Scott directives cause 71,667 Vermonters to lose jobs; coronavirus-related deaths hold at 23

Jobless claims in Vermont have reached more than 71,000 since Gov. Phil Scott declared a state of emergency in March and ordered Vermonters to shut down businesses, restrict gatherings to 10 or less and “stay home, stay safe.”

According to the Department of Labor’s weekly unemployment insurance claims report released Thursday, the number of processed initial jobless claims for the week totaled 16,474, up from 14,633 the week of March 28 and 3,784 the week before that. The spike is a jolting 3,074% increase above the 519 unemployment insurance claims filed a year ago this week.

Supplemental information provided through the DOL’s Unemployment Insurance Division notes that while the department processed 16,474 claims for the week, it received 22,754 claims. Staff continue to struggle with backlogs due to the high volume of layoffs caused by the governor’s orders.

The state had 21,953 prior jobless claims continue for the week, while 13,797 claims were continuing in the week prior, the report indicates.

Since March 15, the total number of initial jobless claims received by the DOL has reached 71,667, according to supplemental information from the Unemployment Insurance Division.

The U.S. Labor Department reported Thursday that 6.6 million Americans nationwide filed first-time unemployment claims, adding to the more than 10 million who filed in the two weeks prior. Altogether, more than 1 in 10 U.S. workers have lost jobs since governors across the country began halting economic activity last month.

Number of deaths

As of April 9, the Vermont Department of Health reports 23 people have died after having tested positive for COVID-19. With 8,181 tests administered so far, the state has identified 628 total cases. About 47 people are currently being monitored, and 777 individuals have have completed monitoring. More than half of all coronavirus cases — 336 — have occurred in Chittenden County.

Comparison with flu and pneumonia

Vermont had 22 people die of pneumonia, and nine die from seasonal flu, during the three-week period ending March 21. Weekly statistics are tracked by the National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System.

U.S. COVID-19 deaths

The U.S. death total for coronavirus patients, as of April 9, has reached 14,696, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 7,067 of those deaths have occurred in the state of New York. Total coronavirus cases in the United States have climbed to 427,460.

The CDC estimates that between 24,000 and 63,000 Americans have died of seasonal flu since Oct. 1.

Coming Friday

On Friday, Scott is expected to announce an extension of his “stay home, stay safe” order. However, at Wednesday’s press briefing the governor reported a leveling off of the virus spread in Vermont and said he would release modeling that shows the state may soon begin to relax restrictions a little at at time.

“This may get harder before it gets easier, but as soon as the data shows a leveling and downward trend, then, and only then, will we open the spigot a quarter turn at a time to get folks back to work in a way that’s responsible and safe,” Scott said Wednesday.

38 thoughts on “Scott directives cause 71,667 Vermonters to lose jobs; coronavirus-related deaths hold at 23

  1. Comrade Scott on Communist Chinese Party pdf list of China-friendly governors? Unsurprising given his policies and destruction of our state. Perhaps China could use your construction skills Mr Scott…pls give VT a break – kindly move to Red China Phil – VT needs a Vermont governor.

    “The List” – Interesting and Quietly Overlooked Remarks by Secretary Pompeo…
    Posted on April 12, 2020 by sundance

    • Very good Blog Page. Came across many similar subjects. Gates has his fingers into too many things. Bernie should confiscate his bankroll and leave the world alone.

  2. Just a thought and perhaps a happening. As stated in the comments several places, the Gov employees (to include teachers) are unionized and the only way some change can take place is by the 6/30 contract renewal time.

