Steve Allen: As the COVID vaccine house of cards falls

This commentary is by Steve Allen, a former Vermonter who lived in Waitsfield and now resides in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

During my morning news dig today I came across two more national articles reporting on the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Vermont. The basic theme has been that Vermont has one of the highest vaccination rates in the nation yet has a very high number of cases.

Early on the rebuttal was that the cases were those who were not vaccinated. Well, that’s no longer true. So now you have thousands of “vaccinated” people who are self testing, and they test positive because the Omicron variant is highly contagious but very mild, and then they rush to the hospital and ask for a PCR test. This, I believe, is referred to as Illness Anxiety Disorder. (By the way, the PCR test is bogus, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped using it as of Jan. 1.)

The Biden administration’s latest plan is to send self test kits to millions of American homes with the hoped result that Americans will do exactly what Vermonters are doing: rush to the hospital so they can be logged as yet another “case” to continue the fear mongering. The Omicron variant has done what many viruses do: they become more contagious yet less lethal. Look at the current number of cases in the nation and in Vermont — they are exploding, yet there are very few deaths that can honestly be attributed to the Omicron variant.

Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted on MSNBC the other night that people who are (were) hospitalized and tested positive for Covid are (were) considered Covid cases, even though they were not admitted to the hospital for Covid. The same is being applied to children who are hospitalized. In 2020, when thousands of people died, it was stated on their death certificates that they died of Covid-19 only because they tested positive for the virus, even though their cause of death was completely unrelated to Covid. What kind of BS is that?

VAERS, or the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, was created in 1990 to provide a logging system of people who had adverse reactions to various vaccinations. The number of people who have died due to adverse reactions to the Covid-19 “vaccines” is staggering. (For further information I suggest this article.)

The following chart created by OpenVAERS, which shows the number of reported deaths from vaccines by year, is referenced in that article.


As the chart shows, vaccine-caused deaths reported to the VAERS system spiked from less than 1,000 per year to about 20,000 during the pandemic.

The world is finally realizing what a scam the official reaction to the virus has been. Global governments have placed unconstitutional restrictions on their citizens, and the pharmaceutical companies and their share holders are reaping profits they only dreamed of a few years ago. Above and beyond that, the real question remains: why has so much effort been put into forcing people to allow themselves to be “vaccinated” against a virus that has a greater than 98% survival rate for the majority of healthy people of all ages?

Images courtesy of Public domain and OpenVAERS

25 thoughts on “Steve Allen: As the COVID vaccine house of cards falls

  1. Grow up. Stop play-acting. You think Mother Nature is on your side. She isn’t. You have no idea what you’re really facing.

    I was one of your “jack-booted thugs” in the government, in public health. Once, we dealt with a person who hated the government as much as you do. She resented us trying to curb her personal freedom. I wish I could have had you visit her, chatted over tea and a sandwich. But you might have contracted what she had– Multi-Drug-Resistant TB.

    MDR TB is not an easy foe. It was quite prevalent in the former Soviet Union at the time (this was ~20 years ago). While most medicines fight bacteria at their weakest point– cell division, which happens about every 20 minutes for most of the killer diseases, the TB bacillus only divides every 20-24 hours, which means the medicine has to be in the body 60 to 72 times longer than most meds to be present at the most opportune time.

    She was putting her entire Vermont town (pop. ~800) at risk, because her family ran the local business everyone frequented– including the home-made comestibles counter. If this woman, a Dunning-Kruger American, was allowed to behave as though she knew better than Mother Nature, Vermont would be the epicenter of an epidemic that could cost thousands of lives and hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate.

    You have no idea how fear-inducing it is for health workers to see that they might be witnesses at the creation of Ground Zero of a nigh-invincible epidemic. It’s even more disturbing when the disease is the one that killed 40% of all Americans over 40 before Pasteur’s work.

    She wouldn’t independently go to the lab, so one of us had to drive her there. Although she assured us she was taking the meds as prescribed, the titers continually showed no improvement. Did she have a superstrain variant of the superstrain? Or was it something about the medication regimen? We had to resort to visiting her to witness that she took the pills at the prescribed times. The titers still weren’t improving.

    We were getting frantic. What if her family dropped their guard and let her into the store? What was the likelihood of infected droplets from a sneeze or slight cough contaminating the stack of napkins or cups of plastic cutlery by the foods?

