McClaughry: Solving the border crisis

By John McClaughry

During May a record 144,000 people crossed into the United States along the southern border, seeking asylum in our country. Not surprisingly, this flood of mostly families swamped the modest facilities the Customs and Border Protection Agency has along that border. The result is shockingly crowded conditions for people who entered the United States illegally and want to stay here.

The Democrats are making as much political hay as possible, sponsoring demonstrations across the country to demand the closing of the facilities. And what? Let the illegal entrants disappear into the United States for months or years, until their case comes up before an asylum law judge? At least half the time, historically, persons so summoned for an asylum adjudication can’t be found or have no interest in showing up.

Here’s my solution: Release every immigrant family into the custody of one of the Americans who are protesting the conditions at the border facilities. That American will take responsibility for and assist the families and post a $10,000 bond that the family will actually show up when summoned to the immigration court. If the family doesn’t show, the bond is forfeited. If the family does show, the host American can pocket $10,000 dollars for providing assistance to the immigrants in the interim, and can do it again for another family.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/ProtoplasmaKid

5 thoughts on “McClaughry: Solving the border crisis

  1. The Republicans might suggest it, or Trump could tweet it, simply asking for volunteers. Who knows, maybe they may get one. Or better yet, maybe the taxpayer should hold up the billion dollar “industry” with the Catholic Church settling the immigrants, and require it of their membership.

  2. How about a genetically engineered lethal disease.Design it to work with the unique Indian/Spanish DNA melding.Blame it on the jungle.These people cannot even read.How are they going to function in our ever increasingly high tech world?
    There are no surpluses of empty apartments,and very few low income apartments are being built.So where are these people to live?
    Newark,NJ (home to Corey Booker) is blowing up because the new immigrants are directly competing for the same housing and territory that the blacks inhabit.Shootouts happening nightly and nothing on the news.

    • and I don’t know what they’re shooting with,considering guns are illegal in Newark.

  3. Excellent idea but it will never happen. These cry babies just want to protest and maybe get their picture on facebook or any media outlet.

  4. Reminds me of Will Rogers’ solution to the threats posed by Nazi submarines in the North Atlantic in WWII

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