Scott denies congrats to Biden congrats are premature

By Guy Page

Saturday Nov. 7, a short time after the national Associated Press and other press organizations declared Democrat Joseph Biden the winner of the Pennsylvania primary and the likely recipient of 270 electoral votes needed for election, Gov. Phil Scott issued a press release congratulating “President-Elect Biden.”

Not all major media sources agree that Biden will win Pennsylvania. For example, Real Clear Politics says Pennsylvania is still in play. So, of course, does President Donald Trump, who has filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s counting ballots received after Election Day.

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

At his press conference Tuesday, Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott if he had spoken too soon: “Governor, not all reliable national media have ‘called’ Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and said he has 270 votes. Given that the national Associated Press that “called” PA for Biden was also extremely critical of the president and wouldn’t cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, do you wonder if maybe you jumped the gun a little in congratulating him as the President-elect?”

“No, I don’t believe so,” Scott answered. “Even a Republican senator from Pennsylvania [Pat Toomey] … believes the election went to Biden. I don’t believe I jumped the gun on this.”

In a “normal” presidential year, the Associated Press — a large provider of national news to local media — traditionally “calls” the election. Also in a normal presidential year, the press is generally considered to be a more-or-less impartial observer, rather than an advocate. And in a normal presidential year, almost all of the voting takes place at the polls. Counting absentee ballots is relatively straightforward and non-controversial.

But 2020 is no kind of normal year, election or otherwise. AP is the same news organization that downplayed the Hunter Biden laptop story. For many states including Pennsylvania, this year’s mail-in voting process is new and untested. In the coming weeks, the courts will determine if fraud allegations are legitimate and if so whether fraud significantly affected the outcome of the election.

Scott, a Republican who has never hid his dislike for Trump, told reporters last week that he had voted for Biden. Saturday, he offered his wholehearted congratulations: “I want to congratulate President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris,” he began. “I also want to recognize this historic moment as we see the first ever woman, and the first ever person of color, reach the U.S. vice presidency. It is my greatest hope they will be successful in uniting our country and leading us forward through these difficult times.”

Like Biden, he called for national peace and unity.

“And regardless of who we voted for, each of us must do all we can to heal our nation. We simply cannot go on with the level of division and polarization we’re seeing,” Scott said. “It is preventing us from addressing our greatest challenges and strengthening adversaries who want to dim the bright light of liberty and economic opportunity that America represents in the world.

“We are counting on President-Elect Biden to deliver the principled, unifying leadership he committed to on the campaign trail. We are counting on the Congress to find a better, less partisan and more American path forward. And we are counting on President Trump and his administration to honor the will of the people, respect our democratic process and commit to the peaceful transfer of power that is the very foundation of our republic.”

Not all of the 548 commenters on his Facebook page agreed with him, of course.

“Really Phil? The media does not elect the President. Electors haven’t been chosen yet and they do not meet until Dec. 14th. A lot can happen in 6 weeks……” – Bob Readie of Moretown, a 2020 Republican candidate for the Vermont House.

“If the Democrats had done what you just said 4 years ago, we wouldn’t be in this division. But no, they couldn’t let it go for 4 long years. I hope Biden does keep his promises like President Trump has. Governor are you sure you are a Republican?” – Linda Barrows

Many, of course, were complementary of the governor who won three-quarters of the popular vote, including Ann Cheever:

“Thank you Governor Scott for choosing the best candidate over party, I’ve always felt you were that kind of man and leader. Now you will get the federal support you have so needed to battle this virus. You have been protecting Vermont by yourself and doing an outstanding job! I’m sure you never imagined when you became Governor that you would face this kind of challenge. Even though I don’t always agree with you, I am grateful for your strength, grace and resolve. Thank you.”

But some critics, like William Glen, thought his congrats were premature:

“Mr Biden is not yet the president elect. The outcome of the presidential race is yet to be determined. The claims of massive voter fraud must first be investigated. There is every possibility at this point that the American people re-elected President Trump.”

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

12 thoughts on “Scott denies congrats to Biden congrats are premature


    Mail-in Voting:
    Mail-in voting should be abolished nation-wide.
    Mail-in voting overloads the already-stressed US Postal System with more than 100 million over-sized envelopes that have to be treated as first-class mail. See URLs

    No Voting Machines:
    No voting machines by Dominium, etc., would be allowed, because they can be programmed to give desired results.

    Only Absentee Voting:
    All registered absentee voters must request ballots.
    Absentee votes would be valid/legal, only if the envelope is signed by the absentee voter and properly notarized.

    Audited Hand Count:
    All counting must be by AUDITED hand count, by two people.
    Any disputes go into a third box to be decided by two people, which is exactly the process during the Georgia recount.