    If she’d been a cow, we could just have arranged to have her put down. Not an option.

    But, we kept on doing what the protocols required. Titers, medication.

    Then one day the only nurse in the office who’d worked in a psych ward had to fill in on the home visit.

    She saw the woman palm the pill instead of taking it.

    The woman wasn’t taking the medication at all. Problem half-solved.

    She, like you, was more than willing to have other people die because of her refusal to understand how her attitudes and behaviors could kill other people.

    One of your fellow Republicans, that cute blonde out in California, just died of covid the other day for her principles. Her last public appearance was for an anti-vaxx group in December. Another of yours, that guy in Florida, died of it just yesterday after attending that anti-vaxx conference in Dallas where they all came down with “mysterious pulmonary ailments” that they blamed on anthrax being pumped into the room by a rival (?!?!??!?!).

    You are enjoying the benefits of immunizations you have received over the years, and you think you’ll never need another, that the immunization canon is established. You think Mother Nature favors you, that she will respect your choice to self-dose with ivermectin, 100x daily overdoses of vitamin C, or even prayer. Good luck with that. Mother Nature bats last.

    You can contract covid from someone a foot and a half away from you in a checkout line in as little as five minutes.

    Our office had to interview parents whose children have died of a preventable disease. Of course, the key question was, “Why didn’t you get your child immunized?”

    The answer almost always was a variation on, “I acted on the best information available.” No, they didn’t. And neither do you. The information you act on merely supports how you feel, helps you get closer to your personal goals of agency an efficacy– but you don’t realize your definition of those goals is defective. Meanwhile, Mother Nature still bats last.

    Your kids can contract covid at school suffer no ill effects whatsoever, but bring it home to you and put you in the ER or kill one of their grandparents. And after they die, you can scream at the MD, “You MURDERER!” because they didn’t dose your family member with what you recommended (this caused at least one doctor to simply quit).

    But at least I will be assured that you acted on the best information available.

    • Cgregory, I don’t think anyone here is arguing again vaccines in general.

      Regarding selfish and crazy people putting others in danger, you might want to look at what the CDC, FDA, and WHO did in suppressing hydroxychloroquine and then ivermectin, and actually a whole slew of other promising repurposed drugs such as fluvoxamine. We know, for certain, and presumably you know for certain, that Covid-19 goes through three stages, the first of which is flu-like symptoms while the virus is replicating. There’s quite a body of research on the use of repurposed drugs early to prevent serious Covid-19, but there’s also a huge pushback by the medical establishment on the use of any drug that’s cheap, effective, and safe: every single one of these is brutally suppressed.

      What do you suppose that’s about? If we can’t believe that the medical authorities are up-front about their decisions in denying remarkably safe drugs, then why in hell should we trust anything they say about masks or anything else?

      Or do you agree that if someone gets Covid-19, then the best early treatment is no early treatment, even if drugs that have been researched have a long history of use and safety?

      I had Covid. I took ivermectin and fluvoxamine and plenty of vitamin D. I’m over 65. I’m fine. No long Covid, and nothing but a first-stage illness that left me in bed for a week.

      Yet my doctor will not prescribe ivermectin, and neither will yours or any number of doctors. Not because they’ve done the research and decided the risk outweighed the benefit (“no, let’s see fluvoxamine might make you lightheaded, no we don’t want to use that. How about you get out-of-breadth first and then we’ll see what makes sense?”) but because that’s what they were told to do. So I had to find a doctor in Chicago. How do you think that makes me feel about the medical profession?

      I don’t thing you realize how bad things have gotten in your chosen profession, and how quickly.

      • Jim, I got the shots for free, haven’t caught covid yet, and it’s very likely that if I do, it’ll be no worse than a bad cold. As my experience is as anecdotal as yours, it’s not data. All it does is prove that so far I’ve spent less on personal covid defense and suffered less than you have. Multiply our experiences by 100,000, and then we have data.

        Who peer-reviewed the information at The four months lost by the Trump shutdown of the CDC emergency response team might very well have produced exactly the information at that link, BUT in the interests of “small government,” (small enough for GOP operative Grover Norquist to “drown in a bathtub”), not only did he shut that down, but he had t o pump federal money to Big Pharma for “Operation Warp Speed” and put millions of people at risk by tossing out the usual (and already weakened by “fast tracking” rules imposed two decades earlier) safeguards of clinical trials.