    I would like to see things happen outside of all the contracts that cannot be forced on the people. That being:
    1) Schools have been closed due to the virus scare.
    2) The kids are being home schooled.
    3) The parents are becoming efficient at home schooling, time, computer lessons, and being a family and be strengthened
    4) Kids aren’t being bused ungodly distances to satisfy Act 46
    5) Teachers are “unemployed”, not teaching, but perhaps still getting pay and benefits.
    6) This is a time for a breather to access the educational system, need so many system staff,
    3:1 kids to staff ratio now in Townshend Good time to streamline the system reduce
    7) Property taxes could be reduced. Townshend has high cost to student problem.
    8) With family more involved less drug problems and use of calming drugs on many kids in the gov school system.
    9) Parents will have more say about their kids lives once the State BOE and NEA is neutralized.
    10) More positive items can be listed. Legislators should realize these benefits.


    • A couple of more items:
      11) Having the kids home schooled and away from the gov school system, the system will not have such a great opportunity to indoctrinate the kids on Liberal, the wonderful values of Socialism and perhaps instruct the values and history of this country.
      12) The kids won’t be in a position to be bused to an gathering place to collect professionally produced protest signs to protest at the State Capitol and local street corners. No more playing dead in street parades such happened in Brattleboro at the “strolling of the heifers” upsetting the event.
      13) Do the kids really know what they are protesting?

      The education process in the Gov School System.

      • Oh and think about this….at $22k per student (includes retirement)

        With 4 kids, you could pay a teacher $88k per year to teach them. Even at half that expense fathers or mothers could stay home and give a real education to their children. They could learn science, biology, CIVICS….

        Some great programs out there.

        Any time we have any further strikes that seem unreasonable we should just fire all that whole school system as voluntary quit, have the rest of the state pay for the two teachers and perhaps then they will understand, we can’t pay anymore.

        $120k with benefits is a seriously good paying job anywhere in the world. If they want to compare wages, let them do it, perhaps they’ll understand how well we are treating them.

  3. This Tucker Carlson article and the comments are pretty interesting. I agree with much of it relative to other articles viewed. There are many people that think what is happening is a wrong procedure, and highlights who’s behind it all. Just info to consider. The country didn’t need to be shut down. We know this is a money maker for many including Gates.

    Tucker Carlson just flipped the script on coronavirus by exposing the Deep State’s big secret

  4. The Gov just closed the state for another 30 days until May 15th…..

    REALLY???? Where’s the science????

  5. It is FAR, FAR worse than you realize. Art Woolf had an article in the Free Press a couple years ago. He added up the total of employees that are Municipal and State workers, UNIONS…and teachers (unions)…it came to about 45,000! The highest per capita of any state. SO? VT has about 320,000 workers. 45,000 of them are PUBLIC sector UNIONS. They can never be fired, laid off. Subtract that from 320,000 workforce. you come up with about 275,000 employed in PRIVATE sector. It will soon be about 80,000 unemplowyed in private sector.. You look at about 30% unemploymentt rate. But problem is? The PRIVATE sector, 30% unemployed now, who pay for the 45,000 PUBLIC sector unions, never laid off. VT exists to support & pay for the public sector workers. And it is these same 45,000 Union members who have crippled Vermont with a $4.5 BILLION pension deficit, and that is growing fast. RIP Vermont. Vermont is fiscal, and financial… toast. The credit rating is going down, soon. Harder to borrow money. States cannot declare bankruptcy, only Cities can. Since VT cannot fire Union workers, huge tax increases are only way out now. That will force upper income people (especially retiring baby boomers) to leave, and take ALL their taxable $$ money with them. Many small businesses, especailly ones in all retail – struggling with all internet shopping, will close for good. Empty storefronts will soon abound outside of Chittenden County. VT is not coming back from this one, easily. Our legislature is focused on Enviro, social, gender, racial, class envy and class warfare issues ONLY! Pure Progressive & Socialist ideologies My advice? Get out now…if you can. watch your house price decline rapidly as they raise property taxes HUGELY, soon! Tere are no buyers for higher end homes. The Education fund is insolvent now! This is the slow (and predictable) 40 year culmination of Vermont being dominated & run by legislative ignorants….the “Kumbaya Komrades” Good luck with that. They will never, ever, change or admit they are…and were…. wrong.

