Gov. Scott warns of COVID-19 Delta variant unless citizens take more shots

Michael Bielawski/TNR

PANDEMIC PLAN: Republican Gov. Phil Scott wants as many Vermonters as possible to take the coronavirus shots.

At his weekly press conference Tuesday, Gov. Phil Scott and other administration officials pleaded with the public to take more vaccines or potentially face another version of the coronavirus.

“We’re not letting up, and what we’re seeing across the country shows exactly why we can’t. For the past several weeks, several parts of the country with low vaccination rates have seen a dramatic increase in cases and hospitalizations,” the governor said.

At the media briefing Scott said the new variant can be stopped if Vermonters take shots.

“As you’ve probably heard, this is being driven by the more transmissible Delta variant,” he said. “Fortunately, and this is important, the vaccines are proving effective against all variants we’ve encountered so far, including Delta.”

Scott said that Centers for Disease Control leadership is calling the Delta variant a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine complained that many Americans are not taking the COVID-19 shots. At least 100 million eligible Americans have decided to forego vaccination, according to the White House.

“This sadly has left millions of people still vulnerable to the virus,” Levine said. He also mentioned that new variants might require “booster shots” in the future.

He continued, “The best way to protect yourself right now is to get vaccinated. If you are vaccinated then you are highly protected against severe illness, hospitalization, and death.”

Deaths from the coronavirus in Vermont continue to be mostly among elderly people who have existing health conditions. To date, there have been eight COVID-associated deaths in Vermont under age 50, and just 20 COVID-associated deaths under age 60.

“I know there are people who may still have questions about the vaccine, who may have wanted to take more time before making their decision. So I want to emphasize again that we are here to help, along with their doctor, family, and friends,” Levine said.

A Rasmussen poll recently revealed about one-third of Americans do not believe public health officials are being truthful on vaccination safety.

Scott offered data about Vermonters who have chosen against vaccination — about 90,000 residents — and noted that younger people often choose not to get shots.

“The real message here is if you want to avoid getting or spreading COVID-19, and if you want to ensure that you recover if you do contract it, we hope you’ll get your vaccine today,” the governor said.

The push for more vaccinations also comes as national polls show Americans’ trust in government is at all-time historic lows.

“Since 2007, the share saying they can trust the government always or most of the time has not surpassed 30%,” according to

Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation, suggested that when Vermonters choose against taking the shots they are choosing to put everyone around them in danger.

“This week we are reporting 171 new COVID-19 cases, again with most of those cases among those being not fully vaccinated … again driven by the more transmissible Delta variant, spreading among those who remain unvaccinated in Vermont,” he said.

“It’s important to keep in mind that if someone decides not to be vaccinated, they are choosing not only themselves but those who they live with, work with, and socialize with, are ultimately are helping to prolong the pandemic.”

America’s Frontline Doctors’ lawyer Thomas Renz claims that at least 45,000 Americans have died within three days of getting COVID shots. The same organization made national headlines last year when its initial press conference went viral, and then faced censorship by various social media.

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43 thoughts on “Gov. Scott warns of COVID-19 Delta variant unless citizens take more shots

    • Thank you for the reference to Chronicles Magazine. After reading several of its articles on various matters of concern, I’ve bookmarked it.

  1. This is the warning shot across the bow. As I stated months ago, Chairman Phil has no intention of surrendering his acquisition of more power. He wil bring back lockdowns and worse very soon.

  2. Mr. Freitag, in reference to your statement below – that while you “…respect and understand that some people, including dear friends of [yours], do not feel taking a Covid-19 vaccine is a wise choice”, and, at the same time, you hope “…people, who choose not to take the vaccine, respect the choice of those of us who decide [to] take [it]”, presents another false dichotomy.

    The point is, that those of us who choose to not be vaccinated, and for good reasons I’ll be happy to discuss, are not being respected. Quite to the contrary, while we do indeed respect your choice in the matter, we are being chastised for myriad reasons, not the least of which being the assertion that, as free-thinking individuals, not only are we determined to be incapable of governing ourselves, we are characterized as a danger to society.

    When the prospect of door-to-door visits by the health department, and the requirement for Covid vaccine ‘passports’ to force vaccinations is imposed, as is currently the case in many places, how can that be characterized as being respectful?

  3. Once again I call bull! Scott doesn’t have a clue but feels the need to control us all through his scare tactics. I was vaccinated and I am done!

