Shannara Johnson: A ‘racist rural rally’ – or what really happened last week

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Shannara Johnson, of Morrisville. She is running for state representative for the Lamoille-Washington district.

Last Saturday, I witnessed one of the great modern dramas that are now playing out in the streets of America every day. Only I didn’t know what it was that I had witnessed until a Twitter post opened my eyes.

This epiphany made me realize that there is nothing random or spontaneous about the “peaceful protests” we see on the nightly news. None of the riots that incite violence, looting, and vandalism are “our youth expressing their frustration,” as our liberal governors and mayors would have us believe.

Shannara Johnson

On Saturday, July 25, a small group of maybe 50 conservative, mostly middle-aged and older Vermonters gathered for a planned event on the State House lawn. It was supposed to be a peaceful, quiet gathering to celebrate and honor the brave law enforcement officers who protect and save lives every day.

On the contrary, all of these destructive events are fully planned and scripted by highly organized and experienced agents of chaos — and their intelligent combat tactics come straight from a playbook for radicals.

It’s just that, normally, these scripted dramas take place on such a large stage — our inner cities — and involve such a large cast that it’s nearly impossible to see and track how they unfold.

It’s much easier to do so in a place as tiny as the Montpelier State House lawn, with a small cast of about 50 actors and a group of about 50 unwitting extras. (The numbers in both groups were vastly exaggerated in the media.)

Setting the stage

On Saturday, July 25, a small group of maybe 50 conservative, mostly middle-aged and older Vermonters gathered for a planned event on the State House lawn. It was supposed to be a peaceful, quiet gathering to celebrate and honor the brave law enforcement officers who protect and save lives every day and who, as we all know, haven’t gotten much love lately.

I had signed up early for the event and helped spread the invitation across Facebook. However, my initial euphoria faded when I learned that a local BLM chapter had almost immediately called for staging an “Abolish the Police Counter Action.”

I didn’t realize until much later how appropriate the word staging actually was.

“Keep it civil, keep it nonconfrontational, keep it positive,” Jim Sexton, organizer of the pro-police gathering, had warned the attendees of his event. “We don’t want any trouble.”

Only feel-good stories about the police would be allowed, Jim said, and no incendiary speeches, no lectures, nothing that could be even remotely construed as aggressive.

Being wary of mobs, I’d also phoned Chief Matthew Romei of the Capitol Police and asked if we would be OK, and he reassured me that he and his men would keep a close eye on the two groups.

“We’ll make sure nobody gets hurt,” he said.

Act 1: The build-up (or “Put your target in a decision dilemma”)

As the pro-police celebrators gathered on Saturday morning and the first speaker took the mic, telling a heart-warming story of how a police officer had saved her life, the BLM crowd started trickling in, most of them white teenagers and twenty-somethings.

At first, they were subdued and respectful, quietly holding their signs that read, Abolish the Police, ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), and F*** the Cops.

Then a BLM organizer arrived, and it was as if a power switch had been flicked on. He marched up on the landing and spurned on the protesters to kick up the volume.

“We can shout louder,” he screamed, pumping his fist in the air, “we can drown them out!”

At his orders, the BLM crowd got louder and more aggressive. Chanting “Black lives matter” and “F*** the police” at the top of their lungs and waving their signs, they started encroaching on the other group’s space. Blaring sirens and horns were used as additional noise generators.

I learned later that this is one of the core principles in the playbook for radicals: “Put your target in a decision dilemma.”

The website called states, “Design your action so that your target is forced to make a decision, and all their available options play to your advantage.”

The text cynically continues, “If you design your action well, you can force your target into a situation where they have to respond but have no good options — where they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.”

The “Support Our Police” attendees had only two choices, and both played right into the protesters’ scheme: either retreat and close down the rally, or react and engage.

The third and most sensible choice that organizer Jim Sexton tried to pursue — simply ignoring the disruptors and conducting the event as planned — was made harder by the minute due to the cacophony and the physical intimidation from the BLM crowd.

