Video: Scott and Hallquist meet in Rutland gubernatorial forum

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Dennis Hill

9 thoughts on “Video: Scott and Hallquist meet in Rutland gubernatorial forum

  1. Hallquist wants to impose a carbon tax, after a “study” by a pro carbon tax entity.
    Hallquist wants to further restrict guns and gun ownership.
    Hallquist wants to start government programs to distribute the carbon tax to energy poor people.
    Hallquist is supported by all the RE entities, because they will get more subsidies for their projects.
    Hallquist wants to increase the refuge flows to Vermont.
    Hallquist wants to further decrease the effectiveness of Vermont police forces who try to stop illegal immigrants at the Canadian border.
    Hallquist changing the subject to side issues like race, gender, playing Robin Hood (taking from the hard workers, giving to the shirkers), etc., is just to divert our attention from the real issues.

    Hallquist wants to implement the CEP program (90% RE of ALL primary energy by 2050) that requires at least $33 BILLION until 2050, and likely more thereafter, as estimated by Energy Action Network. See URL

    That would require huge carbon taxes.
    – Many ridgelines in the NEK would be covered with wind turbines.
    – The NEK would need a new grid.
    – Tens of thousands of acres would be covered with solar panels.
    – The wholesale price of electricity would increase from about 5 c/kWh to at least 10 – 15 c/kWh.

    • She is owned by the DNC and lobbyists, look at the school article in Vermont Digger, I’m trying for a second comment on the connections, they wouldn’t post the first one.

      • “… they wouldn’t post the first one.”

        No surprise there. Digger is the mouthpiece for the Dems/Progs. Years ago they were decent, now they’re just more biased left wing gunk. Notice how fast they recycle reporters now. I hit digger up for the commentary, that’s the extent of digger usefulness.

      • Liberal digger is a great puppet for the teachers union, they now have a “sponsors spotlight” complete with self serving quotes from union mouthpieces. Tread lightly Neal, digger has banned many folks with conservative views. They shouldn’t qualify for non-profit status, they certainly are a far left organization.

  2. This is the best VT has to offer, Incumbent Phil Scott or the Progressive DemocRATS leading contender, Christine Hallquist … Pretty Dismal list.

    But remember VT, we made Bernie Sanders what he is today, a ” Socialist DemocRAT ” not an” Independent ” as his titles himself …. shameful and fools vote him in year after year. Do we need another Blight in our society ( Hope Not ) we’ve paid our dues with the Bernman we have enough Progressive DemocRATS in Montpelier!

  3. Pretty sad for Vermont’s citizens that Anne Galloway of VT Digger and the debate sponsors chose to restrict this debate to only two of the six candidates for governor. All candidates who are on the ballot should have been invited. We are not limited to Republicans and Democrats, despite how much the establishment (yes, it exists on the state level here in Vermont) wants us to believe. This is a disservice to Vermont voters. We have more choices than Hallquist and Scott.

    • I’m surprise that far left Vt digger didn’t invite only the democrats. Digger should lose its non-profit status, they are just a mouthpiece for the left. Big surprise they are funded by the teachers union.

      • We have so much non-profit abuse in this state it’s sickening.

        They are clearly a propaganda machine for the DNC, lobbyists. Their cartoons really reveal their heart. As you well know they censor prolifically, it seems to be picking up again on our postings.

    • They have yet to even cover our party this election season, but how many times was Ethan interviewed, he got on the debate and he’s not old enough to sign legal documents. Was told the Democrats got questions ahead of time in primaries, some Republicans did not get questions in advance.

      On interviews to NPR, many of us were calling in to ask questions to Keith Stern, we were often put on hold for the entire show. Callers who aske the appropriate questions were allowed through. It was not an isolated event toward one person or one show, it’s happened to many people on many shows.

      Wouldn’t believe that was happening in Vermont if we haven’t experienced it 100’s of times. We’ve had it 3 times this week on Digger. Just today in fact.

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