Scott: Restrictions can be lifted as most vulnerable are vaccinated

By Guy Page

Gov. Scott hopes to relax restrictions as Vermonters become vaccinated, he said at Tuesday’s press conference.

Vermont Daily asked: “the dashboard shows that 59 of Vermont’s 72 deaths are 70 or over. Once the over-70 population is sufficiently vaccinated, will you continue work, gathering, educational and travel restrictions and if so why, if the risk to the most threatened demographic has been greatly mitigated?”

Gov. Scott responded: “What we’re hoping is that we can start to reduce the restrictions once people get vaccinated. First we have to have a vaccine okayed by the FDA. And then we will have to have a quantity of vaccines distributed widely enough … to have enough effect,” he said.

Without specifically mentioning vaccination among age groups, Gov. Scott said, “If we can get to the population that is most vulnerable,” restrictions can be lifted, Scott said. “Nothing would make me happier.”

According to the Vermont Health Department dashboard published today, five people under the age of 60 have died of Covid-19. Mortality figures by age group are:  eight, ages 60-69; ages 70-79, 26; and ages 80 and over, 33.

Vermont Department of Health demographic data for 72 Covid-19 deaths as of 12/1/2020

Health Commissioner adamant about Irasburg church info – Health Commissioner Mark Levine remains convinced that a worshipper at New Hope Bible Church Nov. 22 tested positive for Covid-19 – even though the church’s pastor has told reporters that the person in question wasn’t there, and anyway hasn’t tested positive.

“We feel very comfortable because we have had multiple people interacting with the church and the community, that we are well aware that we had a positive test, and what risks do and do not exist,” Levine said.

Andrew McGregor of the Caledonian-Record then noted pastor George Lawson maintains the person in question not only wasn’t in church that Sunday, but was tested three times and was found negative.

“Both of those are contrary to my understanding in its entirety,” Levine replied said. Church members should get tested and/or quarantine if they attended on the dates listed, he said.

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17 thoughts on “Scott: Restrictions can be lifted as most vulnerable are vaccinated

  1. Not sure what all the unrest is about this vaccine, the first vile hasn’t even been
    administered and already conflicts on who gets what.

    But I am one that doesn’t believe that this shot should be” mandated”, I believe as
    adults we can make up our own minds over our health decisions.

    Years ago I stood in line with hundreds of other, as we were shot up by the military
    no choice ” mandated ” jet injected by the same tool one after another, we all survived
    but it wasn’t our choice.

    So now that I’m old a grey if and when this vaccine comes available it will be my choice
    not the Governors, like the ” leftist ” likes to promote ” My body, My choice “………

    Oh yeah, over the years I have ” requested ” different vaccines, yup my choice, and it will
    my choice this time also !!

    • It’s your choice. Don’t believe law enforcement is going to become Scott’s Brown Shirts. If so, they would be the minority numbers wise and couldn’t enforce.

      • The problem is going to be that the government won’t have to mandate it.
        Walmart can, the schools can, movie theaters can, the grocery stores can, your Church can.
        They can create a situation where unless you have been vaccinated, you won’t go in that building.. and we’ll all be showing our papers to go forward.
        So no, maybe there won’t be a mandate per se, we’ll all just be shut of of society if we don’t play by their new rules.

        THIS was just going on with Masks!
        There was no mandate, but yet every store out there said we couldn’t walk in the door without them.
        So lets not get caught up here in language, lets instead just look at what is actually going on out there and how it’s touching our lives.

        I don’t know about you, but I never voted to be controlled by hospitals and grocery stores..I never voted to be told what to do by Walmart, and yet, this is the role they are now playing.
        Why do you think they are putting all of our small businesses out?
        It’s because these people that own these things mostly are face to face with us, they are very close to the people and they are often not going to play these games because when they make us unhappy, they directly face the music. So they actually listen to their customers and respond to them, not the assigned narrative.
        They are being removed basically so that we have no choice but to use the big boxes that are all controlled by them.

