State Headliners: Vandals steal American flag from Brattleboro post office, hang tattered from nearby bridge

By Guy Page

A spokesperson for the United State Post Office has confirmed Aug. 20 social media reports that the American flag at the Main Street, Brattleboro post office and federal courthouse was stolen, vandalized, torn, and then hung from a local bridge.

A former Vernont resident posted on his Facebook page Aug. 20 a photo of a large, torn American flag. Underneath he wrote, “The Brattleboro Post Office American Flag, today! Cut down from its flag pole! Torn and ripped! Tied around the Hinsdale bridge!”

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Stephen Doherty, strategic communications specialist for the United States Post Office, confirmed these details when Headliners contacted him at his office in Boston. “Someone cut the rope with the American flag on it and took it down. They found it draped over the bridge to Hinsdale,” he said. The bridge is located about a half-mile from the Main Street post office.

The incident occurred “a couple of days ago,” he said yesterday. He said it is unknown whether the flag was torn on purpose, or whether it was damaged as a result of being hung from the bridge.

Doherty said that in his more than two decades of working for the USPS, this is the first time he has ever encountered a flag theft from a post office. Days earlier, someone had stolen the POW/MIA flag from the same flag pole, Doherty said. The incident is under investigation by the Brattleboro Police Department and postal inspectors, he said.

Headliners has left a message with the BPD and will report any developments on the case. There are no known suspects. While the Brattleboro federal building (like many federal buildings) is a frequent site for sidewalk protests against federal policies, there is no known connection between these protesters and the vandalism.

The photo of the torn flag stirred many comments on Facebook. Mike Hebert, a former legislator from Vernon and a U.S. Marine (retired) and Vietnam veteran, commented: “Folks need to start defending our flag!” Anya Tynio of Charleston, 2018 GOP nominee for Congress, noted: “While on the surface this is a disrespectful prank it signals a deeper hatred of our country. Absolutely treasonous.”

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6 thoughts on “State Headliners: Vandals steal American flag from Brattleboro post office, hang tattered from nearby bridge

  1. This is an example of why we need to return to the draft. The perps will become polite young people after 8 weeks of basic.

  2. Time to teach some folks a lesson, whoever did this should be held fully responsible and charged. Without laws we are nothing but a lawless community and this situation will get worse with time as these shallow people will become emboldened and their lawless acts will escalate. Stop this insanity now!

    • They will not learn until someone takes them behind the barn for an educational moment.

  3. Apparently the miscreants grew weary of playing video games in Mom’s basement. Just a matter of time before they start bragging about such a brave act.

    I’d like to take them to Normandy or Arlington to show them how many died fighting for what our Flag represents.

  4. I hope they catch these punks and hang them from the same Bridge !! Oh, wait that would be
    cruel and unusual punishment !!

    So Brattleboro will just forget about it, I hear the Liberal tears falling already.

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