        • “Reality Is The Last At Bat”. Vermont is fiscally blindsided now. It’s unemployed rate will climb to 80,000 soon. New Hampshire is only about 36,000, so far?OMG, OMG…what does that tell you? I saw all this coming…the 40 year culmination of legislative “Kumbaya Komrades” coming to it’s head & setting up VT for insolvency…..I figured in 5 years or less. The Covid virus punched it all up to less than 2 yesrs….till devastatig fiscal crisis…with no solutions. I moved out of VT….after decades…to sunny & low tax Arizona. Happiest I have evee been. I was a lucky one to be able to sell my property. Know what I made on it, after 33 years owning? A mere 5% profit. But I thank God I was able to sell it, at any price. Only had ONE LOOKER who bought!!!! LIQUIDITY is what you need. There will be no liquidity on ANY higher end homes now outside of Chittenden County. There are no buyers and taxes to high. You are toast and likely will sell far below tax appraisal and perhaps a loss. States cannot declare bankruptcy. NO WAY can the Federal Gov;t bail out VT, because EVERY OTHER Democrat run state is in worse shape than VT. And since Unions refuse to do anything that affects their incomes, benefits, retirement, job security, COLA’s, or employee count….the ONLY way out now, is HUGE tax increases. But doing that is a SPIRAL & DOMINO effect that businesses and people will….just leave! Who will pay then? The Other guys money is running out. Good luck all. I enjoyed VT while it lasted. Kumbaya….so sad.

    • If the State of Vermont can dispense with our Constitution, they sure as heck can do the same with any union agreement. Declare it null and void, and start shedding state workers now.

      • Great point….really great point. They were sworn to defend the constitution, not contracts with the unions, lobbyists whims and those connected or buddies to elected officials.

        That would be a great question to pose, great question.

      • Frank & Neil…sadly no. There is no way VT can break the Union contracts. It has been tried and failed. There are a couple Federal Court cases…that set firm legal precident, that States entered into all contracts with the Unions willingly, knowingly and with all facts and information at hand. Vermont is stuck, legally…nothing the Vt Constitution can do. States cannot declare bankruptcy. That is the law. But CITIES are a different story! Cities can declare bankruptcy…it has been done. Once a city enters Bankruptcy Court the JUDGE takes over all issues! And the Judge has FULL POWER to negate any Union contracts. There might be some play with Municipal workers in a city bankrutpcy….but as to teachers and ALL State workers? Tough luck. Contracts are valid and will be enforced. The only ones that can change contracts, are the UNIONS themselves. Fat chance of that.

      • The state will not touch the unions anywhere as they are the ones who demand the politicians give them a raise for their vote. The only cure for this form of extortion is to vote every politician out of office and there are plenty of reasons for doing that .

  6. Scott Legislature, and all who support them, take note:

    Article 15.

    The power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, ought never to be exercised but by the Legislature, or by authority derived from it, to be exercised in such particular cases, as this constitution, or the Legislature shall provide for.
    – Constitution of Vermont

  7. For those of you out there who condemn Governor Scott for the job loss, I’d like to remind you that there is a virus goin’ on out there!!!! If you go back to work, get the covid-19 and DIE, don’t blame the governor for your stupidity.

    • For every virus death, 3100 families were kept in poverty prison, unemployed and “free Money” will start
      ‘sometime later” long after the need

    • “Vermont had 22 people die of pneumonia, and nine die from seasonal flu,
      during the three-week period ending March 21”

      Should we shut down for 22 who died of “ordinary” pneumonia or the nine who died from seasonal flu?
      31 deaths also. How many Vt elderly with challenging conditions die every week, without “this virus?”