        • Thank you. Stores can do what they desire. Many will experience people vote and shop with their feet. Store competition is rather fierce in populated areas.

          VT’s Scott and NH’s Sununu have the same mindset about dictatorial power
          “stay reclusive:, “don’t travel”, wear masks around isolate families”, become unhuman, GD.

          I have driven over 2 million miles since 1956 in all continental states and 9 Canadian Providences (not including England). Traveled between VT-NH to AL-FL some 48 times. Been thru NY, PA, MD, WVA, VA, TN, GA, AL FL since 2001 steadily. Driving freedom is west of the Mississippi River. Have shopped in many of those states and observed the people. TN people are like the native Vt’er. People south of the Mason-Dixon line are far more friendly, (and the weather is better) So I have seen first hand the wearing of masks in many places. In NH, TN, AL people and clerks in many stores don’t wear masks. I’m comfortable with it. Observed many doctors, panels of same, John Hopkins (etc) have stated that masks don’t work. Reported also 85% of the people that contacted the virus wore a mask.

          There are 3 points on the face, only 2/3 are covered, not the eyes. Shoppers can carry the virus in their shopping bags, they don’t decontaminate them. Marks on the floors say stay 6 feet separation, bull the virus can travel 17 feet as reported. Anyhow, I wear a mask covering only my mouth for “safety”. I maintain distances. I don’t like breathing my own dihydrogen monoxide and C02 and I wouldn’t jeopardize others.

          Interesting to observe people wearing masks: Biking by themselves on a country road, walking by themselves, driving in a vehicle being the only one in it. Couples walking (in Brattleboro) only one wearing. How crazy can one get, no common sense and brainwashed.

          I find it interesting and dismaying when the “news” reports on the numbers with the virus, hospitals full, deaths etc. Negative news attracts, positive news about how many survived, no news. Negative news produces an audience and commercial revenue. The alphabet networks are loosing viewers in droves to Newmax & OAN currently, Fox news bombed. I’m so sick of the constant propagandizing the mis-information about the virus and Trump, I watch old movies or a cooking channel until they have gone back into hibernation for the evening. Unfortunately the sheeple are mesmerized by it all or they play with their videos. Trump, it’s reported is considering having his own network.

          Another problem with the reporting of virus cases. High populated areas (cities) have more cases. Rural areas (less population) by common sense don’t scum and life is normal. So you hear only doom and gloom, they don’t segregate areas.

          Cuomo of NY is a prime thinking Liberal full of crap. He forced diseased people in nursing homes, 38,000 people died. Ho wrote a book saying how great his virus policies were. He wanted beds, Trump filled the Jarvis Center, a medical boat was in NY Harbor, no people were hospitalized. He wanted monitors, got many and shipped them elsewhere as not needed. He had some $700M for monitors, he spent the money on stupid projects and probably to his friends. He blames Trump, also said he wouldn’t accept the vaccine. That’s the liberal mind.

          Interesting that many NY’ers are moving out (seen man y vehicles looking for property in VT all week long. CT is the same. But they wanted him, got sick of him and will bring their same attitude to VT, walla another NY. Just like NV, TX CA’ers are changing those states. Native VT’ers are moving out. In AL, families are moving in every 9 minutes. AL is a big state and has jobs. Last May, I tanked up with diesel fuel 135 gals in Fairhope prior to returning to VT. Price was $1.61 / gal. Along the CT River both sides it’s $2.69. Expensive to live there. And I didn’t have to put a mask on. Check Gas Buddy for prices all around the US.

          All this is documented by many sources including the alphabet networks.

          My two cents for now,.

  2. About 88 people die from the flu in Vermont every year.

    Covid is a type of flu.

    How is this much different than a NORMAL flu year?

