Connecticut Democratic senator praises Big Tech censorship move as ‘good first step’

By Nick Givas

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut said shutting down Alex Jones’ website “InfoWars” is a “good first step” to stop the spread of lies in America.

Murphy tweeted about the incident with Jones on Monday and praised Facebook, Apple and YouTube for stepping in to censor his InfoWars content.

He followed up with a second tweet, calling InfoWars the “tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies” and accused Jones of trying to tear America apart. Murphyalso said websites like Facebook and YouTube need to push even harder in the future with their censorship of harmful material.

Murphy is running for reelection in the upcoming midterm elections this November.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Labor

3 thoughts on “Connecticut Democratic senator praises Big Tech censorship move as ‘good first step’

  1. Yes let’s just shut down free speech, and websites that reveal the lies we are expected to believe without question.
    Our corporate masters and their puppets in government always tell the truth, so there is no need for freedom of speech anymore.
    Don’t believe anything AJ says, because Snopes is unbiased and always tells the truth.
    And skyscrapers like WTC7 can collapse at free-fall speed, anytime they feel like it. Freedom of falling is so much more liberating that freedom of speech, which always causes disagreements and dissent.

  2. Just like they praised Hitler in 38 for his party’s censorship.

    Opposing views move society forward. Eliminate one side and it’s 2 steps backward. Free speech means exactly that. If you don’t like what you are reading, you can always close the book. Burn the book and you burn choice.

  3. The guy is filth and doesn’t deserve reelection! He is a traitor to the constitution; calling for more censorship, regardless if they are private entities; they are being bullied by the government to do so.

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