Star Parker: It’s ‘not true’ that ‘America is systemically racist’

By Rachel del Guidice | The Daily Signal

In 1992 Star Parker ran a small publishing business in Los Angeles. Her business was destroyed by riots after four police officers were exonerated of charges after Rodney King’s beating. Parker, the president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and a columnist for The Daily Signal, joins the podcast today to talk about why she believes America isn’t racist.

Listen to podcast. Interview begins at 06:02.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

One thought on “Star Parker: It’s ‘not true’ that ‘America is systemically racist’

  1. Hollywood is extremely racist with the stereo types.
    Big City Social Policies are oppressive to whom ever adopts them, Vermont is experiencing this.
    Educational system is racist and oppressive.
    The NWO pimps that have taken over the Democratic Party are EXTREMELY RACIST.
    There is only one type of person of color, BLM, NWO, Al Sharpton and many others care about and that is somebody that helps them foster hate, division and race wars. They could care less about all the people dying in Chicago year after year, the education system and the systematic destruction of families.

    There is systemic oppression and racism, but it’s not what people think.

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