Over the next hour, the tension perceptibly rose, and even though I tried to stay calm, I too got caught up in the emotional tide. Scanning the BLM crowd, what irked me most was a sign with the words, “Say Their Names.” Scrawled around that line were the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. It was quite obvious to me that only certain black lives mattered to the protesters.

I looked up some other names on my phone and wrote them down: David Dorn, 66 years old, a retired black police officer from St. Louis who was killed by rioters when he tried to protect his friend’s pawnshop; Amaria Jones, 13 years old, from Chicago, killed by a stray bullet as she was showing her mother a dance move in their living room; Secoriea Turner, 8 years old, from Atlanta, killed in the backseat of her mother’s car during a drive-by shooting; Natalia Wallace, 7 years old, shot and killed while playing in a yard in her neighborhood; and Sincere Gaston, 20 months old, shot and killed in his mother’s car when they drove home from the laundromat.

There were many more. I made my way up to the microphone, but Jim Sexton stopped me. “I can’t let you read that,” he said. “We must keep the peace.”

I realized he was smarter than me.

Act 2: The Climax (or “The real action is your target’s reaction”)

As I reluctantly retreated, I spotted Chief Romei up on the hill next to the State House and decided to walk up there.

“So,” I said, standing next to him and looking out over the gathering where the two groups were drifting ever closer to each other, “what do you think? Everything still looks pretty OK, right?”

“Not really,” he said, intently scanning the crowd. “See? Over there is a cluster of BLM folks with helmets on. And over there are several protesters with paint ball gear. There is some really bad juju going on down there. One wrong shove, and the whole thing could explode.”

I said, “But you do have enough officers to take control if something goes wrong, no?”

“Hell no,” Romei said, sounding tense.

A chill ran down my spine.

“You ever watch a hockey game?” he continued. “Sometimes the players just start clubbing each other with their hockey sticks, and the referees are standing by until one of them hits the ground. Then they dive in and throw themselves on top of them and pin them down. That’s what we’re going to have to do if this goes bad.”

It was clear that his mood had shifted drastically from the optimism he had displayed when I had talked to him on the phone a few days earlier. I wondered if some legislator had told him to stand down.

A man from our pro-police group walked up the hill. “Chief,” he said, “I just saw one of the protesters take a black box out of his backpack. It was about the size and shape of a Glock box, and he started opening it with a key. You probably want to keep an eye on that.”

The chief nodded. I excused myself and walked back down the hill. This whole thing was getting way too scary for my taste.

A pastor who had the mic repeatedly asked the crowd to “give us a moment of silence for George Floyd and all the black people who have been unjustly killed by police.”

Eventually, everyone obliged. After all the previous noise, the sudden silence was deafening.

“And now,” he said, “can we have a moment of silence for all the fallen law enforcement officers who died protecting people’s lives?”

Instantly, the BLM crowd started screaming and blaring their sirens again. I noticed at least half a dozen protesters circling the crowd and filming everything, some of them with big, professional-looking video cameras. I wondered what that was all about.

Later, I found out that communist activist Saul Alinsky coined the term “Political Jiu-Jitsu” to describe actions like this.

The website Beautiful Trouble states:

[These actions] enable under-resourced activist groups to use a powerful opponent’s momentum against them by provoking a reaction, and then watching them fall flat, literally or figuratively, in front of the cameras.

When applying this principle, it’s important to understand that you can’t just hope the target reacts in a way that spotlights the injustice. Wherever possible, plan for your target’s reactions, encourage them, and incorporate them into the action. If it doesn’t work the first time, adjust and try again.

Little did I and the other poor schmucks in the pro-police group know that we were the supporting actors in a grand drama that was playing out right in front of our eyes.

As the BLM provocateurs kept working up the crowd, the “documenters” kept circling around, hoping for their million-dollar shot.

And unfortunately, they got it.

