RNC registering new voters at gas stations as prices surge

By Laurel Duggan

The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a voter registration initiative at gas stations across the country, drawing attention to rising gas prices under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

“We are registering voters across the country who are tired of Biden’s Gas Hike!” the RNC said Monday on Twitter. “Coming to a gas station near you!”

The effort began with a Saturday event in Arizona, according to The Hill. “Arizonans are frustrated with paying the record-high gas prices we’ve seen recently, this is an issue that affects almost every single Arizonan,” said the communications director for Arizona’s RNC, Ben Petersen, according to The Hill.

“Want lower gas prices? Vote Republican!” the RNC wrote in another Monday tweet.

The average nationwide price for a gallon of gasoline reached an all-time high at just over $4.10 in early March, according to energy analytics firm GasBuddy. Uberand Lyft even began adding surcharges for high gas prices on March 14.

The White House blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for soaring gas prices, but Republicans have focused on Biden’s energy policies, such as revoking the Keystone XL Pipeline’s federal permit, as the root cause of rising prices.

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9 thoughts on “RNC registering new voters at gas stations as prices surge

  1. There are many other hotspots for recruiting new GOP voters, such as the cat food aisle in the supermarket.

  2. This is idiotic! The reality is that Biden (or any President) has nothing to do with the huge increase in gas prices. It is simply the Covid shutdown and the Putin War. It is supply and demand! Go after Biden on stuff that legitimate NOT this!

    • So, the President of the U.S. isn’t the most powerful man in the world after all, and is powerless to affect anything? And you know this for a fact?

      Why were gas and heating oil prices back in October, 2021 – before the Ukraine invasion, twice as high as they were a year earlier during the previous administration – and more than a year after Covid locked us down? Who shut down the Keystone pipeline? Who shut down oil and gas drilling permits in the U.S.? Do you know what an ‘executive order’ is?

      Who okayed the Nord Stream pipeline from Russia to Germany? Who in the U.S. decided to buy oil from Russia today at $100 per barrel? Why didn’t Russia attack Ukraine under the previous administration – as it did under Obama in 2014 – and again now?

      Why was minority employment in the U.S. its highest in history during the last administration? Who lowered our taxes? Why was the southern border under control during the previous administration, but not before or afterward?

      I agree that President Biden, the proverbial ‘empty suit’, likely can’t find his way to the bathroom. But how can you, of all people, know that any U.S. President, let alone the current one, can’t affect these changes? Unless, of course, you’re saying you or someone you know can.

      Now that would be truly idiotic.

      • Jay, every expert on petroleum distribution globally has pointed to the two factors I said – Covid and the War for the dramatic increase in the price of fuel. Do your research. Like I said, you probably can grind on the President for a bunch of stuff but NOT THIS! Wake-up!

        • Welcome to False Dichotomy Central:

          I didn’t say Covid and Ukraine don’t have an effect on oil prices. Of course, they do. But your commentary stated “… that Biden (or any President) has nothing to do with the huge increase in gas prices”, and failed to take into account the two important points I made.

          First, during the previous administration, oil prices in February 2017 were $46 per barrel. In February 2021, four years later and a full year into the Covid lockdowns, the price of oil was $52 per barrel. That’s an increase of 3% per year or roughly the rate of inflation. Even as the Covid lockdowns played out, oil price increases remained low.

          Second, despite the Covid recession and drop in demand, by October 2021 (9 months into the Biden administration), the price of oil had increased to $74 per barrel (a 42% increase). And this was long before the Ukraine circumstance.


          Yes, the more recent and significant increase in oil prices have occurred because of the turmoil in Ukraine. And many say that Biden’s policies encouraged Russia to take that action. After all, another point you conveniently ignore is that Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014, when Biden was VP under Obama – and again in 2022 while Biden is now President. Isn’t it curious that Russia made no attacks during the previous administration? Could it have been the policies of the previous president that discouraged Russia? Isn’t the proof in the pudding?

          Again, to propose that ‘any’ President’s policies have no effect on oil prices is ludicrous (i.e., ‘idiotic’).

    • Indeed it is supply and demand; strangle the available supply and guess what, the price goes up. So who has been busy shutting pipelines and constricting oil leases? Oh that’s right it’s uncle Joe!

      • With no affect today on the price of gas, maybe in a year but not today. I do not agree with what Biden has done in that regard, just keeping it honest and real!

        • Wrong again. Commodities markets are based, in no small part, on futures contracts. If Biden reinstated the previous administration’s energy policies today (and as President he can do so), the price of oil would begin to drop in a matter of days. Of course, if Biden’s foreign policies continue to project weakness, and Russia and China continue to take advantage, who knows what will happen.

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