    Numbered Ballots:
    Ballots should be numbered, similar to lottery tickets.
    With a proper computer system that records ONLY the numbers of the voted ballots (nothing else), immediately after the polls close, it would be known which ballot numbers were not used, such as 1) someone died, 2) moved away, or 3) did not bother to vote.
    Those numbers would immediately be declared void, to avoid them being used for nefarious purposes, as happened in Michigan, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, etc.

    Registering and Harvesting:
    No same-day registering and voting, because proper documentation cannot be verified by busy poll workers.
    No harvesting of ballots from anywhere, including from nursing homes.

    Gaming the System: With tens of millions of ballot envelopes floating around all over the place, due to mail-in voting, there are many ways to game the system; misplacing, destroying, not counting, altering.

    As part of the present election, ballot envelopes were opened by Democrat-party insiders.
    If Biden, they were resealed and counted.
    If Trump, the ballot was replaced with a for-Biden ballot, resealed and counted.
    This likely was practiced in Democrat-dominated cities, such as Detroit, Mich.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Atlanta, Ga.; Milwaukee, Wis.; and Las Vegas, Nev.
    Any Trump litigating likely would not catch enough fraud to make a difference.

    Changing the rules?

    That likely would never happen, because power and control politicians, etc., like losey, goosy rules “for flexibility” to game the system, if and when needed.

    They want “same-day” registration and voting.
    They want criminals to vote
    They want illegals to vote, or quickly make illegals citizens so they can vote.
    They want “motor-voter”, i.e., a driver’s license would be sufficient to register and vote

    NOTE: There is only one party in America that opposes voter ID; one party in America that opposes verifying signatures, citizenship, residency, eligibility,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. “There is only one party in America trying to keep observers out of the count room and that party, my friend, is the Democrat Party.”

  2. Dominium Voting Machines

    Dominion, founded in Canada, is the second-largest voting machine vendor. Its machines are used in key battleground states.
    However, these systems appear to be unreliable and programmable “as needed”.

    Its machines are used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, all swing states.
    Its machines are also used in California, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.

    Dominium hired the lobbying and law firm of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, which employs House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s former chief of staff, Nadeam Elshami, according to Bloomberg News.
    It is highly likely insider-career politicians know exactly what Dominium can do for them.

    One America News revealed how Dominion deleted an estimated 2.7 million Trump votes, nationwide, by means of computer programming tricks.

    Programming Dominium Machines

    Assume a close race. The machine is counting legal and illegal ballots. It has been told the vote must be narrowly in favor of Biden.
    The machine counts 100 ballots. Its computer program switches one Trump ballot to Biden. Outcome: Biden 101, Trump 99.
    Biden wins by a hair, somewhat less than predicted by the enthusiastic US Media.

    All appears fair, until an AUDITED hand count is called for.
    That will be resisted by the Democrat judges in the Democrat-run cities of swing states, where the counting takes place.

    Law firms in Democrat-run cities will be intimidated to not take cases regarding voting irregularities, as is the case in Philadelphia, and likely elsewhere.
    That way the US Media can continue their mantra “Trump’s unsupported claims of voter fraud”.

    Stalin said: It does not matter who votes. It matters who COUNTS the votes. Just google.


    I am astounded by all the information regarding election irregularities that are ENTIRELY due to mail-in, and due to computer software “gymnastics” in at least 30 states.
    Read all the URLs and you will be similarly amazed.


    For the US media and VT Media to continue to aver there was no massive fraud is far beyond credence.
    It amazes me the VT Media has been SOOOOO quiet about this issue.
    Do they not know how to google?

    One America News that revealed how ‘Dominion’ deleted 2.7 million votes for him nationwide.

    Dominion Voting Systems’ is the second-largest voting equipment vendor in the U.S. and provided its computer equipment in key battleground states. However, these systems appear to be unreliable.

    Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine manufacturer founded in Canada, made equipment that is used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

    According to Dominion’s website its machines also are used in the states of California, Utah, Alaska, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, plus Puerto Rico.

    Edison Research Report: According to an un-audited analysis of data obtained from ‘Edison Research,’ states using ‘Dominion Voting Systems’ may have switched as many as 435,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden.
    The author also found another 2.7 million Trump votes appear to have been deleted by Dominion, including almost one million Trump votes in Pennsylvania alone.

    Analysts said the theft and destruction of votes are attributed to so-called glitches in the ‘Dominion’ software and the extent to which this affected results can be verified by AUDITED hand recounts of votes in each state. READ URL

    Problems in Michigan and Georgia: Antrim County, a predominantly Republican county in Northern Michigan that went to Trump with 62% of the vote in 2016, flipped to Biden on Election Day, when the Dominium count initially gave Biden 6,000 votes that actually belonged to Trump.
    After red flags went up, county election officials did an AUDITED hand recount of ballots and determined Trump actually won with 56%, the Detroit Free Press reported.
    SEE URLs

  4. The two local TV stations here in Johnson City, TN had banners on all their pages claiming Biden was the president elect. Myself, and I suspect many other Tennesseans raised hell with them and the banners are no long visible. Shame on them, but the overwhelming conservative citizens of NE Tennessee raised their voices and were apparently heard.