Act 3: The Impact (or “Play to the audience that isn’t there”)

The next day, a video made the rounds of a blond woman in a Vermont t-shirt flying into a racist rage and yelling at the protesters: “Black lives don’t matter at all to me! White lives matter. You’ve had everything. Free f***ing everything. Blacks have been coddled for years.”

“When you’re pulling off a prank or staging some kind of media spectacle,” says Beautiful Trouble, “it’s important to keep in mind that those you’re directly confronting are often not your main audience. … Rather, the idea is to use the immediate audience as unwitting actors in a theater piece that is being performed for a secondary audience. That secondary audience is comprised of filmgoers or YouTube viewers or TV watchers or press release readers — and they’re the ones you care most about. Design your intervention with them in mind.”

The video of the racist Vermont “Karen” went viral on Twitter and made it into Newsweek, WCAX, Yahoo News, NewsOne, BET, AP News and other media outlets.

It came to define an event that was meant to be kind and selfless and show support for the people who every day put their lives on the line for the safety of Americans and Vermonters.

Several news articles quoted Noel Riby-Williams, co-organizer of the BLM protest, as saying sadly, “I’m not shocked, because I know Vermont has its really racist undertones. The racism here is probably even scarier than in other places — it’s hidden, and you don’t know when it’s going to come, and it will shock you at any moment.”

Then she went in for the kill: “I just hope and pray that these people really realize what they’re standing for. By standing for police brutality, you’re allowing people to be killed.”

And that’s how the narrative of the rural racists came to be.

Never mind that in 1777, Vermont was the first colony to abolish slavery and give full voting rights to African-American males.

Never mind that in 1823, a black Vermonter, Alexander Lucius Twilight, became the first African-American to earn a college degree.

And never mind that in 1836, Twilight entered the Vermont House of Representatives — becoming the first African-American elected to a state legislature. This was before the Civil War.

Vermont has always prided itself to be one of the least racist states. I hope other communities and groups can learn from our experience and refuse to play into the guerilla tactics of the radical left.

Image courtesy of Shannara Johnson

23 thoughts on “Shannara Johnson: A ‘racist rural rally’ – or what really happened last week

  1. Does anyone recognize or know the blonde supposed ‘ranting racist’? Could she have been planted by BLM to provide the screaming headlines discrediting Law Enforcement supporters? It is my belief she was a plant – clue being the cameras encircling the police supporters and known activities of ploitical groups primarily the Communists – Comrade Bernard is famous for this.

    And – it is also my belief that there was a deliberate lack of police presence as they had been ordered to stand down and toss the police supporters to the wind – shame on them all. Pretty clear from the way entire BLM escapade in VT has unfolded – domestic terrorists aka Marxist Antifa BLM are in fact masquerading as supporters of our black community members in VT – however are in fact a hate group. And doing exactly to our Law Enforcement community what they are protesting is being done to black community her in VT?

    So the VT Communist Party headed by Chairman Phil is poster-childing black community in VT by making patently false, completely untrue and unproven claims of systemic racism against the ppl of VT and commandeering our Law Enforcement Community to limit police presence in advance of the planned violence after the election? Stay tuned:
    NewsUS News
    Dems Are Wargaming Possible Succession And Chaos For The November Election
    written by Paul Goldberg August 4, 2020

    “Two reports have emerged that Democrats are wargaming how to delegitimize the November election and could cause a civil war as they plan for a contested election. The wargaming was buried in a report by Ben Smith in the New York Times and was also reported in the Boston Globe.
    Smith was mainline covering to how the media was going to cover election night given that the result of the election may not be known for weeks.

    However, toward the bottom of the report, Smith mentions an article from the Boston Globe that explained Democrats have participated in a “war game” to considered possible outcomes and strategies during the national election.

    Participants included John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, never-Trump Bill Kristol, other political, and former military leaders.”

  2. This letter regarding BLM is from a retired lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, who happens to be black.

    Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. During his 22-year career, he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving many honors including a Bronze Star. In 2010, West was elected as a member of the 112th Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District

    A Black Man’s Letter to Black Lives Matter

    In the aftermath of the George Floyd incident, everyone seems to want to have a conversation about race in America

    By Allen West
    June 22, 2020

    Just recently, presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, asserted that if you couldn’t decide whether to vote for him or President Trump, “you ain’t black.”

    So, let me clarify something: I was born in February 1961 in a “Blacks only” hospital, Hughes Spalding, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was raised by a proud Black man, Herman West Sr. and woman, Elizabeth Thomas West in the historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood in Atlanta. My Mom and Dad are buried, together, in Marietta National Cemetery because of their service to our Nation.

    The Old Fourth Ward is the same neighborhood that produced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and where the American civil rights movement emanated, “Sweet Auburn Avenue.”

    There is a high possibility that I have forgotten more black history than some may ever learn — or certainly know. I just authored a book titled, “We Can Overcome, An American Black Conservative Manifesto.”

    I do not need to “qualify” my being Black based upon some pre-determined ideological agenda. I was raised to believe that I was an individual who could think and believe as I determined. I was taught that America is a place where regardless of where you were born, where you came from, there was an equality of opportunity.

    That equality of opportunity has enabled me to attain immense success for myself and set the conditions for the success of my two daughters. My wife Angela, an accomplished former marketing professor and financial adviser, and I now teach our daughters about the perils of equality of outcomes, and those who cleverly disguise that intent within the cries of social justice.

    With this being stated, I am tired of our Nation cowering, appeasing, acquiescing, and surrendering to this absurd organization calling itself Black Lives Matter (BLM). There is nothing true or sincere about this ideologically aligned progressive socialist, cultural Marxist organization.

    BLM is just another leftist organization created by the same ilk of progressive socialists who created the NAACP. When one reviews the goals and objectives of BLM, they have nothing to do with the real issues facing the Black community in America. The focus of BLM is to cleverly advance the leftist ideological agenda under the guise of a witty name that forces people into guilt, shame.

    I do not need any white person in America to kneel before me, apologize, wash my feet, or as the insidious comment of Chick-fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, shine my shoes. I did a doggone good job of shining my own boots during my career in the US Army — that was my individual responsibility, in which I took great pride.

    I am tired of these businesses and corporations being shaken down by BLM to the tune of some $464M, $50M right here in my home of Texas. Why?

    Black Lives Matter does not support the critical civil rights issue of this day. The major civil rights issue in America today is educational freedom. How many young black kids are relegated to failing public schools in failing neighborhoods? Where does BLM stand on that issue? They stand with the progressive socialist left and the teachers unions. Ask yourself, has BLM ever condemned the action of Barack Obama in April 2009 to cancel the DC school voucher program?

    Yesterday was Father’s Day. How many young black kids are growing up without a father in the house, a strong positive role model, like my Dad, US Army Corporal Herman West Sr.? The policies of the progressive socialist left decimated the traditional two parent household in the black community. What does BLM say about the traditional, nuclear, two parent (man and woman) household? They say that is a tool of white supremacy.

    If there is to be a conversation about the rule of law in America and the black community, let’s have that honest conversation. However, BLM wants us to believe that there is some focused, dedicated, intentional genocide being enacted against the Black community by law enforcement.

    In 2019, there were a total of nine white law enforcement officer shootings of unarmed black men. Yet, how many blacks have taken to the streets to kill other blacks? And where is the outrage from BLM?

    But, even worse, since 1973, there have been over 20 million unborn black babies murdered in the wombs of Black mothers. The organization mostly responsible for the industry of murdering unborn babies is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by a known white supremacist, racist, a woman who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies — Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood has over 70 percent of their “clinics” located in black communities across America.

    I have never heard Black Lives Matter speak up, speak out, or speak against Planned Parenthood. Why? Simple, the white progressive socialist masters who fund, resource, and enable Black Lives Matter don’t give a darn about the lives of Black children.