        If those data are accurate, it would likely be a strong indictment of for-profit insurance companies, who have an almost unbelievable amount of control over what doctors can do. One friend of mine routinely got calls like, “Patient X has been in the hospital two days; you’ve got to discharge her.” None of them are going to pull a Jonas Salk for the benefit of humanity, much less the American sucker. But, first, a peer-review summary would help.

        Your covid experience might be the prevalent type, but there are 800,000 others whose experience was, shall we say, somewhat worse. The mortality rate is always 2%, until it’s someone you love; then it’s 100%. I expect in the next three months another 200,000 will join them. That would be about the number of people who died in England during the Black Plague, In a country of 1,250,000, a million is tragic; in a country of 330,000, it’s just as tragic, but nobody notices. It’s also why in America people believe they have latitude to exercise their fancy when it comes to a mortal danger– the disease will have to go through 330,000,000 others before it will find them.

        In the meantime, fully vaccinated news readers at Fox News churned up more fear in an already fearful and uninformed populace, who reacted bizarrely quite a bit of the time. Remember the instant shortage of toilet paper? And they clutched– and still clutch– at chimerical “rescues.” They rely on information from websites which compel them to agree that they will not hold the website responsible for any bad outcomes they suffer if they act on the provided information. Did your doctor make you sign such a waiver?

        “If you keep the people afraid and insecure, you can control them.” The GOP has done almost all the heavy lifting in this regard, with the Taft-Hartley Act, the suppression of unions, the gutting of the Labor Relations Board, etc., but Bill Clinton impoverished their incomes and wealth with NAFTA and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. Obama protected those who prey on them when, taking office, he said he “would not look back” on what led up to 2008.

        So we are a population who ARE insecure, and we try to convince ourselves that we still have agency (we can make things happen) and are effective (what we want to make happen comes about), but we don’t and aren’t. What we CAN do is fool ourselves into believing we are when we go through the motions, making bad choices suggested by news readers who make $6-$14 million a year feeding us lies the cable owners know will generate ad revenues.

        Finally, there’s the matter of whether one should have an obligation to protect the rest of society. So, what sort of obligation do I have to wear a mask and keep a safe distance from my barista? My trash man? My mechanic? The snowplow operator? My kids’ teachers? My financial advisor? How many holes should I be allowed to poke in the social fabric before it is too many? “Freedom” is often imagined as being able at any time like a four-year-old. It isn’t; it’s the state of enjoying the respect of authority. Are people who brazenly put their fellow citizens at risk deserve the respect of the state?

        Finally, I agree with you on the state of Vermont’s Department of Public Health, but for a quite different reason– staff has been reduced by one-third (Grover Norquist cheers!) at the office I used to work at, and it’s not much better at any of the others.
        Staff are sometimes despairing and often feel they are going through the motions. If I were still with VDH, I’d be screaming from a rooftop, “Stupidity kills! But not fast enough!” But those remaining put up a brave front.

        • If you dig into the information at, you’ll see that the studies are referenced and you can download many of the papers.

          You don’t agree that the medical field is corrupted, yet there’s a great deal of evidence for that. Surely you know the even medical journal editors like Richard Horton (the Lancet) said that as much as half of the medical literature can’t be trusted?

          Speaking of the Lancet, what about that paper they published on hydroxychloroquine that was completely made up? There was no real data: there weren’t really any trials. It was a fabrication, and at a time when the entire world was watching for news of the efficacy and safety of HCQ. The Lancet effectively squashed that– that’s what people noticed, that’s what the headlines said. Many fewer people noticed when the paper was retracted.

          So how about it? If we have darn good evidence that some of these early treatments are useful and they’re safe– you can’t argue against the safety of vitamin D, Nigella sativa (sold over the counter) or ivermectin. So why in God’s name is Dr. Marik’s hospital saying that he can’t treat his patients with fluvoxamine or ivermectin, when Marik is a critical care specialist with long experience in his field?

