Rioters are using racial discontent to promote Marxist agenda

By Kay C. James | The Daily Signal

I’m going to get straight to the point. It’s time for bold action. It’s time for Americans everywhere who love their country to heed the words of President Ronald Reagan: “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

All around us, the forces of socialism, Marxism, and anarchy are waging a war against democracy and the moral legitimacy of the great American experiment. Radicals have hijacked peaceful protests and are using the current racial unrest as a tool to attack the very foundation of our nation.

Violent mobs have defaced and torn down statues across the country in the name of “social justice,” yet they’ve gone beyond toppling the statues of slave owners and Confederates to toppling statues like that of former slave Frederick Douglass, one of the nation’s greatest abolitionists who dedicated his life to ending slavery and promoting justice for African Americans.

Wikimedia Commons/Hongao Xu

“We must put an end to this now. The rioters and statue topplers must be arrested and prosecuted. We must educate the public about the truth of the founding of the most exceptional nation on Earth.”

Memorials to Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and even the statues of Union heroes like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant — more than 150 statues and memorials nationwide — have been destroyed, defaced, or taken down during the last month and a half of protests.

It has become clear that it matters little to the Marxists and anarchists what a statue or monument represents. All that matters to them is that it represents America’s past, and therefore, it must come down.

It’s also clear that they’re not interested in resolving race issues. Destroying monuments, burning churches, and looting businesses do nothing to bring attention to racism or to advance police reforms. They’re simply using racial discontent to forward their Marxist agenda.

Meanwhile, spineless politicians who agree with the rioters’ agenda, if not their tactics, have told police to stand down. After rioters in Baltimore recently tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus and tossed it into the harbor, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Baltimore native, blithely excused the behavior, telling reporters, “People will do what they do.”

Many of these mal-educated rioters and politicians believe everything about America’s past is based in racism. They are fed this lie in schools and by institutions like The New York Times, which claims with great historical illiteracy in its 1619 Project that this country wasn’t founded based on humanity’s highest ideals in 1776, but rather in 1619, when the first slaves were brought to the New World.

The Times even absurdly asserts that the Revolutionary War wasn’t fought to gain our independence but to keep slavery alive in the colonies. That’s why The Heritage Foundation has joined with other conservative leaders in the 1776 Project to rebut this revisionist history and bring the truth to light.

In his speech at Mount Rushmore honoring Independence Day, President Trump spoke to the heart of the matter:

[O]ur children are taught in school to hate their own country and to believe that the men and women who built it were not heroes, but were villains … [A]ll perspective is removed, every virtue is obscured, every motive is twisted, every fact is distorted, and every flaw is magnified until the history is purged and the record is disfigured beyond all recognition.

We have built statues and memorials to recognize individuals and events representing some of the noblest—and even some of the worst—moments in our history. The people memorialized didn’t lead perfect lives, and many did controversial or even evil things, but monuments help tell our history and help us remember our highest ideals—as well as the mistakes we’ve made and wish not to repeat again.

If localities decide that some of their public statues need to come down because they no longer represent the values of their community, then the proper course is through the democratic process and civil dialogue, not mobocracy.

But if politicians ignore or even tacitly encourage these mobs, they will declare more and more things offensive until they have targeted every Founding Father, every religious institution (some are even calling for the removal of images of Jesus because his representations are “too white”), and virtually any symbol of “oppressive” Western civilization.

We must put an end to this now. The rioters and statue topplers must be arrested and prosecuted. We must educate the public about the truth of the founding of the most exceptional nation on Earth. And we must wrest our educational system from the hands of leftists who use our schools as indoctrination centers—before we lose yet another generation to them.

This must be our wake-up call, because as Ronald Reagan also admonished, freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on to our children to do the same, or one day, we’ll be telling our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Originally published by The Washington Times.

Images courtesy of Flickr/Chad Davis and Wikimedia Commons/Hongao Xu

12 thoughts on “Rioters are using racial discontent to promote Marxist agenda

  1. Not entirely sure it’s the folks involved with a communist or socialist agenda as much as it is a bunch of lawless thugs coming out of the woodwork and hiding the backs of people exercising their First Amendment rights. We shouldn’t overlook the fact that in the daylight hours the protests while loud in most areas are basically peaceful. It’s once the sun goes down and identification of individuals virtually impossible is when the rioters and looters take over. Has anyone asked the governors of the states where these riots are taking place why they do not call out their national guard to quell these riots??? Also, it’s no coincidence that these cities and states are inhabited by folks whoe elect Dems to run their affairs. Now that the rubber has bit the road, they’re all in their offices sitting on their hands telling President Trump to butt out.

      • To some that may sound harsh. If things keep going the way they are, it’ll be the only option. Those lacking in both means and will should stay out of the way.

    • Socialism and Communism used violent demonstrations and rhetoric to overthrow governments, for the purpose of taking over these governments and installing Socialist/ Communist leaders.

      We have a perfect example of this process playing out in Russia in the early 1900s.

      The new AUTOCRATIC/ONE PARTY regime murdered tens of millions of their own people over 90 years, and imprisoned tens of millions more ruining their health and lives.

      It finally collapsed in 1990.

      Bernie Sanders, et al, was an early supporter of the USSR, and of Cuba, and of Venezuela, etc.

      Now he drives a $70,000 Audie and has three houses, plus a multi-million dollar TAxX-FREE foundation that pays much of his expenses.

      He invites politicians, including AOC, to his houses, so he can claim write-offs for tax purposes.

      He has no shame and knows how to play the game

      • Willem, the real tragedy is that Socialist Sanders keeps getting
        voted back in……….

        Vermont should hang it’s head in shame , as we let it happen year
        after year !!

        • Voters need to be given a better choice, Voters need to understand what is going on, why they are not benefitting….

          Until that happens, until an unifying message comes about we’ll continue down our same road.

          We have land mines laid out all across the conversational platform in Vermont. It is so extreme, that just defending the honor of our country and foundational wisdom would be considered radical. This is where we need to meet people.

          Keep doin’ what we’re doin’, we’ll keep gettin’ what we’re gettin’

          Many of those in office are perfectly happy with the way things are. People all across the state are enriching themselves by keeping many trapped in the poverty trap. There are no “benefit’s cliff’s” there are only poverty traps.

    • Here is a nice video that talks about the forms of government.

      People wonder, how could the book 1984 be so accurate and from many years ago? 1/3 of the world is under communist rule today as we live and breathe. Many years ago I was a smaller amount. South American countries are being taken over. Africa is the new stage for turmoil, unrest and take over. The Chinese will probably foreclose on the countries to which will become communist in a new way.

      The patterns for changing a country from a dictatorship, kingdom, republic, “democracy” to socialism and then communism follows the same patterns and format. It’s called subversion, where a country is taken over from within and by many within the society.

      America is a jewel. Our educational system is so utterly poor our citizens are taught the opposite. There is no perfect country, but you’ll notice the first chance Vermont, taking the shackles off from British rule banned slavery. Our children are subjected to the most direct, and extremely good propaganda the world has ever produced, it’s sent to their smart phones to which they are attached. Every day multiple times per day, people across our country are subjected to this, it is very effective.

      Make no mistake the United Nations and the NWO pimps would love to have control of our minds and country.

      This fighting and disruption is all planned. Same for the handling of our latest flu epidemic. This is how they have subverted so many, so many countries.

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