Sen. Rodgers joins other Democratic candidates to debate issues in gubernatorial primary forum

In a primary election forum hosted Thursday by Town Meeting TV, all four registered Democratic candidates for governor — joined by write-in candidate Sen. John Rodgers — debated issues ranging from education and the economy to gun control.

Image courtesy of Channel 17/Town Meeting TV

3 thoughts on “Sen. Rodgers joins other Democratic candidates to debate issues in gubernatorial primary forum

  1. Wow……I have to say the young candidate of only 14 is well spoken. It is also an example of how our education system is very much indoctrination.

    Is our plan working for us? Do we have more poverty? More drug problems? More companies opening up in our state?

    Is anyone seeing bold new ideas? A new direction? How can we have someone not old enough to sign legal documents run and be in debates? How can you debate if you aren’t even on the voting ballots?

    Christine is well spoken and has some good experience, probably the one with the strongest chance of winning, perhaps strongest for winning the complete ticket. If anyone is concerned about changing our direction Keith Stern, while not a smooth talker is at least looking at pointing us in a different direction.

    Anyone that has worked with goals know, the goals determines the chance of success over any other factor……what are the goals for Vermont. What are the problems we need to solve? Having clean needles? Everyone doing drugs? Drugs are a suckers bet, it has ruined, torn down certain parts of our society, ones that used the same philosophies we are adopting….

  2. Why are other registered candidates ignored? Vermont good ole boy net work at it again. The press is so biased and unfair it’s really criminal. What are the real motives? What do certain parties gain and others loose by ignoring any sense of fairness? Will all right-ins be given this privilege? How come other candidates were unable to get press released published? To get interviews? Interesting times.

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