Sessions blasts activist federal judge for reinstating DACA

By Molly Prince

Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed a ruling Monday handed down from a U.S. district court, fully reinstating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Sessions blasted the decision in a statement, saying that the Obama administration “violated its duty to enforce our immigration laws by directing and implementing a categorical, multipronged non-enforcement immigration policy for a massive group of illegal aliens.”

He further stated that the executive branch is well within its right to rescind a policy that was established by an Obama-era executive order, and that it has a commitment to do so.

“We have recently witnessed a number of decisions in which courts have improperly used judicial power to steer, enjoin, modify, and direct executive policy,” Sessions wrote. “This ignores the wisdom of our Founders and transfers policy making questions from the constitutionally empowered and politically accountable branches to the judicial branch.  It also improperly undermines this Administration’s ability to protect our nation, its borders, and its citizens.”

Sessions asserted that the White House will “aggressively defend” its judgment to dissolve the DACA program, which prevented enrolled illegal aliens from deportation if they were brought to the United States as minors.

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4 thoughts on “Sessions blasts activist federal judge for reinstating DACA

  1. This sounds like a judge thinks he has the power to override Congress.If Obama didn’t have the authority to do it what makes the judge think he has the authority?

  2. I wonder if the first American Civil War had rumblings such as these at its beginning?

  3. If we bypass the question of whether Obama had the authority to impose DACA to begin with, never mind that he did say it was not within his power – we are still confronted by a conundrum. I think the problems created by a system of regulations that has grants the power to issue executive orders but not the power to rescind them is pretty obvious. Didn’t Obama rescind executive orders? Was that despite not having the power to do so?

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