Schumer promises Senate filibuster change by MLK Day if Republicans kill left-wing voting bill

By Andrew Trunsky

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to force a vote on changing Senate rules in the next two weeks if Republicans again block Democrats’ voting legislation.

“The fight for the ballot is as old as the Republic,” Schumer wrote in a Dear Colleague letter Monday. “Over the coming weeks, the Senate will once again consider how to perfect this union and confront the historic challenges facing our democracy.”

“We hope our Republican colleagues change course and work with us,” Schumer wrote. “But if they do not, the Senate will debate and consider changes to Senate rules on or before January 17, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to protect the foundation of our democracy: free and fair elections.”

Schumer brought voting bills to the Senate floor throughout 2021, only to see them fall to Republican filibusters who painted them as nothing more than a federal takeover of elections. He promised to bring them to the floor once again after the Senate returned from its winter recess and vowed to force a debate on scrapping the 60-vote threshold.

Democrats’ voting push comes in the wake of multiple bills passed by Republican state legislatures adding new election rules and altering procedures, which Democrats say are restricting access to voting and are the result of former President Donald Trump’s discredited claims that the 2020 election was rigged.

Schumer’s letter also comes three days before the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which he invoked.

“Make no mistake about it: this week Senate Democrats will make clear that what happened on January 6th and the one-sided, partisan actions being taken by Republican-led state legislatures across the country are directly linked, and we can and must take strong action to stop this anti- democratic march,” Schumer said.

“Let me be clear: January 6th was a symptom of a broader illness – an effort to delegitimize our election process, and the Senate must advance systemic democracy reforms to repair our republic or else the events of that day will not be an aberration — they will be the new norm,” he added.

Despite Schumer’s explicit vow bring provisions to the floor, it remains possible that nothing will ultimately be adopted. Any voting bill would need 60 votes to pass with Republicans remain almost unanimously opposed, and while changing the filibuster requires the support of just every Democrat and Vice President Kamala Harris, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have repeatedly announced their opposition to doing so.

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6 thoughts on “Schumer promises Senate filibuster change by MLK Day if Republicans kill left-wing voting bill

  1. I suppose old Chuck read his prepared statement (always) can’t think for himself, from a podium as usual! Wonder who writes his ideas, not him! No matter where he is in the US he has a honky carry his podium and another write his script, so much for a leader, s fool!

  2. Dem/Progs want to have CARTE BLANCHE to have:

    1) Just-walk-in, all-are-welcome, open borders,
    2) Restrict energy production to achieve high inflation,
    3) Facilitate stealing elections with: universal mail-out of ballots; universal harvesting of ballots; submit ballots after an election’ vote mote people than registered voters.
    4) Pack the Supreme Court
    5) Enact any law they like, such as BBB, to have the US make a Socialist left turn

    Here is an example the extreme Dem/Progs will go to to get what THEY want:


    Distrust in Government

    I am not surprised at the lack of public trust in Washington, DC, and elsewhere. The games of smoke and mirrors played in Washington are off-the-charts outrageous.

    Never, ever, has there been such a level of deceit, as Democrats have inflicted on the US People, since January 2021, using a controversial election in 2020 (see Appendix), to obtain government power, to relentlessly implement:

    – An increased size and intrusiveness of the federal government
    – A major change in US demographics by means of just-walk-in, anybody-is-welcome, open borders
    – Increased Democrat command/control over the federal government and the American people to “Remake America”

    However, Dem/Progs made a fatal mistake.

    – They intended to use top-down, command/control of the very-inefficient federal government to very-expensively “Remake America”.
    – Their strategy is a highly un-American approach, significantly different from the history of US economic development.
    – They never mentioned the words “private enterprise”.

    In contrast, Trump’s “Make America Great Again” specifically did not rely on government. MAGA relied on:

    – Eliminating business-stifling government rules and regulations
    – Freeing up the creative energies of the American people
    – Putting America and the American people first again, within secure borders

  3. Crying Chuck Schumer, still trying to turn our country on its head, in order to keep all the
    power the DemocRATs currently have, but he sees it slipping away and how’s your POTUS
    doing ??? He’s like a puppy on a leash !!

    Cry Chuck cry, it’s 2022 you better hold on it’s going to be a wild ride, keep up your anti
    American policies, people are seeing just how DemocRATs handle things when they have
    control…….. pretty pathetic !!

  4. The Progressives are concerned that eighty one million votes won’t be enough next time – and they’re facing a hard time digging up more.

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