    • To the original poster of this thread: the quote form Benjamin Franklin I submitted once before concerning those who are willing to surrender liberty for safety applies. Worse, there will be more lives lost from high unemployment, lack of funds, and lack of food. And that is just a thumbnail. It’s disgusting to hear people who were granted freedom at the cost of our forefathers’ blood espouse for complete submission and dependence. You and your kind, sir, do not belong in the United States, let alone Vermont.

      • No, we will rather blame Scott for relegating our Constitution to the trash bin and taking away all the jobs except for his favored businesses and government employment.

        • And his fellow Leftist’s in the legeslature,who are for the large majority are guilty of violating their oath of office but you are correct it’s not the liars fault alone.

    • Even if this virus were that big of a threat, which, by the CDC’s own admission, it clearly is not, I am not afraid and would gladly risk my life, for the future freedom and liberties of my children and grandchildren. Death never takes a vacation. My life and death are in Jesus’s hands, not the hands a politician

  8. I was invited to tune in to the Sanders, Leahy, Welch & Scott Show that started this evening at 1700. I tried to get into the line to ask a question as soon as I was connected to the call-in show, but was never allowed to get through.

    After listening to one caller after another belly-aching about their specific situation, and why they hadn’t received their money yet, I couldn’t take anymore and hung up.

    If the callers who did get to ask their question are representative of the population in this State, I have little hope for any of us. What a disgusting display of boot-licking, self-centered pansies.

      • I listened too, I assumed it was pre recorded from a VPR segment? It was interesting to have all the “leaders” on the same phone line. Bernie was pretty good at talking about all the things he was working on in Washington.

        Asking if they’ve gotten money from the Feds, Scott said he hadn’t checked the mail box but they haven’t recieved a check yet. I put it on speaker phone and listened longer than I should have. Could only take so much and hung up.

        If it was like any other vpr call in, the calls are screened, time delayed and only selected for questions and narratives they are pushing. Many of us experiences this when we tried to call in and ask Keith Stern questions when they had himself and governor Scott on the radio.

        I suspect this was no different based upon the questions and high praise.


  9. Do you know what I haven’t heard? How is Brazil doing? They refused to shut down their country. Now if there were massive amounts of deaths we would surely be hearing that as yet another reason why our country should be shut down for 18 months more, until Gates can brand us vax us.

    Brazil will be a true test on what is going on. I’m thinking China’s real secret is that the virus isn’t so bad, then watch the Western Civilization self implode, truly genius if that’s what they did. Classic Sun Tzu from the Art of War.

    It’s going to be very interesting these next two weeks.

  10. If you have any health issues, you should stay away from people in ” clusters ” during
    this Wuhan Virus season !!

    The state should not be on complete lockdown there are plenty of jobs within the
    state where you are more than the ” Six-Feet ” away mandate. I guess Montpelier
    figures we have no common sense like they do !!

    If you really want Vermont to recover from this pandemic, then you need to keep
    the Golden Dome closed until the end of the year, as our progressive legislators
    are a virus on the citizens of the state and their foolish policies with spend, spend,
    spend !!

    • @ C Henry
      “If you really want Vermont to recover from this pandemic, then you need to keep
      the Golden Dome closed until the end of the year, as our progressive legislators
      are a virus on the citizens of the state and their foolish policies with spend, spend,
      spend !!”

      Best prescription I’ve heard in the past month for a leftist virus/plague free Vermont,the legislature should pass a emergency,temporary budgeting adjourn and go home and stay home.

  11. Welcome to bankruptcy Vermont, just another version of the 2007-2009 recession that Vermont never pulled out of completely. When the fools keep electing RINOs and out of touch leftist, who btw have zero concept of money or the day to day struggles of working Vermonters. This is the results
    Turn the economy back on was an interesting comment, considering Vermont was, and still will be lagging behind the rest of the economic boom going on across America.
    My question is how long will this take the ever behind state of Vermont to catch back up, to where it was before this crisis ???
    Maybe try electing some real conservatives this November, weed out the leftist cesspool dwellers in Montpelier and watch the average Vermonters financial well beings flourish.

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