    To Vermont’s credit we appear to be using the proper methods and classifications to determine cause of death, which reveals what a true plandemic this is. Covid is real, it will kill you. If they intubate you and put you on a ventilator, your chances of dieing increase drastically. They got paid $35,000 each to do that? Is that the correct number.

    Why aren’t we talking about a 75% reduction in deaths….?????

  3. And who do we have to thank for this quick production of vaccine, our quick thinking President Trump………but a leftist group of Vermont State officials could never give credit where credit is due.

  4. I strongly urge people to begin learning about vaccines if you already have not.
    I have been reading health blogs on this topic for about 20 years now and there is a mountain of information out there..
    The anti-vaxers are a very large group of people and this is a world wide group of people that follows this stuff closely and this is not a new thing at all, this idea that these vaccines are not good.
    Do a search about “Gulf War Syndrome Vaccines” and read about it all.
    Read about Gardasil.
    There is just soo much.
    I will not take a vaccine.. I won’t even consider it..
    To be honest, I think anyone that takes this is crazy!
    If you fully understand the risk you are taking, no one would take it.

    • I know quite a few former military whose health records indicate they received the full anthrax series. None did. Thankfully we all had some great IDCs (Independent Duty Corpsman).

    • I agree with you. A good website with good info is by Dr. Joseph Mercola.
      Most people don’t realize the drug makers have full immunity if you have an adverse reaction,they can’t be held liable.
      I refuse to take it. I don’t take the annual flu shot and I haven’t had the flu since 1987. My neighbor has Gulf War syndrome. When it flares up, he sweats a dark yellow.
      If you want to take the shot, that’s your business. If I don’t want to take it, that’s my business.

      • Soylent Green, anyone. – Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

        Let us not forget about the successes of polio, small pox and MMR vaccines. On the other hand, we’re more likely to die when we take the yellow fever vaccine than we are contracting the Wu Flu. At some point, we must admit to ourselves, connecting the dots creates a line.

        Cogito, ergo sum. Caveat emptor.

        • Catch 22: Government, on one hand, tells us, as individuals, that we can’t achieve what’s possible as a collective. While, on the other hand, government accepts little, if any, responsibility for its failure to achieve anything.

        • Look at this Jay.
          They are many things that are KNOWN to help deal with not getting the flu that we all could be doing and learning about.
          This entire thing is about politics, not health or a virus. It’s about Money.
          Good Chocolate, wine, berries, good health, eating well, feed your immune system, take some vitamins.
          Look at what was KNOWN about quinine from back when they were dealing with the Spanish Flu.. and yet look at what is going on.
          What they have done is Criminal and many people see this and get that.
          There is going to be hell to pay for these people in the government that have done this to us.. you mark my words Jay, it’s coming.
          Follow this thread, good stuff.

          • I get it. But I’m too old (and too well prepared) to be frightened by this stuff, even on behalf of my grandchildren. More to the point…. we can still believe what we want to believe, we can still decide whether or not to take any vaccine, or to eat the purple berries – after all, ‘I’ve been eating them for 6 or 7 weeks now, haven’t gotten sick once, probably keep us both alive’.

            Remember, though, that more than 90% of eastern seaboard Native Americans died within 100 years of the Columbus voyages, not because they didn’t eat well, not because they died in battle or were executed, but because they had no immunity to European disease. ‘Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it’.

            Have you ever seen a child with whooping cough? If you choose not to have a smallpox vaccination, or not to give your children the DPT vaccine, or the polio vaccine, be my guest. In any case, there are still plenty of personal injury lawyers out there willing to prepare class-action lawsuits – not only against Phillip Morris for promoting cigarettes, Purdue Pharma for OxyContin, and mesothelioma claims against asbestos companies, but against anyone who harms us without due process.

            Ours is still a free country. How do I know this? Because I can still say – to those who try to force me to take a vaccine, or those who otherwise try to deny the unalienable rights endowed by my creator:

            ‘Go ahead, make my day’!

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