Steve MacDonald: CDC calls for more testing and masking, Dartmouth wants to boost kids

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

If you have not invested in companies making test kits for COVID, you may not be too late. The Health Care Industrial Complex people are all in, and now they say we need more testing!

Four or more shots?

Who the wow — that’s some degree of stupid not yet truly comprehended. Sure, we made jokes about the 26th booster, but this is real. There are, apparently, people who’ve gotten four or more shots, and the CDC still wants them tested.

Are these the folks who built the armor on the bottom of the Humvees during the Iraq wars? Turns into Swiss cheese when you hit an IED?

In local COVID news, the Dartmouth (Hitchcock) Death Cult wants to remind us that boosters are approved for ages 5-11.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend a booster dose for all children ages 5 to 11 at least 5 months after the primary vaccine series (two doses):

  • For children who are moderately or severely immunocompromised, the recommended primary series is 3 doses of an mRNA vaccine followed by a booster (4th dose).

Adults, age 50 and older should get a second booster (with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine) if you had your first booster shot at least 4 months ago:

  • People ages 18 to 49 years of age who received the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine for both their primary series and 1st booster may receive a 2nd booster (with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine) at least 4 months after their first booster.

Or, and here’s a crazy idea, you could get your Vitamin D3 level tested or supplement with D3, C, and Zinc. Mortality from COVID and Omicron, in particular, for almost everyone with adequate D3, is near zero. You can still catch it and have “the flu,” but there are fewer total cases, fewer hospitalizations, and significantly fewer deaths. There are tons of studies to prove this.

The Jab’s track record is atrocious by comparison. And D3 doesn’t come with 32 pages of side effects.

Speaking of near zero, not a single kid in NH under 20 died with or from COVID until after we started jabbing them with these experimental injections.

One child under 10 is reported to have died “from” COVID in NH a few months after they started sacrificing the little ones to Fauci’s dark god. But more than that have died because of the COVID vaccine. At least two dead under the age of 20 with nine reported cases of myocarditis, and over 250 adverse reactions reported to VAERS from NH in the under 20 age group.

We know there were more.

We’ve also demonstrated on these pages (using state data) that these injections did not improve cases or mortality in the granite state. Still, the band plays on as so-called health experts continue to push testing and experimental pharmaceuticals on children that don’t benefit them.

It’s disgusting.

Dartmouth Health? No, I don’t think that’s what this is at all.

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4 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: CDC calls for more testing and masking, Dartmouth wants to boost kids

  1. Rest assured… the truth will be revealed and the gnashing teeth will be unbearable for those that are guilty.

  2. knowing that children are at little risk from Covid why are they trying to force the jab on children? There’s something more afoot then they are letting on.

  3. Not health, it’s genocide.
    Now we know how the nasty nazz i’s were able to take over a supposedly modern, educated country like Germany.
    The Not Sees. As Sgt. Schultz would say, “I see nothing!”

  4. I get the same drivel from Grace Cottage. You would think that someone with a bit of education (most Doctors finished High School, right?) would be aware of the actual facts like Mr. MacDonald, but Noooo.

    For the curious, they are playing BoosteRama because the original virus has mutated because they started vaccinating during a pandemic, something which you are NOT supposed to do. This is elementary epidemiology, something curiously ignored by these “professionals”.

    So of course, those were “vaccinated” only developed the antibodies for the spike protein contained in the non-sterilizing “vaccine” and not the other hundreds of antibodies which would have been developed if they had acquired the virus thru natural means, ie they got infected.

    The “vaccinated” are not playing with a full deck and may have to be re-boosted for the rest of their lives.

    The point is, if you are in good health, between age 0-60, do not get “vaccinated”, keep up with Vit D, C, Zinc (see for treatment protocols which your MD for some strange reason may not tell you about).

    Also it is becoming more apparent that the immune systems of the “vaccinated” are breaking down due to something called “Original antigenic sin”. Look it up, it’s real and is starting to show up in the adverse events databases. This was first described in 1960, so it has been a known effect of stupidity since then. See

    The long term effects of the mRNA “vaccines” are just starting.

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