  4. If it sounds as if federal and state politicians and bureaucrats are making it up as they go along, they are probably making it up as they go along. With 84.25% of the eligible Vermont population allegedly vaccinated, the unvaccinated are somehow akin to depraved murderers for not getting vaccinated?
    If the CDC, WHO and a literal alphabet soup of federal and state agencies can not get their stories straight- why would anyone consider what Scott is saying now valid? Sorry folks- This whole thing stinks of scam and cover-up, politically motivated actions by the “ruling class”. The inability to provide clear answers to basic questions regarding treatment options (HCQ and Invermictin) Answers regarding the vaccine and adverse reactions isn’t going to win anyone skeptical already. Perhaps Phil will see in necessary to follow in NYC Mayor DeBlasio’s idea of forced vaccinations?

  5. Talking with a friend of mine, he had a comment, “Want to see Covid cured? Stop watching TV for 48 hours….” Pretty much sums it all up. Don’t look at what’s happening in the Norwegian countries. They are not being fed propaganda on every news site and program. Miraculously, they have no covid.

    Not that they can figure out the difference between flu and covid flu…..but fear sells well. Makes people easy to control.

  6. “The vaccines are proving effective against all variants we’ve encountered so far, including Delta.”

    Vermont coronavirus cases, July 25, 2020: 11 (no vaccine)
    Vermont coronavirus cases, July 28, 2021: 44 (83% vaccinated)

    As far as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” goes, that’s the logical result when you stop reporting cases in the vaccinated unless they are hospitalized, which means most cases. What a convenient double standard to prove the vaccines are working.

    • They have tests that can determine whether it’s a variant or not? I thought the CDC was discontinuing the PCR test because they can’t even discern the difference between Covid and influenza. Now I wonder what company will provide the tests, the the taxpayer dime mind you, could it be the company Bill Gates recently bought? This whole thing is a grift for money and power.

  7. “The vaccines are proving effective against all variants we’ve encountered so far, including Delta.”

    That must explain why Vermont’s cases are currently four times higher than at this time last year, when we didn’t have a vaccine.

    My frustration with these idiots is at an all-time high. They talk about “the science,” but science without debate isn’t science. Credible physicians, virologists, and their colleagues are being censored left and right. Because they speak the truth: Variants become less lethal as they mutate, and mass vaccination is putting evolutionary pressure on the virus, which DRIVES THE VARIANTS. All we get from Scott and Levine is copy-and-paste BS from the CDC.

    But hey, at least they don’t talk like the Dictator of NY, who said recently, “We have to get into those communities, and we have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people and put them in a car, and drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission.”

  8. Welcome to Tyranny101 and pure Propaganda101. Don’t be scared of the illness, be scared of the officials taking away your God given and Constitutional rights on a daily basis. The invisible enemy is no longer invisible. Prepare for lockdowns and mandates soon. Two weeks to flatten the curve is now get the jab or you are denied services and employment. Welcome to tyranny behind the iron curtain.

  9. On Friday the Vermont National Guard is doing a pop-up clinic in South Strafford. It is being sponsored by Coburns General Store and the Strafford Organic Creamery and each person getting vaccinated will get a pint of the best ice cream in Vermont.

    This past weekend I went to two memorial services for people who died during the pandemic. At one of them it turns out, two people there who have been already vaccinated later tested positive for Covid-19. They had been infected by a relative visiting from California. While getting a bit sick, they are fine. How much they spread it is still to be determined, but those who are not vaccinated are at far greater risk for serious illness.

    The delta variant is far more contagious than the first variety. My hope is those who have not yet been vaccinated will take another close look and carefully weigh the benefits and risks to not only themselves but for others they care about.

    • Get rid of your fear and innerstand: There is no virus. Thus no variant – just fear mongering to control our weak minds that have forgotten how to discern.
      I’ve posted links for you to verify this on your own from the CDC.
      Or you can just keep pushing the fear porn.
      Its all personal choice.

      • Allison,

        Your experience with Covid-19 is probably different from mine. My youngest sister is a nurse who worked on a Covid Ward this past winter in Portland Oregon. She said there were nights she came home exhausted from doing mandatory CPR on those who had coded and died from Covid-19.

        Another sister from just over the border in New York, who adopted and raised severely handicapped children, all got Covid-19 when one of her caregiver helpers brought it in the virus and they all became ill. She and the most severely handicapped were given infusion treatments. He because of his condition and she, because she was the only one left to care for all of them, even though she was ill. Fortunately, her church brought food every day for them.

        For my sisters and their families, the virus was not an ideological issue but an all to real disease. We all make our own decisions, but please realize others experience may be different than your own.

        • The experience of two “others” I knew may be illustrative: My Mom’s best friend, who was in good health except for some circulatory issues, died eight days after getting her vaccine. That woman’s sister died the day after getting her second shot (fine the day before). And then you have over 11,000 fatalities reported to CDC VAERS but it’s full steam ahead. (The ’76 Swine Flu vax campaign was halted after 25 deaths.)

