures have acted accordingly. Some have recently enacted laws allowing abortion, with few restrictions, at all stages of pregnancy. Others have tightly restricted abortion beginning well before viability. And in this case, 26 States have expressly asked this Court to overrule Roe and Casey and allow the States to regulate or prohibit pre-viability abortions.

The far left dishonestly claims Dobbs is an extremist action by a minority of far-right conservatives, but the opposite is the case — Roe was extremist activism that seeded conflict by its failures. It is thus understandable why Alinsky extremists are outraged: their extremist Roe decision has been swept aside and democracy restored — now the states have to work it out, or the nation via a federal law.

Vermonters’ ability to kill babies in the womb up until birth has never been more guaranteed — the one ruling that might have hurt them was Roe v. Wade because it recognized fetal personhood at viability. But Vermont’s extremists refuse to acknowledge fetal personhood, and thus pregnant women here whose unborn children are killed by domestic abusers or impaired drivers have zero recourse. Even though some 80% of Vermonters oppose late-term abortions, the minority has prevailed to continue performing them, and seeks to memorialize this in Proposal 5, which would extend this “right” to minors as well as grant them the “right” to publicly-funded hormone conversion therapy at any age.

Extremists are now vandalizing the State House of the jurisdiction that still represents the most extreme pro-abortion legislation in the nation, if not the world. The histrionics are pathetically false in Vermont — this is the State House that has repeatedly rewarded these rabid protesters with “rights” to kill viable babies and leave them dying on the table. The scene of vandalizing public buildings in Montpelier is akin to BLM burning black businesses, or climate protesters who pollute more than most anyone. No one is coming to Vermont post-Dobbs to protect Vermont’s unborn; perhaps Vermont’s far-lefters should drive down to Mississippi and its State House.

Vermonters are not as stupid as these people assume. The issue for November in Proposal 5 is not how to preserve the abortion procedure which is throroughly shielded under existing Vermont law. Proposal 5 is a Trojan Horse of other so-called rights. Vermont’s extremist progressives are willing to lie shamelessly to deceive people from simple factual and legal truths. Proposal 5 is obscene. Roe was extreme. Dobbs is a return to constitutional normalcy.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “John Klar: Progressives lie shamelessly about threat to abortion in Vermont

  1. “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a sell out to the Republican party…He supports everything we totally oppose.

    Of course, he votes for gun rights while endorsing candidates who are campaigning to take guns away from Vermonters. One vote for gun rights from Benning while he supports the many who oppose our gun rights. How many votes AGAINST GUN OWNERS does he endorse?

    “Jersey” Joe doesn’t have enough kind words for Becca Balint who is running for Congress.

    These are some of the destructive actions she has pushed against Vermonters. Becca led the caucus through a successful fight for the most progressive reproductive freedom legislation in the nation. She was also instrumental in passing the first gun safety legislation in Vermont history and she worked hard to pass the boldest climate justice bill to date in our State

    “JERSEY” Joe tries to hold on to the vote of Vermonters because of his claims to support our GUN RIGHTS while selling out to the people we absolutely detest that are destroying our beautiful state and our constitution.

    Allow me to expose the dirty deeds of “Jersey” Joe and how he deceives Vermonters into voting for him while he votes to destroy our morality and individual freedoms away.

    Every move he makes is well calculated.

    He is being endorsed by the Traitor Phil Scott. Why would Phil, who has gone so far left that he is calling for the federal government to impose strict GUN LAWS that include banning semi-automatic guns after inflicting gun laws on the hard working, law abiding, taxpayers and gun owners in the state of Vermont?

    Why would Benning praise an endorsement from someone hell bent on destroying Vermont?

    It is because they are both participating in the progressive movement sweeping the State of Vermont at the hands of Becca Balint.

    Benning supports EVERYTHING Becca Balint supports BUT he uses his GUN VOTE to keep uninformed Vermonters voting for him.

    We need to think hard about denouncing the NRA. After all this is the reaction “Jersey” Joe wants from us.

    He would like us to help him DESTROY one of the GUN RIGHTS GROUPS in America that fights for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    The NRA only rates “JERSEY” JOE on his voting record, not his participation with the progressives who want to destroy us with his help.

    Yes, part of his plan is to disarm Vermonters and Americans keeping in lock step with the socialist agenda.

    The last thing we want to participate in is the destruction of any entity that we are deceived into believing is bad by “JERSEY” JOE.

    The RED “A” rating from the NRA is only representative of his record of voting. That is all they have to base his rating on. They do not investigate his involvement with the left to destroy us.

    I believe the voters in our beautiful state need to understand the real RED A stands for the SLAUGHTER OF THE UNBORN which “JERSEY” has voted for twice and he has stated he will vote for ARTICLE 22 which will enshrine the slaughter of the unborn, the mutilation of our children, the destruction of parental rights and only God knows what other evils are buried in this article into the VERMONT CONSTITUTION.

    This is his participation in the destruction of Vermont and America using his deceit to encourage Vermonters to participate.

    Remember he supports turncoat Phil Scott and the Biden agenda to DESTROY AMERICA while endorsing the socialists in VERMONT who are hell bent on destroying us while stealing our gun rights and trying to get us to destroy the NRA.

    People better wake up Gun Owners of Vermont before they participate in supporting this destructive deceipt.

    Supporting “JERSEY” JOE BENNING is selling us all out to the liberal agenda and our eventual destruction.

    A vote for “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a vote against EVERYTHING we have to protect us.

    Wake up Vermonters.

  2. This is the part that scares me; the whole thing does but.. I DO NOT THINK or SEE or HEAR that the general public get this part of this gig…..

    in Proposal 5, which would extend this “right” to minors as well as grant them the “right” to publicly-funded hormone conversion therapy at any age.

    we all need to bold it, underline it, and make sure every person that you know……..knows this part
    this is nothing but sneaky underhanded if you dont agree with us “parents” we’ll just sneak it in here…..appalling, disgraceful, criminal………

  3. Democrats lie about EVERYTHING from climate alarms to republican extremism and down the line. of course the liberal media repeats the lies enough so people believe it.

  4. “Proposal 5 is obscene.” Precisely. I would suggest adding the word EVIL as a primary descriptor.
    Even if only 51% opposed late term abortions, I would happily challenge any proponent of Prop 5 to explain to me and the rest of us peons how this amendment is to supposed to help us.

    Can we get back to the fact that this constitutional amendment (through omission) allows the MURDER of a newborn. How is this considered as good ?

    • Excellent point! The state is now in the process of helping you die before your time and killing you before you get any time. Certainly, intelligent people could figure this out that as a woman you don’t have nine months to decide if you wish to kill an unborn, you have a short window. As the state goes about allowing the preborn death of future Vermonters, the state is or was bribing people to locate to Vermont for $10,000.00. This oxymoron involves the death of a future Vermonter so the state can choose someone else with a bribe. These ideas do not come from the best and brightest, they come from politically motivated money from the deep pockets of liberal supporters and organizations. We need laws that forbid bribery money to support a leftist cause from out of state. I say, Vermont for Vermonters not Californians with cash to burn.

  5. This SCOTUS decision will do nothing in changing what’s going on in Vermont when
    it comes to abortions……………. Vermont is still a ” Killing Field ” for the unborn !!

    So all the whining liberals can stop all the rhetoric, and you can still kill your child on
    demand, what a state ” Thank you, Governor “, Wake up people, vote these fools out,
    and save future Vermonters

    Hey Liberals, if you’re reading this, it means your mother didn’t abort you ….. what fools.

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