          No, cgregory, you seem a decent, rational person. But I don’t think you have any idea of how corrupt things have become, and how it really is true that the American people have been deliberately denied safe, effective treatments for Covid-19 that would go a long way toward preventing serious Covid-19. So we get patients testing positive for Covid, they’re at risk for serious Covid (if over 65 and obese, for example) what next? Tell them to go home and come back when they can’t breath, and by then they’re at very high risk? I mean seriously, is that just plain stupid or what? How about: give them some fluvoxamine and some ivermectin: we have the studies and we have clinical experience all over the place saying that these things work. We know the probable mechanisms of action. Are we afraid that maybe the fluvoxamine will make patients light-headed or otherwise interfere with their mental state while they’re laid up in bed? So the smart thing is to leave them alone, toss a coin, hope they can avoid the inflammatory phase? This is beyond stupid; this is, if TNR will excuse the expression I’m borrowing from Dr. Malone, “nucking futs.”

          I think the difference between you and the rest of us is that you likely believe that Tony Fauci is doing the best he can. The rest of us that know he’s a biggest traitor to the American people, ever. He’s completely corrupt and he lies through his teeth; he seems to be a pathological liar. And he’s supposedly leading us. Why do I say that? Well, I’ve read most of JFK, Jr’s book on him, and I’ve read Peter Breggin’s illuminating book, “Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey,” which is extensively documented. I’ve heard what doctors like Dr. Malone say about him. And I know what he did to HCQ.

          So why do I refuse to where a mask, except where it’s absolutely required? Because I think this whole Covid thing stinks to high heaven, and I don’t want to participate in this travesty of medical science and this despicable abuse of public health. I want people to know: yes, I’m a refuser. No, I do not agree with the CDC or the FDA or that WHO, agencies that have been corrupted. If masks worked, then Sweden’s death rate would be orders of magnitude greater than the rest of the world’s. There are no good studies that say masks work, and even the CDC has a study saying they don’t do anything significant. But, they do signify obedience.

          We have the answer to stop serious Covid. It’s called early treatment. The flu part of Covid is no big deal; the later inflammatory stage is. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think anyone needs a medical degree to have common sense.

    • While I respect and welcome your comments regarding my commentary, you might want to broaden your scope and start to digest the most recent reports on the severity of the virus and the alternative reasons why the government is pushing the vaccinations on everyone. Mandatory vaccinations have next to nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus, especially as it has now been proven that the vaccinated are now becoming infected and also spreading the latest variant.

      • As I replied to Jim elsewhere, “The fatality rate is only 2%, until it’s someone you love. Then it’s 100%”

        The vaccinations ARE effective in that they provide 3,000 times more resistance against death from covid than the unvaccinated have.

        If you call the covid vaccines ineffective because those vaccinated who contract covid can infect others, then you have to say the same for the DTaP vaccine, whose pertussis component is not sterile; it merely gives the person far superior resistance to a case of whooping cough, making it seem to be just another cold, while they are active carriers and threats.

        The newborn of a friend of mine contracted it from the nursery unit nurse who thought she was just suffering a tolerable cold. The kid didn’t die, just put his parents through a week of absolute agony as his life hung in the balance.

        You might want to talk to some people whose relatives have died after using the wrong stuff. Ask them, “What did you learn?”

  2. Item 1: There are an over abundance of federal agencies that are responsible for monitoring these kinds of events. The federal government is already bloated enough.

    Item 2: Trump is no longer president, though many people can’t seem to let go of that. Fauchi has admitted that their science may have mis-judged the severity of the virus.

    Item 3: The 800K deaths may have been due to the inflated number of people who were listed as dying from Covid but in actuality died from another cause as pointed out in my commentary. What is absolutely understated are the number of deaths that should have been logged in the VAERS system due to adverse reactions to the vaccination, but were not. If you would do the research you would find that there are common drugs, that when administered early, will mitigate the effects of the Covid virus. This has been medically proven in many third world countries. But the problem with those drugs is that the pharmaceutical industry and their investors (including many congressional representatives) would loose out on their profits.

    Item 4: I agree with your comment on the rushed research. I have know people who suffered the consequences of the
    Thalidomide issue, and it is one of the reasons I will not be vaccinated. Funding for the lab work; It has been proven through emails that Fauchi, as director of the NIAID, funded gain of function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    Item 5: At this point you might as well try to institute contract tracing on everyone who gets the flu.