    I could go on, but I think you get my point. Black Lives Matter is an oxymoronic and disingenuous organization. As a proud American Black Man, I find Black Lives Matter an offensive and condescending organization whose hypocrisy is blatantly evident. Yet, thanks to the lucrative support of the white progressive socialist collective elitists, it survives, and extorts financial support from the useful idiots in our corporate structure.

    All lives matter, but this radical organization, Black Lives Matter, is the ultimate Trojan Horse. The consistent purveyors of systemic racism in America is the Democrat Party. They have smartly devised this organization to enable their ends, the proliferation of the 21st century economic plantation. Black Lives Matter serves as overseers on this plantation, stoking the irrational emotionalism and angst to support their agenda, their purpose.

    What is the purpose? Simple. The new plantation of the left is not about producing cotton. It is about creating victims who will be dependent, and produce the new crop — votes.

    • Thanks Willem for sharing this. Unfortunately the brainwashed people don’t want to hear opposing words to their beliefs, even if it is someone who has lived the experience.

      • Keith,

        They do not want to hear about opposing views, because they are busy with their main issue, which is not BLM, etc., but central command/control of the Vermont and national government.

        Always follow the money, who gets the power, control and benefits, and who gets hosed.

  3. We attended this rally, though due to work commitments did not arrive until after 12:30. Our first experience was being “flipped off” for our motorcycle and American flag. Though intending to be observers, my husband soon became involved in a confrontation in which the BLM group tried to stand down an individual just walking through the crowd recording. Ironically, he was wearing a NYS police department t-shirt and people assumed he was the police. He listened patiently as people admonished him to “turn in his badge”. I was told that people who join the military and police “just want to kill” and that the person whose name was on my hat wanted the BLM group dead. As noted above, the group was primarily younger 20 somethings believing in universal wages for doing what you want in the community. They spoke of racial injustice and didn’t have a ready response as to what we would do to help bring people out of poverty that had that opportunity through military service or blue collar police work. Mostly, they were just angry. I had some good conversations but ultimately could see that my boomer ideas of work hard, get rewarded were outdated. One poignant conversation I observed was a woman surrounded by BLM and being mocked for not being organized. She responded that the point of the rally was to support the police, and they laughed at her. The Support for Police group left, little by little, as they could see escalation. I witnessed high schoolish chanting of Bye bye racists, bye bye as they departed. As we personally left, we discovered that someone had vandalized my husband’s motorcycle by smashing the mirror. Overall, it was apparent that BLM was there to disrupt more than to support anything.

  4. Shannara Johnson’s article provides an excellent example on how Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their advocates and supporters work to control, or should I say, stifle civil discourse on racial justice. Let me offer another example, a personal experience with Vermont’s Front Porch Forum (FPF).

    I recently submitted the posting below to FPF, which FPF refused to publish. The reason for their denial to publish: “(The post is not) in accordance with FPF’s statement on these issues (see The denial of systemic racism creates an environment where historically marginalized people may not feel welcome. This runs counter to FPF’s mission to connect neighbors and build community.”

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s View of the U.S.

    Who is Ayaan Hirsi Ali? From Wikipedia: “Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born Dutch-American activist, feminist, author, scholar and former politician. She received international attention as a critic of Islam and advocate for the rights and self-determination of Muslim women, actively opposing forced marriage, honor violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation.” Ali is a research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and she served as a member of the Dutch Parliament from 2003 to 2006. TIME magazine named Ali one of the “100 Most Influential People” of 2005. You can go to for her biography.

    As Ali herself will acknowledge, she does not have the experiences of an African-American who grew up in the U.S. Born in Somalia in 1969, her family fled that country in 1977, going first to Saudi Arabia, then Ethiopia, and finally to Kenya by 1980. In 1992, she left Kenya for the Netherlands, immigrating to the U.S. in 2006.