          Meanwhile, treatments are being aggressively suppressed. I would encourage you to watch an excellent long-form interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a top cardiologist and one of the most-cited doctors in America for his research. His take on the pandemic is rather eye-opening.

        • Arthur Firstenberg (INVISIBLE RAINBOW: A HISTORY OF ELECTRICITY AND MAN) is a great read – perhaps its the fishbowl water not the fish.
          Dr. Tom Cowan talks about the connection between the vaccines and electromagnetic pollution/exposure.
          This is what is killing us. As well as the poisons in our food, water and air.
          NOT a virus that never did and never will exist.
          That’s not experience – that’s from the mouth of the CDC
          There’s also something called morphoresonance – why people who commune get sick together.
          Its not a virus.
          There IS a full on assault on LIFE on the planet and this IS a genocide event.
          But it was never the virus…it was always about the death jab.
          Germ vs terrain theory.
          The Germ theory is pure propaganda that gaslights humanity and life.
          Terrain theroy puts it in our hands to fix.
          I have, am and do – healthy and fit.
          My body, my choice.
          My mind, my curiosity, my time.
          Verify, verify, verify.

          Oh… and reading:

          • I respect and understand that some people, including dear friends of mine, do not feel taking a Covid-19 vaccine is a wise choice.

            I hope that at the same time people, who choose not to take the vaccine, respect the choice of those of us who decide take the vaccine.

            Finally I hope that we all attempt to understand the difficulties of those whose responsibility is the health of others have with dealing with this evolving pandemic and the hard choices that they have to make in carrying out their duties.

          • John… you are not the one being forced to do something they adamantly do want to do…how is that respect?
            Laws are being drawn up and what are the consequences?
            How is that respect.
            And I do mean this respectfully.
            As a healthy person who has always been responsible for my own health, not passing it off to a third party to fix, and successfully at 70yo, I am being tarred and feathered all of a sudden, and mandated against, outlawed and snitched on.
            How is that respect?

          • John – I hope you bother to do some research off mainstream media one of these days, and ask the critical question real journalists still ask: cui bono?
            You likening the death jab to wearing a pair of steel toed boots shows a huge lack of discernment let alone research on what is IN these shots, and the HUGE number of people now dying from the shots, that far outweighs the numbers who supposedly died from the flu. This is actively being covered up by the CDC and FDA and ALL mainstream media including VT media.
            You are clearly a company man, and as Upton Sinclair once penned after a failed run for political office:
            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on not understanding it.”
            Cui bono?
            Coercian by defunding people, cutting off access to jobs, food, and travel is a communist manifesto come true.
            I appreciate your naivete, but you are missing the big picture:
            Our freedoms are being sold for your false safety.
            Listen to Del Bigtree on the Highwire and challenge your naivete.
            Information has never killed anyone, but ignorance has.
            People are dying from the shots.
            Death being a side effect is good enough for me to say no, ideology aside.
            I’m affected because people I know are dying from the eugenics shot. And now appear to be ‘super spreaders.’
            I will starve to death before I take it.
            How is that respect?

        • Personally find tall tales layered with excessive tragedy and the everpresent “children” so conveniently posterchilded by the left for the cause du jour difficult to believe – esp for one persons experience

          • Allison,
            I spent some time yesterday listening to a friend who has chosen not to get vaccinated explain how hard it was for her spouse who career was in the medical profession to understand and respect her choice. Indeed, not easy stuff and people on all sides tend to be too judgmental and not less understanding of individual choices than they should be.

            It should be noted that while there definitely is societal and political pressure, there are actually no laws requiring vaccinations and even the most recent proposals for federal workers allows those who choose not to be vaccinated to instead mask and have regular Covid-19 tests.

            I have worked jobs where a hard hat and steel-toed boots were a safety requirement for employment. While certainly more intrusive, vaccines might be considered in the same light and a policy like what is being proposed for federal workers where there are requirements needed to provide for the safety of others, but not mandatory vaccination, may not be unreasonable.

          • As Steve Macdonald of GraniteGrock recently stated “The new normal is starting to look like Kool-Ade at Jamestown” lol I must agree

            We will need as many ppl as possible to rebuild our world following ‘Vaccine’ Holocaust, care for the sick and bury the victims within the next two years

            There is no valid reason to get ‘vax’:
            The depopulation shot is not a vaccine bc it does not meet the CDC or FDA legal definition thereof

            Vaccination or any shot is a medical intervention – which we have a right to reject, however Covid shot is experimental as it takes at least 12-14 years for clinical trials

            Nuremberg Code forbids subjecting humans to medical experiments without detailing risks and following informed consent, permission from experimentee

            ‘Vaccine’ does not prevent vaccinee from getting Covid – claim that it lessens symptoms cannot be proven as it is impossible to prove a negative and vast majority already had lessened symptoms, nor does it prevent transmission. Most of the new Covid ‘cases’ have been vaxxed lol.