    In closing I would like to point out that cases due to people who self test and are positive will increase if they rush to their closest medical facility to report that they are Covid Positive, even if they are not physically impaired. The number of “cases” will skyrocket but there will be large numbers of people who are not physically ill as I pointed out my my commentary.

    Freedom is the right of people to do their own research and make their own personal decisions. It is unfortunate that those of a different stripe choose to let the government make their decisions for them, and what is more disturbing is that they profess that everyone else should be forced to follow the same dictates.

  3. Good luck contact tracing 2,200 cases a day in vt. And btw cgregory, i have not and will not take any mrna injections. And certainly my kids never will unless they choose to when they’re grown adults. Im 41. My children and i all got covid recently. Symptoms started monday. Everyone is 100% better now. We took fluvoxamine as a therapeutic and to prevent mass inflammation. It’s a $4 prescription, proven to eliminate covid hospitalizations and deaths. I would suggest everyone have some on hand. The sooner you start your regimen the better.

  4. We can speculate about who is behind all this because we see a coordinated effort around the world, since day one of the pandemic.

    One of the most remarkable things to me was early on in the pandemic when we had news footage of supposedly overwhelmed hospitals in NYC (at Elmhurst hospital, specifically) and we saw lines of people in the pre-dawn darkness waiting to get tested in tents, and we heard of people dying in tents. This sort of thing actually happened all over the world: tents set up for the emergency. But citizen reporters then videoed the same locations a few days later: no one was there. Completely empty. A reporter in Ireland was astonished that in the massive array of tents that were set up, no one was there. Absolutely nothing.

    It was, I believe, a manufactured PR stunt: it was designed to scare us. I think the evidence that it was manufactured is quite strong: it happened everywhere at about the same time, and it latest for the whole of about one day, then the cameras and lights and reporters and “patients” were removed.

    Now, this seems absolutely incredible. Yet, I spent some time analyzing these videos, and I can tell you that in the case of Elmhurst hospital, it was indeed the same hospital and the same entrance and the same tents. How do you explain this? That the Hispanic population of that area was told there would be free Covid tests in the pre-dawn hours, and then the cameras were set up to capture this?

    Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but I saw it. I even drove around to local hospitals: virtually no cars in the parking lots. And yet we were supposedly in a huge emergency with hospitals overwhelmed.

    There is one entity that has the power, the finances, the connections, and the motive to pull this sort of thing off: the WEF. They want their reset, and they want it badly, and they fully expected Covid-19 to be the catalyst for this: they openly state this.

    Those of us who’ve been paying attention know that absolutely nothing about Covid-19 makes any sense, unless we see it as an attempt to impose a transnational global order based on vaccine passports, digital IDs, and fear. This is exactly what the WEF has been promoting. They’ve told us right up front: we’re never going back to normal. This is what they want.

    This is an incredible truth, but we have to face it and come together and stand together, and just say, “no.” This is why it’s so important to refuse all medical mandates, because these have become the back door through which they’re trying to impose tyranny on us all. Everything is supposedly necessary to “stay safe,” and yet they deliberately withheld safe and effective early treatments for Covid-19 that have solid science behind them, and they did this through pressure on the CDC, FDA, WHO, the medical journals, and the medical societies. The WEF has that kind of influence, and its partners include all the major drug companies and tech companies that stood to gain from the pandemic.

    Anthony Fauci is not working for the American people. He is working for the WEF.

    • Jim: You are so right. And in Vermont more and more people who know this truth need to cast off their fears and speak their mind. I know in the Mad River Valley there were a large number of people who, prior to the covid hysteria, were not afraid to voice their opposition to forced vaccinations. But I have yet to read opposition from them in the local newspaper, The Valley Reporter. Is it because they have been forced into silence due to the fear of retribution?

    • @ Jim, I did a ton of reading/research early on and was already fully aware of the NWO/ WEF. If you are aware of this info then covid confusion makes perfect sense. It’s all been scripted worldwide. At this point WEF isn’t trying to “hide”
      I also stumbled on Dr. David Martin and his findings are really scary. Fauci, CDC own patents on COVID vaccines….