    Joe Biden has been, and still is, under a cloud of self-dealing, while VP, and using Air Force Two, on a China trip, with his son Hunter Biden on board, in December 2013.

    VP Joe Biden and Son Hunter Biden Lied About Business Deals with China

    Here is a 7.5-minute video showing Hunter’s ex-business partner, Toni Bobulinski, saying Joe Biden lied about business deals in China.
    A President Joe Biden would be greatly compromised, when dealing with China, because China would threaten to blackmail him.
    Bobulinski provided documents and emails on three phones to: 1) the FBI and to 2) the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.
    Bobulinski will be in the audience during the Trump/Biden debate.

    There are “red herring” points of view, and points of view based on data, information, records, videos from the AUTHENTICATED Hunter Biden hard drive.
    It has been authenticated by the FBI, and intelligence agencies, and whistleblowers, and forensic cyber-security experts.

    It shows organized grifting and grafting and influence peddling, to monetize the BIDEN NAME, with juicy contracts with Chinese companies (likely approved by the Chinese government), using AIR FORCE TWO, December 2013, with then VP Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden aboard.
    Joe and Hunter were just talking about the weather during the long flight?
    What was Hunter doing on that plane to begin with?

    Others may come forward to corroborate/authenticate other emails within the next few days.
    It is best not to prejudge the developing news.


    Now president-elect Joe Biden sits on top of a mountain of fraudulent elections in mostly swing states, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Arizona.

    The fraudulent activities appear to be so extensive and egregious it would take months to get to the bottom of it. Thousands of poll workers, and Democrat party operatives, had to have been involved. It should be very easy to get many people to come forward, and make sworn statements about what they saw, and participated in, for Court cases. Rep. Fred Keller (R-Pa.). “With recounts and legal challenges expected, we must let the process play out. Count every LEGAL vote.”

    Democrats, with help of the Media, enthralled by the positive polls, were talking up a “Blue Wave”, but to their surprise, they had to quickly scrape up more-or-less tainted ballots, from all over the place, to overcome the much larger than expected Red Wave.

    Early Congratulations to Biden From Republicans. They prefer to ignore widespread election fraud, for the common good.

    Governor Scott of Vermont
    Senator Collins of Maine
    Senator Romney of Utah
    Former president Bush and former governor Jeb Bush of Florida
    Former governor Kasich
    Senator Murkowski of Alaska
    Senator Sasse of Nebraska

  6. This is great news, it confirms there are some rather strange elections activities that need to be sorted out.

    We should also be investigating Molly Gray in Vermont, she does not meet the qualifications to hold office as Lt Governor. She was given cover by press, establish government. It’s really easy, she needs to be a citizen AND live in Vermont 4 years preceding election.

    she did not, as per our constitution she can not hold the office.

  7. I must have lost a page or two from my copy of the Constitution, as I can’t find where
    it states that the national Associated Press and other press organizations can ” Declare”
    Democrat Joseph Biden the winner, ” gaslighting at it’s best ” or just wishful thinking.

    Yup Democrats game plan win by hook or by crook, let’s see how this is going to work
    out for them in the long run, with legal votes only

    President Trump is finally taking advice from Cankles Clinton ” Don’t Concede ” no matter
    what……..and the left is in complete meltdown……….Oh.well !!

  8. Phil scott has been a traitor the people in the state of vermont for 4 years.

    He has screwed the republicans in every way possible along with the gun owners in the state of vermont and the people who are opposed to murdering babies in the womb.

    Phil scott does not support our great president Donald trump but instead chose to vote for Joe Biden for president.

    Who are the idiots that voted to elect this man governor in the state of vermont.

    who are the idiots that supported electing this man governor in the state of vermont.

    It is amazing the short memories that the republicans have in our state.

    it is amazing the short memories that the no compromise gun owners in the state of vermont have.

    It is amazing the short memories that those that are opposed to the murder of The unborn have.

    Again we are screwed in the state of vermont… When will vermonters ever wake up?

    • Richard the answer to your question of who elected him it was his fellow democrats and other progressives who call themselves republicans.

      • Perhaps we need to understand how some people won and why. Perhaps we need to better understand the lay of the land. What is in on people’s mind and what is going on with them financially. Perhaps if we change the focus and retain our values we’ll have more company at the booths.

        President Trump won his first election by stating obvious things that were not top priority with the party, but is with the American public. He stated he was going to be the best jobs president God ever created. And then quietly went on to appoint the best Supreme Court a true constitutionalist could hope for.

        This is what would be a winning strategy for a party. It’s really, really hard to win alone, as we are witnessing on a national scale today, even with all the best support and techniques.

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