State Headliners: Gov. Scott wants to shrink Border Patrol traffic stop zone

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott supports shrinking the U.S. Border Patrol enforcement zone from the current 100-mile standard, he said at a press conference Thursday.

Noting that Vermont’s congressional delegation wants to amend federal law to drop from 100 to 25 miles the border zone in which Border Patrol and Customs officers may make traffic stops, Scott said, “I would like to tighten that up a bit, 100 miles seems excessive.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

In August, U.S. Border Patrol agents in California arrested a man who had 114 packages of methamphetamine hidden inside his vehicle. Members of Vermont’s congressional delegation seek to reduce the border area that may be patrolled to just 25 miles.

Asked to be more specific about the ideal size of the border zone from Canada or the Atlantic Ocean, Gov. Scott replied, “somewhere between 0 and 100 miles.” He also said he was stopped — during the Obama administration — by Border Patrol on the interstate near Hartford (White River Junction). “They asked if I was an American citizen, I said yes,” and the officers waved him on.

Virtually everywhere in Vermont, except a tiny southwestern section, is within 100 miles of Canada or the Atlantic coast. The U.S. Border Patrol website explains both the purpose and legality of the 100-mile zone:

To [secure the border], they use a layered approach that includes patrolling the border itself, (including the use of electronic surveillance devices), patrolling nearby areas and neighborhoods where illegal immigrants can quickly fade into the general population, and conducting checkpoints – both stationary and temporary. Federal law says immigration officers, without a warrant, may ‘within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States…board and search for aliens in any vessel within the territorial waters of the United States and any railcar, aircraft, conveyance, or vehicle.’ Federal regulation “defines reasonable distance as 100 air miles from the border.

100 miles is 75 miles too intrusive for Sen. Patrick Leahy and Rep. Peter Welch, both of whom introduced bills in July to reduce the limit to 25 miles. “We must strike a better balance between protecting our national security and preserving our constitutional rights,” Welch said. “A 100-mile unfettered enforcement zone is overly broad and unduly restricts the constitutional rights to privacy and protection against warrantless searches of millions of Americans living in this zone.”

Leahy said: “‘Show me your papers’ are words that you should never hear once inside the United States.”

A Border Patrol sweep July 29 — Aug. 1 netted 18 alleged illegal immigrants in the Lebanon, N.H. area, not far from White River Junction. Last week, a Border Patrol Interstate traffic stop in the same area detained 24 illegal immigrants from seven different countries and a wanted felon, according to Breitbart News.

At today’s press conference, Gov. Scott also said he wants:

  • The Legislature to tighten Vermont “insanity defense” law. He said there are “people who should be brought to justice.” Attorney General TJ Donovan will announce soon whether charges will be brought against the two alleged murderers and one alleged attempted murderer whose cases were dropped by Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George this June because she lacked evidence to rebut their insanity pleas.
  • Vermont to receive its share of the national, multi-state Sackler family settlement for opioid treatment. “This is going to be like the tobacco settlement,” referring to the multi-state agreement that has provided millions every year for anti-tobacco treatment and education. It’s “restitution, and rightfully so.”
  • To reduce property taxes. Citing a report that middle- and lower-income Vermonters are leaving the state at a faster rate than the wealthy, he said many blue-collar workers are moving where the property taxes are cheaper and overall affordability is greater. “That’s what I hear most – the affordability of Vermont is in question.”
  • The Legislature and Green Mountain Care Board to pursue the All-Payer health care insurance, not Medicare for All, which he said “might solve some problems, but I’m not sure it’s the answer. It sounds good – ‘Free Health Care’!”
  • To reduce youth access to flavored e-cigarettes, as proposed by President Trump: “I applaud the president for at least talking about this. We’ll see where he goes with this, but he’s moving in the right direction.”

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Image courtesy of U.S. Customs and Border Protection

11 thoughts on “State Headliners: Gov. Scott wants to shrink Border Patrol traffic stop zone

  1. Scott and the far left wing congressional tag team are all out of touch with reality. We wonder about the cause of mass shootings, internet fraud, etc., it all starts right here with our so-called leadership. Don’t enforce our laws, everyone gets a pass. In Chicago if you are caught with a illegal gun, you get released on a bench pass. The police say they repeatedly arrest the same person within the week of another gun incident. Hang on, if the Dem/Prog/Soc get there way that will be the norm.

  2. I voted for Scott under the impression that he would bring some sanity to Montpelier. Turns out he’s no different than the clowns. If he uses the wishes of our esteemed delegation in Washington as a guide line for this boarder situation, he’s no better than the rest of the raving Dem/Lib/Progs. We surely miss the days of Jim Douglas. Stern would have been a far better option.

  3. Today I bought shotgun shells and had to show my ID. I went to an appt with an ophthalmologist and had to show my ID as proof of insurance. I picked up a new appliance and had to show ID when I paid for it with a credit card. On the way home I purchased some beer and again had to show my ID.

    Apparently our ‘senior senator’ has been AWOL from the real world for too long. The average Joe has to show their ‘papers’ nearly everywhere. It’s past time for him to rejoin the real world so he can experience what his 45 years in DC has brought us.

  4. I’ll give the RINO credit on wanting to lower property tax which the leftist won’t go along with and the tighten the insanity plea which is way over used, but again the criminal loving left would never infringe on. It would be interesting to see the stats on criminals caught by the border patrol per mile from the border. Perhaps that info would reveal if the stops further away are warranted. Scott is a moderate Democrat but he’d never win under that banner so runs as a squishy Republican. A true conservative Republican would never win in this leftist petri dish state.

  5. Scott on All Payer: It sounds good – ‘Free Health Care’!”
    The difference between Scott and an admitted Democrat? None

    • Scott and the difference between Keith Stern who doesn’t know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican…

      Absolutely none

      Two confused individuals that don’t belong in politics

  6. Phil ” Turncoat ” Scott, is still showing his Liberal Tendencies, now he wants to shoestring
    the border patrol on doing their job !! ……….. Shameful

    But you can see, Scott is taking the same line as Vermont’s ” Three Stooges ” Leahy, Sanders
    and Welch………,. This state deserves better !!

    So Vermont’s political leaders, figure if you break the law ” Ilegal Entry ” and can make it past
    there new ” 25-mile boundary” you free to go………………… Outstanding

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