Republican Party message on Veterans Day

This message about Veterans Day is by Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP.

Today we celebrate Veterans Day and all the men and women in Vermont, across the country, and even those still stationed in U.S. Bases around the globe. Incredible, decades-long sacrifices have been made by them individually, and also by their families. While Memorial Day is a day to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their life, on Veterans Day we remember those who are still making their sacrifice, and those who will continue to serve our state and our nation for years and decades to come.

While today we celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th, its origin lies in Armistice Day, which celebrated the end of World War I. So we started out celebrating our veterans because they have fought our wars, and kept our peace.

But today’s veterans do even more. In addition to their direct military service, today’s veterans engage in many other community-building activities, especially our national guard. They serve as the experts for search & rescue operations, they helped to rebuild infrastructure during Hurricane Irene, and today they are still providing assistance to our stressed health care system by operating pop-up vaccination sites.

They also help our economy and provide a highly-skilled workforce. Whether they are guard members who serve part-time and work in the private sector full-time, or whether they are veterans who retired from service in their late 30s or 40s they are important additions to our civilian life as well.

The Vermont Republican Party salutes our veterans, and is committed to making Vermont a friendly and welcoming place for veterans. One small way that Vermont Republicans have attempted to do that is to fight to make military pensions tax-exempt under VT law. It’s the least we can do, considering how much they have done and will continue do for us. If you would like to join us in that fight, you are welcome to sign our petition here.

So to all those veterans who have served and who continue to serve, we salute you!

Paul Dame
Chair, Vermont Republican Party

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3 thoughts on “Republican Party message on Veterans Day

  1. Forget the lip service. If you really want to honor veterans you can thank us by not selling us out like the 16 Republicans that just passed the non-infrastructure infrastructure bill.

    • Oh come now James, not falling for the uniparty drivel? We need new leadership immediately.

      Our Veterans more than most know we are at war. We are being subverted from within.

      There are many within the VTGOP that know what the hell is going on. We don’t need more uniparty, aka NWO order pimps, aka corporatists, aka lovers of party over country. We are doomed on this current course 112,704 people and many more know this.

      IF you are serious, shed us of those wishing to do us harm. We can start from within our own house and shed them of their assimilation of the sacred R, next to their name. Clean house, take names.

      Otherwise, we’re the same old, same old. Welcome to the Vermont Uniparty.

    • They (the uniparty) was hoping you didn’t notice what was going on. Notice how they always, always seem to vote for themselves…..more money? Doesn’t matter which branch of the uniparty is in the majority, they always, always vote for more money. Then the minority part of the uniparty was poetic before the camera, “oh if we only had the majority, we would have been able to stop this!”.

      Here’s a perfect example, every see any of the majority want to get rid of PAC money? Not on your life!..

      How about corporations are people? Oh now we love that one the best! But when they are the minority they will spend hours preening in front of the camera telling all the americans how the did their best, but nothing could be done. Please oh please send us more money so we can defeat them in the next election.

      And what happens when they have the majority. Oh suddenly we’ve got some other existential crisis to work on, like which bathroom should I use.

      This is what happens when you put party before country. This is what happens when you declare money and power your god. When the uniparty, of power, money, strife and division is higher than Jesus Christ in your life, you reap what you sow.

      We need to change our direction.

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