    And what is Ali’s view of our country? Her view is succinctly capture by her tweet of June 9th: “What the media also do not tell you, is that America is the best place on the planet to be black, female, gay, trans or what have you. We have our problems, and we need to address those. But our society and our systems are far from racist.” Ali is not alone in her view; and I mention retired neurosurgeon and current U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson, civil rights activist Robert Woodson, former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University Carol Swain, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Allen B. West, and former NFL running back Herschel Walker as a few examples.

    Clearly, those at FPF have accepted the memes of “structural racism” and “white fragility” to the degree that they are unwilling to publish an opposing view that is held by accomplished, successful black Americans. Saying that our society and our systems are far from racist does not, of course, leave specific institutions off the hook. We still do find many laws, attitudes, and policies that have been promoted either with the intention to hold down poor people and non-white people, or with complacency about the fact that they do, in fact, hold them down.

    • Front Porch Forum has been censoring, modifying postings and completely banning people for years and years. When you have a really good argument they can completely ban you. Some of us have first hand experience with this, it’s massive, just like everywhere else, except for this island of free speech.

  5. On Vermont this Week on PBS, Stewart Ledbetter reported on the racist comment by one woman but failed to report one word on the outrageous behavior of the black lives matter protestors. As far as I’m concerned Stewart Ledbetter is guilty of ” Fake News” The media continues to portray the protests as peaceful demonstrators but it does not look peaceful to me. In St Albans at the demonstration people shouted “racist pigs” and one person even threatened with a gun.D

    • Honestly it’s the only news we have in Vermont. It’s all propaganda, we are the tip of the socialist spear. You can’t get people to buy into socialism without first giving them free stuff and then have complete control of the media.

      Vermonters are so innocent, the have absolutely no idea how bad the censorship and propaganda truly is, we take everything for face value and what we are told as true.

      It is a serious problem.

  6. August 3, commentary in VTDIGGER continued the move to increase the racial divide. In effect calling support of police insensitive and inappropriate (in a time when police are under attack nationwide.) Unfortunately VTDIGGER has eliminated the ability to comment and my ability to write a meaningful commentary such as Shannara has done is nonexistent.

    • The VTDigger’s decision to first end readers’ ability to click +/- indicating agreement/disagreement with comments and then a few days later suspending its comment section all together is the most deafening silencing of voices that I have witnessed in my 30 years in Vermont……..A profound hit against effective government and Democracy.

      Vermont is essentially a left/far left leaning State. A reality clearly reflected in the State’s General Assembly, where Dems & Prog hold 24 out of 30 or 80% of the Senate seats and 102 out of 150 or 68% of the House seats. A veto proof majority that hamstrings the State’s Republican Governor.

      The Dems’/Progs’ strangle hold on State government is strengthened by a left leaning media in the state. The lopsided majority in Montpelier demands a diligent media watching every step taken…….Instead, we too often see an affirmation of the actions taken by the State’s General Assembly or uncritical reporting on social or political activities taking place in the town squares and streets across the state.

      Silencing the people is not good. This does not produce healthy government. What it does do is give rise to the reality of: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Is this the legacy that the Vermont media wants?……..Let’s hope not, but it definitely is an opportunity for The True North Reports to flourish.

  7. BLM is nothing more then another “mafiaesq”: group of thugs using
    the sheep of the leftest of the left in their intimidation scheme to benefit
    their vile hate groups and the DNC *which coincidentally is a hate group as well*

    It’s past time to bring in the useless fbi and start making RICO arrests and using jail time to discourage these freedom haters practices.

    Just how much help has the billions that have been bilked blm done for average Blacks???? clue it starts with zero…….

    • Whoops forgot to commend the author on

      a very insightful article,, thanks Shannara Johnson. Well done.

  8. Over the past few months, ignited by the senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of an apparent mad man cop, the United States of America has been painted as a hell hole of racism. A country dominated by systemic racism, run by white supremacists and motivated to harm and keep black people down, so we’re told.

    This situation that has lead to the demonstrations that Ms. Johnson references and the mindless rioting and damage to public and private property that has traumatized the country for weeks. The behavior of the “Anti-Police” demonstrators in Montpelier is a perfect example of the mindlessness that drives the charges of systemic racism.