      • When we combine the political philosophy of the Great Reset (which is essentially a technocracy controlled by the “stakeholders” who are large transnational corporations) with the economic clout of the world’s largest hedge funds that own many trillions in assets, then we create a powerful transnational organization that seeks to control and manage the world for whatever it determines is “the greatest good.”

        Who gets to decide our greatest good is one of the trickiest questions in political philosophy. But of all the potential candidates for the decider of “the greatest good,” wealthy multinational corporations and alliances with the power to influence and overpower virtually every sector of government, medicine, finance, technology, etc., hardly seem like the ideal candidate.

        Many people are completely unaware of the dynamics and influence of this huge, extremely powerful multinational alliance, and of what its aim is. Yet it exists, and the WEF doesn’t hide that it has big, big plans for us.

  5. Yes! Abolishing constitutional restrictions saved people from the Black Death in the 1300’s. No reason it shouldn’t work here as well– and we’ve only lost 0.2% of the American population.

    The proper way to deal with a possible pandemic is:

    1. Establish an office to detect the early warning signs. Steve Bannon easily persuaded Trump in 2017 to abolish the CDC’s office. We lost four months of lab research and testing because of that.
    2. Let the scientists be scientists. Every one of Trump’s appointees gushed first and foremost about how lucky they were to serve under the most brilliant president in US history. Since he wanted to have good economic numbers, he needed toadies that wouldn’t shut down commerce.
    3. Shaddup already about a disease not being a threat. 800,000 dead is more lives than we lost in all the wars in the 20th century. “It’ll just disappear miraculously…. How about bleach or hydroxychloroquine? I got a free helicopter trip to the hospital and the best medical treatment in the world; how about your loved ones?”
    4. FUND the lab work and the epidemiology work. DON’T RUSH IT. Which Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” has done. In anticipation that the vaccine might be another Thalidomide, I waited until the first 41,000,000 got their jab. Then I got mine.
    5. Insist that the scientists TEST the population, do CONTACT TRACING of all those who were associated with the positive contact, ISOLATE and VACCINATE them. Isolation prevents further spread; vaccination mitigates the effects of the disease. Our town’s taxi service is now officially dead, since the driver counted on God and the Republican Party to protect him. He refused God’s offer of two jabs and a booster, but the local GOP gave his widow their thoughts and prayers, bless their hearts.

    Nattering about patriotism and freedom is a good way to die when science stares you in the face. With Vermont not doing contact tracing, isolation and jabs, look for a skyrocketing infection rate over the next month and a half.

    • “Yes! Abolishing constitutional restrictions saved people from the Black Death in the 1300’s. No reason it shouldn’t work here as well– and we’ve only lost 0.2% of the American population.”

      I sincerely hope you had your tongue firmly planted in cheek when you said that. Otherwise you need to retake both American and World History. 1787 was more than a few years after the mid 1300s when the Bubonic Plague was rampaging through Europe. There were no constitutions, for that matter there were no rights, everyone was subject to the whims of the ruling monarch.

    • The Bubonic Plague?… speaking of ‘nattering’… now there’s an interesting apples and cucumbers comparison.

      The Bubonic Plague is bacterial, not viral.

      There were no ‘constitutional restrictions’ in Europe during the 1300s, abolished or otherwise.

      Interestingly, today the World Health Organization (WHO) says, that while there are vaccines against the plague, it recommends that only high-risk groups, such as certain laboratory personnel and health care workers, get inoculated. For the plague, the WHO recommends therapeutic treatments – antibiotics. For Covid that would include Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, Melatonin, aspirin to prevent thrombosis, and antiseptic mouth wash.

      And if you live in a city, you don’t need to drink bleach. There’s already plenty of Chlorine and Chloramine in the public water supply – as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Go figure.

      Furthermore, the Bubonic Plague has a 30% to 90% mortality rate. Covid’s mortality rate is about 2% for people over 60 years of age with comorbidities. In Vermont, for example, only 1 person under the age of 30 has died from Covid, and we don’t know if Covid was the primary cause of death in that case.

      And still, even with 90% of Vermont’s population being vaccinated, Covid vaccines don’t prevent breakthrough infections, vaccinated people are just as likely as the unvaccinated to infect others, and many of those dying from Covid are vaccinated people. In fact, 60% of Covid deaths for the last three months were vaccinated people.

      What do I think is the proper way to deal with the pandemic?

      Not taking your advice for starters.

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