            Masks still must be worn??? If vaxxed are protected – why.

            Oh, I forgot Communists question nothing except why the sane normals won’t do as they’re told and obey their rulers, party and politburo and joyfully attack all who refuse to follow lemming-like over the cliff.

    • Will that be Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream ?

      I AM NOT A LAB RAT !
      I AM NOT A LAB RAT !
      I AM NOT A LAB RAT !

  10. Wide open U.S. southern border, people from Africa, Mideast, China, south America almost all unvaccinated and carrying God only knows how many different Covid-19 variants being shipped to unspecified locations in the U.S. Viruses genetically mutate in a proprietary fashion just as all other lifeforms. Think platypus, wallaby, and koala bear. No mention of this from the government or news sources. Why would they permit this? Are they just stupid or are they planning to impose another lockdown in order to rig voting again for the 2022 election to insure they retain power?

  11. I repeat repeat repeat again:
    This is fascist tyranny. There IS no other name for it.

    FOIA’d documented responses from the CDC on dozens of viruses came back negative for any virus ever being isolated.
    Here is the documentation of the CDC’s letters you can read yourselves and download for your records and send to Levine and Reichsmarshall Comrade Scotty:


    That makes what anyone pushing this death jab a eugenics cult member.
    Home of eugenics that Vermont is…it never died here. And is the MODEL for how this eugenics experiment is being carried out.

    “Viruses” have been used to scare kill and control populations starting in Africa for mining interests, and for which Dag Hammarskjold was murdered, when he was about to uncover the connection (COLD CASE: DAG HAMMASKJOLD).

    If we kowtow to this eugenic agenda that requires medical tyranny, we have only ourselves to blame.


    Sweden has demonstrated that all of this fear-mongering is just a new variant of Lysenkoism that’s infected our medical system, turning it into a monster that thrives on titillating the population with fear porn.

    Almost no one wears masks in Sweden. Sweden is doing fine. America? We’re told that we have to follow the new Lysenkoism or else our children will die.

    We have a choice: follow Sweden or follow Fauci. Fear-porn loving doctors want us to follow Fauci. We’ll always, always find ‘scientific’ reasons to justify fear porn– you can find science to justify pretty much anything. Or, we could just say no. Our CDC could stand up and say, OK, that’s enough, this is getting really sick.

    But the CDC seems to be enjoying this. What fun!

  13. Can the PCR tests identify the different variants?

    Have they decreased the cycle threshold of the PCR tests to limit the number of false positives?

    It seems as though the jabs are causing the variants just like antibiotics cause bacteria to evolve, becoming resistant to to antibiotics. Look at The Texas dems, they’re all supposedly fully jabbed yet at least 6 of them tested positive for C19.

    The Governor and Vermont’s health commissioner should have their emails released like Fauci’s were.

  14. When I briefly heard Pieciak bloviating, my first thought was ‘why would anybody give any credence to this guy spouting about medical issues?’

    This State’s ‘leadership’ has gone off the deep end, and 80 percent of the population is rushing to be first to follow them off the cliff.

    • Screw ’em, quite frankly. They’re the same people that’ll call you an imbecile to your face for questioning any of this nonsense. Let ’em get their gene therapy I mean vaccine. Hell, let ’em get five or six shots. We’ll see what happens in a few months or years.

      Phil Scott and Ichabod Crane I mean Dr. Levine can pound sand as well.

  15. What exactly makes the commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation qualified to tell people that they are a danger to others for not getting the vaccination? I’m not certain how he thinks he is important enough to tell others what they should and should not put into their bodies for a virus that is upwards of 99% recovery rate.

  16. Most of what comes out of the CDC, and Fauci’s mouth are science fiction rather than true science. The waffling back and forth regarding masks and efficacy of the experimental gene therapy (NOT “vaccines”) should make any person capable of rational and logical thought realize that it’s no longer about public health. It’s yet another divisive tool being used by government to further turn people against one another. “Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation, suggested that when Vermonters choose against taking the shots they are choosing to put everyone around them in danger.” What expertise does the commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation possess with regard to virology and communicable disease? Come on, folks! Haven’t we been played enough? We’ve been lied to, insulted, and vilified beyond what anyone should tolerate. It’s time to tell the elitist politicians where they should get a jab.

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