    Now one has to ask, how can a country that has elected a black man, Barack Obama, President by hundreds of millions of Americans, most of them white. An occurrence that happened twice. How does that happen in a racist country hell bent on keeping black people down?

    This same country elevated Colin Powell to Secretary of State, the highest Cabinet position in this country. This honor followed his rise to four star Army General and then Chief of Staff of the United States military……Or Eric Holder, Attorney General or Loretta Lynch also Attorney General, or Ben Carlson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development or Vernon Jordon, Washington power broker and advisor to Presidents.

    Then there is President Obama’s wife Michelle who attended Princeton and graduated from the Harvard Law School. Or Oprah Winfrey, a self made billionaire, who rose from poverty or pro football player Patrick Mahomes who just signed a $500 million contract and the thousands of other black millionaires in this country.

    The list of black people who have successfully reached the highest levels of government, business, sports and entertainment could go on to fill pages of TrueNorthReports.

    Undoubtedly, there are racists in this country and even in Vermont…….But they are in a small minority and have little real impact on us. Systemic racism is a myth as is the thought that this country or state is run by white supremacists.

    There are poor black people who experience difficulties, sometime in disproportional amounts to white people……But there are many more millions of poor whites than blacks, there are many more thousands white people who have died from Covid-19 than black people, there are more white people killed by the police than black people and there are thousands more black people killed by other black people than white people by a ration of ten to one.

    It’s not racism that takes a toll on millions more white people than black…..Personal behavior has a far greater impact on an individual’s outcome and cannot be ignored as it includes people of all races.

    It’s time to challenge the charges of systemic racism that are being made, it’s time to look at the facts, it’s time for the adults to step forward to return rational behavior to our society.

  9. In the current environment, there can be no more ‘off the cuff’ assemblies. Every single one must be planned ahead of time, and there must be people detailed to film the ‘documenters’ on the other side.

    If you’re not properly prepared to deal with a disgustingly ruthless, mentally disturbed and violent group of self-centered, uneducated dolts – then just stay home.

  10. My God Thank you so much for posting this commentary and article.

    This is exactly how we are played and manipulated. The do the same thing for our entire political narrative in Vermont. That is why the NWO pimps, the Saul Alinsky disciples, the Progressives, the Social Democrats run/ruin our state.

    Well done, extremely well done. This scenario has been and will continue to be played out on every street, video and event across our state. This is how THEY control the narrative.

    Shannara Johnson….thank you so much for giving a real time, real world example of what tricks are being done in our state EVERY DAY…..Kudo’s. I hope and pray they get you into office. Good luck! We need a hundred people like you in Vermont office.

  11. Shannara, welcome to reality. These “peaceful demonstrations” have been nothing but organized chaos from the get go. The real tragedy lies in the fact that the governors and mayors in these Democtat run states and cities where these lawless activities are taking place are sitting on their collective hands and doing nothing to quell the mayhem.

    • Mike,
      The real tragedy is these Democrat Governors and Mayors were elected by a completely deceived/bamboozled people, as will again happen in Vermont this November.

      They hate Trump, because he upsets their devious game plans.

      The only solution is to oust these fakers/evildoers in November, show them the door, tell them to leave.

      They will sit on their hands, condemn the police, handcuff the police, defund the police, all for more political gain until they have an ironclad/veto-proof majority to implement their NEW WORLD ORDER, a la 1984

      The government would be in command and control of everything, just as was the case in the good old USSR, which fortunately collapsed from the inside in 1990, after 7 decades of one Communist/Socialist failure after another. Cuba, Venezuela, etc., followed thereafter.

      • And how would he be so prophetic in his writings of 1984? It’s easy, because we’ve seen many times, almost every time, this is how countries are subverted and overthrown from within. He just wrote a story based upon tried and true methods, that have been taking place across the globe for hundreds of years.

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